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Brothers conflict Passion pink


Brothers conflict Passion pink was my first otoge ever, that’s why I’m really excited to write this review and share my opinions about it! \(^o^)/

Many of you probably have seen the anime, and that’s how I’ve started too: but when I fell in love with the Asahina brothers, I couldn’t imagine that it would be the start of a great love for otome games.

In fact, I had watched also Amnesia before that, and quite liked it, but for me they were just “reverse harem” and I literally had no idea that a game genre aimed at females existed. I discovered it just randomly looking for Tsubaki’s pictures (yes, he was my first otoge love ever!) and it was like finding an oasis in the desert. Or even paradise, if you prefer!

I still remember how excited I was, when I first started playing it.

Years ago my japanese was quite bad, I just understood some words but I couldn’t even read; that’s why I realized that I really needed to search for a dictionary and start learning kanji. Don’t ask me how, it was probably the power of love, but in 3 months of intensive studying I could understand and read enough to play decently my first route. Needless to say, as I was clueless of the existence of guides to reach the different endings, I ended up failing; I also had a bad luck, if I think about it now, because Brocon had a terrible gameplay, one of the worse I’ve ever played.

But I’ve talked too much about myself, let’s start the proper review!

The plot is really simple: Ema’s father marries a woman who has already 13 sons, and they start living together in a great mansion. As predictable, the adults disappear immediately, so she’s left alone among men with a great variety of ages. Not everyone is playable here, because there’s also another game called Brilliant blue which features some of the brothers.

The gameplay is really annoying: you have to chose what to do every day of the week, and if you make a mistake, even a small one, you won’t reach the good ending. Also, you have to randomly repeat some of the dates just to increase the boy’s affection.

Some of the endings are quite hard to reach, but I think it’s worth it: I loved every single route and character in this game, even if it may seem even too plain and simple.  Even if they are so many, the routes never felt similar or boring, everything seemed always new because their personalities are really different; the fact that their age range is so vary, also changes the atmosphere every time.

I liked the heroine: she’s nothing special, but she’s quite nice and caring.

I’ve played Tsubaki first, and it felt like a dream come true: I didn’t think it could be possible dating my anime crush! his route was quite different from the anime, I imagined it would be funnier, but I was so madly in love with him that I would have loved every scene regardless of the plot. Just give me my Tsubaki and I’m happy!

Kaname’s route was quite sexy, I was fangirling like crazy at the ending… and Suwabe’s voice fits the character very well. I enjoyed him, even if he was a playboy I trusted him immediately, it was obvious that he had a romantic side too.

Masaomi, despite his age and his caring attitude, had a really cute side, which was a nice surprise; he was actually hiding his insecurities, trying to be strong to protect his brothers, but he needed to be loved even more than the others probably.

Subaru was a typical tsundere, always shy in front of Ema, but really gentle; the same was for Yuusuke, who had a really cute route and a lot of sweet moments. Seeing those tsundere blushing made my day!

Fuuto is such a brat, but how can I hate him? I’m so weak for otoutokun, and even more if they’re so sexy and cool! What should I do with myself? I could forgive him everything, I love him as much as I hate him.

There’s also a route for Hikaru, but it starts very late in the game, and he’s dressed as a woman for too much time; it wasn’t even easy to unlock, but if you can’t get to it, you aren’t missing that much tbh.

Would I recommend this game?

My opinion about it is obviously influenced by my personal feelings and it can’t be objective: it was my first otoge, I own it so much for showing me this beautiful world…. it will never be just a normal game for me.

But I can clearly see the flaws too: the worst is the gameplay, but also I can’t blame those who think it’s almost plotless and not memorable.

Anyway, I’d suggest you to try it at least for the characters!

They may not have superpowers or extraordinary lives, but their emotions and situations look so real that you’ll feel like you’re actually dating a real person: their insecurities, their successes, their losses, will be also yours. I think it’s very easy to empathize with them, and you’ll be happy to help them overcome their fears.

At least, give it a chance: they are so many and so adorable, I’m sure you’ll find someone you like and enjoy playing!


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  1. Annesthesya

    So Brocon was your first otome game? That’s interesting! I never really played it, just watched the anime. I was actually dying to play but I knew no japanese, so… xD
    My first otome game was the first Dialovers game, just played it for Kanato. Of course back then I still didn’t know japanese, so I was lucky to find some translations. Still, I don’t remember completing it. The first I completed was Hakuoki!
    Back on Brocon, gameplay aside, it seems a good game. All I heard is that the guys are all adorable!

    • otomeland

      It is! give it a try, there are so many funny scenes! just be prepared, if you see that some events are not happening on the right date, you need to go back or restart the route… it’s really annoying, everytime I saw on the guide an event approaching, I was worried that it didn’t unlock! I’m still hoping for a FD, I’d be so happy…. I miss them all!

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