My friends already know how much I loved Black wolves saga Bloody Nightmare, and I think I show it very often; that’s why playing an alternative game made me very excited, but also worried.

I couldn’t help but ask myself: will Last hope be amazing too? or will it be disappointing?

The idea of seeing some of my favourite characters trapped in a boring unnecessary game was almost scary, it would have made me angry and disappointed.

But my fears vanished when I started playing, because Last hope has nothing less than the first game!

The general plot is the same (that’s why this isn’t a sequel, just an “alternative” game), but we can see more about the wolves and Fiona’s family, instead on focusing on the cats.

At first I thought: “if it isn’t focused on Mejojo and Auger, it’s probably going to be less cruel, maybe Rejet will go easy on me this time”.

Well….I was wrong.

I chose Rath first, because he’s obviously the main chara of this game.

After he kidnapped Fiona, I got to spend a lot of time alone with him, and I finally could understand how he became so sad and introvert; his childhood was really terrible, his hate for Mejojo and Auger it’s not a surprise anymore.

It was also very interesting to know better the wolves clan, and to see other sides of them who weren’t clearly shown in Bloody Nightmare.

In the end, he was a very sweet guy: he didn’t want to hurt the others, and was afraid to be hurt again too. I couldn’t wait to see him happy, but….. his good ending was NOT GOOD at all!

I wasn’t satisfied, even if he obtained his revenge.

Come on Rejet, he suffered so much already, why don’t you give him true happiness in the end? Why do you hate him so badly? He’s even poster boy, come on!

Honestly, most of his ending was just Auger showing off his crazy side, and that was obviously going to end up in the worst way.

Mejojo’s route was a bit disappointing.

I know it sounds weird, but his good ending was even too good, and it didn’t make sense to me; Mejojo is cruel, that’s what makes him interesting.

If you just make him lose his power, you can not expect him to accept his new situation and keep living like that. I consider him as a person who would rather die instead of accept defeat, so that ending was incoherent in my opinion. I’m not satisfied if I don’t see him shine in triumph!

His bad ending was flawless tho, I loved it even more than the Bloody Nightmare’s ones: I was honestly waiting to see him mistake Fiona with Elvira, the madness is complete and it’s awesome.

I’ve played Auger next, but as usual his route was very short.

His endings were amazing as always anyway, it’s what I was expecting from him.

I really loved how he finally was honest and explained how his mind works: he pretends to be crazy, but he’s just using people around him until he gets tired of them.

He’s the true mastermind!

Arles felt unsatisfying: I like him, he’s a tragic character and I like his personality, but his endings are always not enough for me.

Is it too much if I want him to be the new King of Weblin? I was waiting for something like that, Last hope is supposed to be the wolves’ game! Also, he has 3 endings, the TRUE one would have been perfect if his revenge was complete.

It seems that Rejet is against the real happiness and triumph for the wolves, poor boys.

Nesso’s route was not as I expected, but I still love him.

I mean, how could anyone hate oniichan? He’s awesome and caring!

I loved his good ending, I didn’t even dare to ask for something like that, but what left me the greatest impression was that bad ending………………… it was so cruel, it shocked me.

I was almost throwing myself under a car screaming “fuck you, Rejet!”, because it was really too much for my poor heart to handle. I guess from Rejet’s point of view this is a success!

Zara’s route was very simple plot wise, nothing really happened, but I still loved it.

I’ve always been interested in him, and I’ve been wishing to play a decent route since Bloody nightmare, where his route was very short and I couldn’t spend enough time with him.

Zara is caring, smart and reliable, it was very nice to see him taking care of Fiona when she was sick.

I’m happy that Mejojo and Auger didn’t kill him in the worst painful way possible in the bad ending, I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing him suffer.

Elza’s route was amazing, I loved every single moment!

He’s such a good boy, I really wished Nesso could see him being happy with Fiona… but probably, it was impossible.

The good ending was bittersweet, while the bad ending was really impressing, it showed a part of Nesso that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time!

I’m glad he got a route, it probably feels the most “normal” and otome of the game.

I’ve played Pearl and Ritchie last, and I admit I wasn’t very interested: I’m not into shota, and I couldn’t see them as men even if Pearl’s good ending had a time lapse of 3 years.

Maybe they should just have showed the scene of them going to the castle as a part of the family comon route, instead of giving them separate endings.

Anyway, I’ve finished my Black wolves saga journey and I’m really sad, I feel so empty now!

It was an amazing game, it even exceeded my expectations: I thought it couldn’t be good as Bloody Nightmare, because Mejojo and Auger personalities were the most interesting, but it wasn’t less amazing.

Last hope is more family centric that wolves centric to me, but probably because I’m not satisfied with Arles ending, so it still feels a bit lacking; but I finally could spend more time with my precious Nesso, so no complains about that. He even got a yandere ending, what else could I ask for?

If you still haven’t played it, do it immediately! But after Bloody Nightmare, which gives deeper explanations about the plot and the reasons behind the wolves hunt: I think it’s important to complete that first, to better understand and appreciate Last hope.