The first manga I’m reviewing is really special to me, since it was also my first otome game: Brothers conflict.

I’ve replayed the games and watched the anime multiple times, do you think I could leave the manga on that Bookoff shelf, when I saw it? of course, it had to be mine!

This volume features Tsubaki and Azusa on the cover, and I got it because the twins are my favorites (and everyone knows about my eternal love for Tsubaki).

There’s also this beautiful illustration inside.

When the manga starts, Tsubaki talks about his two dreams: voicing the main character of his favorite anime and having a little sister.

For various reasons, he actually has a sister now… but he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with her.

We immediately see a nice kiss scene, but it turns out to be just his dream.

Tsubaki receives a call from his manager: his favorite anime is going to have a sequel and he can take part at the audition for the main role! His other dream may come true too!

Flashback time: six months ago, the brothers are happily talking about the arrival of Ema, their new sister, and Tsubaki can’t wait to be called oniichan.

The eldest brothers introduce her to everyone.

As usual, Kaname immediately hits on her.

Tsubaki and Azusa introduce themselves… in their own way.

Back to present, Tsubaki goes on a date with Ema; they go to a cafè, where he talks about the audition.

Tsubaki’s love for anime and voice acting started when he was little and he has always dreamed to become a seiyuu. Azusa has been next to him from the start.

Ema is surprised to see Tsubaki being so serious and determined about work, since he’s usually playful; but it’s obvious that he’s really passionate, so she tells him to do his best.

Apparently, this is enough to make Tsubaki’s heart skip a beat and get even more excited!

Tsubaki’s audition is a success and he has great expectations to make his dream come true.

Sadly, he doesn’t pass it; but what surprises him the most, is that Azusa has been chosen for that role.

Tsubaki is really depressed, since his dream vanished and this unexpected situations seems even crueler. He wonders what Ema would think about him, and if she would just support Azusa.

While he’s thinking about childhood days, Kaname comes talking to him and makes him realize how Azusa is probably struggling too, because it’s not a simple decision to make.

In the meantime, Ema is talking with Azusa and she tries to persuade him to accept that role.

While they are arguing, Tsubaki enters the room and thanks them: they are thinking about his feelings, while he’s just being selfish.

He asks Azusa to accept that role: if he can’t do it, he wants his brother to have this great chance.

He’s Azusa’s biggest fan, after all.

On the way home, Tsubaki asks Ema if she likes his voice, and also if she likes him.

Ema understands his worries and gives him a gentle answer: there’s no point in comparing his talent to Azusa’s, he just needs to be himself and the good roles will come naturally at him.

These words hit deeply Tsubakis’s heart, and he kisses Ema.

Then he justifies himself, saying that a man needs a cute woman’s kiss to feel better when he’s depressed.

His dream didn’t come true this time, but as long as there’s Ema encouraging him, he can still work hard!

What can I say, I love Tsubaki; he’s the reason why I started playing otoge and learning kanji, so reading this manga made me nostalgic and excited at the same time.

He looks like a superficial character, but his personality is deeper than it seems: he hides a lot of insecurities, even if he tries to look happy and confident all the time.

This is just the first half of the manga, since the other part is dedicated to Azusa.

I hope you enjoyed it, the next part will come soon!