5 years of otome gaming….

I’ve been playing otome games for about 5 years now: I’ve seen many changes, both in consoles (from PSP, to PsVita and now to Switch), in games (anyone noticed how there used to be way more Cero B years ago? Now the most common rating is Cero C, while Cero D is not that rare as it used to be) and even my personal preferences are different from the old days.

When I started, I used to enjoy way more school themes: I wasn’t interested in deep plots, I just wanted to date my good looking boys and hear their cheesy words.

After 5, 10 or even more otome games, I got really bored of those basic scenario, when ikemen fell in love with a generic heroine and nothing else happens, besides dates and fluff.

I started paying more attention to the plot and to the character development; at the same time, I started developing an interest in dark and creepy settings, with tragic themes.

Sometimes I wonder: if I’d replay now those games I used to love, would I still enjoy them?

I would like to try, but part of me is also kinda scared: if I had to find out that those games which get me into this genre were trash, I admit I’d feel kinda sad.

Maybe it’s better if I just enjoy the good memories I have, instead of ruining them with a cruel reality.

Playing otome games has become way easier lately, since there are many localisations: it’s something that seemed impossible to achieve years ago, when I was basically forced to learn Japanese, if I wanted to enjoy this hobby. I’m still glad I did anyway, at least I’ve learned the language! Memorizing kanji was hell, and it still is, but it’s also a nice challenge.

In 5 years, I’ve seen many people come and go, many blogs open and close: it really gives me the realization of the time passing by, even if it feels sad.

When a blog closes, mostly if it’s an important one I’ve always read, it almost feels like the end of an era. I can feel that something is changing, in this small world.

When a person stops playing or simply disappears from twitter, I can’t help but wonder what happened: what are they doing now? Are they happier? Have they found something better?

Who knows. People change, it’s normal.

I would lie, if I’d say that I’ve never thought about dropping otome games: I love them, but sometimes playing started to feel like some kind of chore.

I’ve seen many friends suffering from this problem, I guess it happens when playing every day becomes an habit.

It happened to me last year, around september, but then Otomate Party and my Japan trip managed to get back my gaming mood. And now? I’m not excited about games as I used to be, but I can say honestly that I’m not going to give up this hobby soon.

But who knows, life is a mystery.

Tell me about you, how long have you been playing games? Have your tastes changed?

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  1. This is such an honest post, and I completely relate to it! I sometimes think about how I love to read trashy one-shot shoujo manga and wonder if that’s what drew me to the otome scene :x.

    I also find it true that the older I am getting, the less into otome games I am. Even though it’s only been 2 years since I got into this hobby! I still impulsively buy otome games, but I never have the time to properly enjoy them when I play. Good luck to you and let’s hope we continue gaming ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )ノ

    1. Maybe we should take a little break? I did it last year and it worked, but I’m also kinda afraid: what if the passion doesn’t come back? I made a lot of friends in this community, I can’t imagine my life without them or even this blog.
      I guess it’s better if I just wait and hope that better games will make me excited again! this summer is full of awesome releases, Piofiore could be the game I’m waiting for!

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