Another random personal post!

Hello everyone!

A month ago, I asked you if I should write about myself here, or if it would be better opening another blog; ALL of you answered that this is the perfect place, so… here I am again!

Well, nothing interesting happened lately, but I was in the mood for sharing my latest opinions and recent events.

Since I have more free time lately, I’m starting to read a lot.

I’ve always loved reading, but I was usually kinda slow in the past years (I completed about a book every month), but now I’m finding myself enjoying this hobby way more.

I used to be a great Agatha Christie fan when I was younger and I’m appreciating again those books: I’ve been to the library a few days ago and borrowed a lot, I’m going to be busy for a long time!

It’s been 2 months since I started studying Finnish and I finally see some progress: when I read songs’ lyrics, I can understand a few words and sometimes I can grasp the general meaning of simple sentences.

I feel really proud of myself, Finnish is literally another universe from my mother tongue and I thought it would be impossible to learn on my own!

I hope this gives some positive energy to those of you who are struggling to learn a language (probably japanese, since you’re here): nothing is impossible, if you put your hard work and passion in it, every single day.

After Ikemen Sengoku, I’ve decided to try Rear Pheles.

I know, it’s a kusoge and I shouldn’t even have bought it, but you know I’m a Do-M and I can’t resist cheap otoge; wasting money and time is secretly my best talent, you know?

I’m struggling a lot with the awful minigame and I was on the verge of dropping it many times already… but I’ll do my best to complete at least one route and bring you some kind of review.

On happiest news, my boyfriend will be on holiday next week and he volunteered to watch otoge anime adaptations and write his troll reviews as usual!

I’m thinking about different kind of challenges or experiments, like making him guess a character’s personality or something about the plot of a game… I’m not sure yet, but I’d like to bring something new with his help, it may turn out being funny.

My next review is going to be kinda far away, but you can expect a lot of updates soon… let me know if you have suggestions!

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  1. That’s so cool that your learning Finnish!

    So I was wondering since you like otome games with good plots and darker themes. What games do you recommend (for the ps vita)
    also is blackish house for the vita or windows only?

    1. Blackish house is for PC, but I don’t think I’d recommend it easily… overall I enjoyed it, but there was a lot of unnecessary abuse, it was disturbing at times!
      I made an otoge recommendation post most of this games were released on psvita too!

      Kokuchou no Psychedelica recently was also released in english, as most of the games in this list!
      Now that I think about it… most of my favorite games were localised, I didn’t even notice until now! XD

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