Hello everyone!

As you already know if you follow me on twitter, these days have been kinda painful to me, for work reasons: my contract expired today and I faced until the very end the terrible attitude of my supervisor. I wish we could at least end up in good terms, but she’s been treating me like trash for a few months now, so it’s not that surprising if she thinks that I’m not even worth a goodbye.

No words from my boss either, but it’s better since I haven’t talked to him for months and the last time he basically insulted me.

Well, at least I’m free now.

I’m leaving that awful place without regrets and I’m ready to move on to a new adventure!

For the first time in years, I can actually enjoy summer without being forced to work for10 hours every day, with the great reward of a 2 weeks vacation.

This time, I have a whole month for me!

I’m going to leave my city in a few days and I’ll be staying in a small town in the mountains for a few weeks: away from the stress that’s been killing me, away from everyone I know, finally free to recharge and come back at full speed.

What am I going to do in the meanwhile?

Of course read, play otoge, study Finnish…. but also, write a lot!

I want to use this blog as a personal diary, not only as a place for reviews or TOP10: if you are interested in the person behind these posts, you’re welcome! Talk to me, here or on twitter, let’s become friends! This is an happy but also sad moment of my life, since I haven’t been unemployed for more than 5 years and I need more than ever to distract myself with the help of great friends who support me.

If not, don’t worry because the otoge related posts are going to come as usual, so please pretend these kind of sad stuff doesn’t exist.

Suggestions and requests are always welcomed, obviously, so if you want to know something or to see some kind of reviews or special posts, just ask!

I’m going to have plenty of times in my hands for a while and I’d love to spend it while working on something useful to someone else too.

I’ve been in the otoge community for 5 years now and I’d gladly share my opinions and experience with people new to this genre. Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite! I swear I’ve been a newbie too!

That’s all, I hope I wasn’t annoying.

I’ll try to be more positive from now on and gain back all the positive energy I used to have in myself before joining that damned office.

See you soon!