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Answering more otome games questions!

I haven’t answered otome games related questions in months and I found some good ones, so let’s start! Some are very difficult, so I just chose the first answer that came up to my mind.

1- What’s your favorite game right now?

I’m playing Rear Pheles, but I can tell it’s not going to become one of my all time favorites!

Talking about recent games, I enjoyed Ikemen Sengoku.

2- What’s your favorite character?

In Ikemen Sengoku, Masamune (but I loved Kenshin a lot).

In general, I made an embarrassing TOP10 husbando, where you can see my heart belongs to Diabolik Lover’s Shuu.

3- What’s your least favorite game?

That’s a good question, sometimes I even think about making a TOP10 kusoge, but I’m afraid I would end up offending someone if I’ll be too mean.

Should I do it anyway? What do you think?

Anyway, Gakuen K is the first one which comes to my mind now.

4- Who’s your least favorite character?

It’s impossible to find just one character, there are many who annoyed me a lot and it was hard to go through their routes.

Let’s say Amnesia’s Shin, but I could name at least 5 Dynamic chord’s characters.

5- Who’s your ultimate otome OTP?

I did a TOP10 for couples too, my number one is Heroine/Ikki from Amnesia!

6- Who’s the hottest character?

If I really had to choose one, maybe it would be Louis from Reine des Fleurs.

When I first saw him, I remember myself staring at the screen and thinking: “this is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my all life”.

7- Who’s the funniest character?

I guess I’ll choose someone from Binary Star, that game had a lot of funny interactions!

Maybe Mict or Yun.

8- Who’s your favorite MC?

Cardia from Code Realize, but there are a lot of great ones!

9- What’s your favorite otome moment?

This is so hard, how can I choose just a moment?!

Maybe the most memorable one was when Nadeshiko opened her eyes in Clock Zero… I was crying.

10- Which game has the best soundtrack?

Reine des fleurs was amazing. I loved Moshikami’s too, I was always scared!

11- What platforms do you play on?

Mostly PsVita, but sometimes I go back to my dear PSP.

I don’t like very much playing on PC, but if the games looks really interesting I try to make an effort!

12- Kiss, marry, avoid?

I guess I’d say:

Kiss: Shuu (Diabolik Lovers)

Marry: Ikki (Amnesia)

Avoid: every Dynamic chord character

13- Which has the best artwork?

Reine des fleurs looks stunning, I’ve never seen something so visually pleasing.

14- Whose route was the most interesting?

It’s impossible to choose only one route, the first I can think of are Mejojo’s route in Black wolves saga and Kagiha’s route in Kokuchou Psychedelica.

15- Whose route are the most boring?

Again, choosing one is impossible, but Yoshimoto’s route in Ikemen Sengoku, Masamune’s route in Norn9 and sensei’s route in Storm Lover made me bored to death.

16- Whose route took you by surprise?

Toa’s route in 7’scarlet was shocking and memorable!

17-What’s your favorite character type?

I did my TOP10 tropes just a few days ago, it’s yandere!

18- Do you play sequels and new seasons?

If I liked the first game, of course!

19- Who’s the most annoying MC?

Oh, so many… too many.

Dynamic chord had the worst ones, they all enjoyed being abused. Oz Mafia too was awful too.

20- What’s your all time favorite Otome game?

Kokuchou Psychedelica, but Black wolves saga is really close.

Yes, I enjoy happy and fluffy stuff.


Well, it was funny!

I answered many questions in previous TOP10 too, but the “worst” route/character/game is something I’ve never talked about.

This makes me wonder: should I write “reverse TOP10” too?

About games or characters I disliked?

It’s probably better if I avoid this topic, so I won’t offend anyone’s opinions and tastes, but it also could be kinda interesting, if we are all mature enough to not feel offended personally.

Answer this poll please!

Since it’s a sensitive topic, I won’t do it until there are at least 30 requests.

The choice is yours!


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  1. Elli

    I actually love reading your posts they are so entertaining.

    I ordered my first otome game! Brothers Conflict!!! Because the Japanese are supposed to be an easy level and I rewatched the anime and all my love for the character came back today! Sadly it’s going to take a while to ship to me. I figured during this time to Intensively study kanji and words (like you suggested from reading a dictionary). I also heard that the gameplay is super hard and one mistake can cost you an ending. do you know any walkthroughs for this game

    • otomeland

      Brothers Conflict brings me back so many memories!!
      Well, it’s true: it’s perfect for beginners for the easy level of kanji, but it’s terrible gameplay wise. It took me a lot of trials before I got all the happy endings… you must be really patient! Some routes are worse than others, I suggest you to start with Kaname or Masaomi because I had no problems, you basically just have to stalk them and do every kind of activity together! others, like Tsubaki, are hell because you need a good balance of events with Azusa too.
      I don’t rembember clearly the guide I used, but I guarantee choro always makes great ones
      Let me know how it goes!

      • Eleanor

        Hi again so I ordered my package off of play asia but now i seeing on all thses blogs that you shouldnt use play asia becasue its over priced and they lose packages. Now personaly I bought it becasue is was cheaper than other soteres on Brother conflict but i dont want my package to be damaged or lost have you ever ordered from there ?

        • otomeland

          Sorry for the late reply, yesterday was my birthday and I was busy!

          I’ve never ordered from Play Asia, because I’m afraid of taxes… I always use Yes Asia, because the slow shipping option allows me to avoid shipping fees and also makes it tax free. But I don’t think it works everywhere!
          Where do you live?
          Anyway, I suggest you to choose the site depending on your needs:
          – Yes Asia never lost my packages, it’s tax free and also there aren’t shipping fees. You end up just paying the game itself. But it’s REALLY slow, you have to be very patient. And you can’t track the package.
          – AmiAmi is very fast and the price is good. But I’ve heard it kills you with taxes. Same for Play Asia.
          – Amazon JPN has cheap games too and I’ve heard the taxes are not high.
          it may be a valid option.

          It depends if you value more the price or the waiting!

          • Elli

            Thanks for helping me lol I’m just trying to figure this out and you have bee so helpful. Also happy late birthday I hope you had a good birthday

  2. otomeland

    I had a great birthday, thanks! ask me anything, don’t worry ^^

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