Since I’ve bought the Limited Edition, 7’scarlet came also with a drama cd.

I’m so glad I got this too, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my beloved characters!

The story starts with a scene we have already witnessed in the game: the boys are basically accusing each other to be the culprit of the various murders happened recently in their village.

But this time, the undead is…………

Isora, who immediately complains, because he thinks he isn’t suited for this role.

We discover that they are not serious this time, but just acting a scene for a stage play written by Yuki for his school festival.

It seems like the famous idol A-to, who is going to perform a live concert at the event, asked for them to act instead of just involving the school kids; and the creepy legend surrounding Okunezato looks perfect to gain interest!

Isora is happy to take part in the play, and since Yuzuki keeps getting angry, he teases him, asking if he’s just trying to hide his embarrassment.

But we discover that Yuzuki actually loved to act when he attended school, and he’s used to go up on the stage. (even if he doesn’t admit it, he’s probably excited to perform again)

At this point, since Yuki’s script is difficult to act properly, Yuzuki proposes to choose a different play: after some titles he rejected, he finally decided to try of the famous Shakespeare’s tragedies.

Because everybody knows them, obviously!…or not.

Isora and Toa pretend to know at first, but since they can’t ever name one of the tragedies, it’s obvious they can’t learn the script from zero in only one day; they barely know Romeo and Juliet famous lines. Also, they can’t choose a play with too many characters.

Then, why not going for something simple, like Cinderella? It’s a story everyone knows, and memorizing the lines should be easy.

There’s a last problem at this point: it’s impossible to act this story without actresses, it would be awkward just with men…………. but they take turns to try talking as women!

Hino is perfect, Toa is a bit weird, while Yuzuki ends up failing miserably and getting angry.

So, they decide to go back to the original script written by Yuki…. even if Isora keeps complaining about his role til the end LOL