Since my boyfriend is on holiday these days, and he’s now a frequent guest here with his troll posts, I thought it would be nice if I did some kind of quiz and experiments on him!

He has seen a few otoge anime adaptations, so he’s not new to the genre, even if he has never played anything. But… will he be able to guess a character’s personality, just by looking at CGs?

If you’ve already read his reviews, you know what you can expect… you’ve been warned!

I picked some characters who have very defined personalities, covering a various range of popular tropes. I showed them to my boyfriend, asking him to guess the trope that most represents them.

These are the results of this test!

1- Masato (Moshikami)

He’s an ONIICHAN, but also the worst YANDERE ever. Really.

My boyfriend stared at him silently for a few seconds, then said:

That eyepatch means he’s hiding something.

Maybe he pretends to be ill, but he just hides some secret power.

You know, like that Naruto character!

Maybe he’s some kind of immortal god.

(I explained him briefly what happens in Moshikami and he stared speechless at Masato again, with a disgusted face, then he said: you play good games, I see)

2- Riichiro (Clock Zero)

I bet he’s a noble.

No one is at his level of perfection, other people are useless and he hates women.

Obviously a KUUDERE.

Probably popular in Japan, but I bet you don’t like him because he’s too cold.

You prefer your boys when they are desperate.

3- Shougo (Nil Admirari)

My boyfriend said:

He thinks he’s better than anyone else and doesn’t want to deal with stupid people.

Probably arrogant and noble.

Peasants must stay away from him.

He wasn’t surprised when I told him he’s actually a TSUNDERE.

4- Nesso (Black Wolves Saga)

One of the most famous otome game ONIICHAN.

My boyfriend said:

He looks arrogant and full of himself.

I bet he loves flirting with girls.

He must be some kind of king or prince, he’s used to be served and takes what he wants.

5- Otoya (Utapri)

He’s a bright GENKI character.

And it’s apparently obvious just by looking at him, since my boyfriend said:

He looks like a nice guy.

He loves playing the guitar and having fun.

I don’t think he’s a flirty character, I bet he’s not trying to make weird moves on her.

He just wants to play music.

6- Goemon (Nightshade)

He’s an obvious ONNATARASHI and my boyfriend noticed it immediately, but he also added:

He’s dressed like some kind of monk, so maybe he’s a perverted monk?

There are characters like that, you know, that one in Inuyasha.

And also in Brothers Conflict, the blond one.

They use their authority to hit on shy women and it always works!

7- Ai Mikaze (Utapri)

He’s one of the most famous KUUDERE, but apparently my boyfriend thinks he looks like a psycho, since his opinion was:

I bet he’s a sadist, he secretly enjoys making people suffer.

Never trust him or you’re dead.

When he goes home, he must have some kind of secret laboratory where he makes bloody experiments. He probably kills cute animals too.

8- Kyousuke (Storm Lover)

He’s a famous TSUNDERE, but my boyfriends looked at this CG and guessed:

He looks like the typical school bully, it’s obvious from his hair.

But not just a normal bully, the one you can easily find in every class, he’s probably the school boss or something like that.

He knows what he wants, he takes her hand like “you, come with me now, girl!” and brings her somewhere where they are alone. Badass character.

9- Kenshin (Ikemen Sengoku)

He will protect his woman until he dies.

Or she dies.

Anyway, he’s not one of those who act cool just to be popular with women.

He really means it!

I told him he’s YANDERE and he said: I’m not good with Japanese terms, but that’s exactly what I meant. Creepy but in a good way.

10- Kai (Snow Bound Land)

My boyfriend stared at him for a while, than said:

No opinion.

He looks useless.

Really, I can’t feel anything from him.

I can’t imagine him doing anything interesting.

I told him he’s a nice CHILDHOOD FRIEND and he answered:

So, he’s really useless.

I mean, being childhood friend has no meaning, that’s what he is, it doesn’t explain his personality!

For me, he’s just Mr. Anonymous.

(I tried to talk back, but my boyfriend just blew me a kiss and he didn’t listen! XD)



Well, I’m done.

What do you think of this little game?

I think he was good enough, he understood most of their personalities.

If you want him to guess other characters, just tell me!

If I reach a nice number of requests, I can make another post soon… see you!