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Selling some otome merch!


If you follow me on twitter, you probably know I’m moving to a new house in the next months: for this reason, I decided to sell some of the otome game related stuff I own, so I can bring with me only the merch I really care about.

I’ll try my best to make the prices low, but keep in mind that I live in Italy and I can’t do much about expensive shipping fees: please don’t ask me for a single badge, if the shipping cost is way higher than the value of the merch, I can’t do miracles!

Anyway, if you buy multiple things I’ll give you a discount too, so don’t be shy!

I sold many drama cds on twitter already, these are the ones I still have:

Sanada Ninpou Chou, Nil Admirari Kuroyuri En’yotan and Shiro to Kuro no Alice Twilight Line are still sealed; I’d normally sell them for 15$ each, if you buy them all or other stuff I can give you a discount.

Dance with Devils My Carol, Klap Fun Party and Bad Medicine are opened but in good conditions, I’d sell them for 10$ each; you can see Oumagatoki in the picture too, I’m sure no one will ever buy it, so I’ll give it as a present to the first person who makes a nice deal with me for other stuff.

If you’re interested, I also have otome badges and manga/novels in Japanese (Brothers Conflict, Diabolik Lovers More Blood, Kuroshitsuji, Amnesia, Clock Zero).

It’s all used so you can’t expect it to be perfect, but still in good conditions.

Toma’s strap is the only one still sealed, so I’d sell it for 5$.

If you’re interested in something, I’ll give you a closest picture so you can see how it looks.

The prices depends on what you buy, my idea would be about 2/3 $ each, but of course I have to send them with other stuff.

For reference, shipping to the USA costs me 20$.

If you live in Europe it gets way better, but depending on the country.

Se sei italiano/a, con circa 4 euro ti mando un pacchetto raccomandato.

Please let me know if you’re interested in something, you can send me a private message on twitter @KyuMyMiracle or on instagram @otomelandblog.

Selling my drama cds!!

Hello everyone!

I was cleaning my otome shelf yesterday, and I realized I have a lot of drama cds which came with preorders of otome games: I’ve listened to some of them just once, some others are still sealed and brand new. So, why not trying selling them?

It’s something I never did as a collector, but since I never give them proper attention, I guess they just deserve a better home. I’m sure some of you will appreciate them!

Prices are:

  • Dance with devils 13$ or 10 euro.

  • Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Bustafellows 13$ or 10 euro.

  • Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Nil Admirari is still sealed and brand new, 20$ or 15 euro.

  • Collar Malice 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Sanada Ninpou Chou is still sealed and brand new, 20$ or 15 euro.

  • Haitaka no Psychedelica 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Klap Fun Party 10$ or 8 euro

  • Shinobi koi utsutsu 13$ or 10 euro

I know already that no one is going to ask for Oumagatoki or Rear Pheles, so I can just give them for 1$ if you buy something else.

  • Bad Medicine 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Shiro to kuro no Alice is still sealed and brand new, 20$ or 15 euro.

If you are interested in something, but think the price is too high, let’s talk about it: the more you buy, the more I can give you discounts.

Contact me on twitter, my profile is @KyuMyMiracle !

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden Drama CD review

This is a short review of the drama cd I got from the preorder of Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden.

It was very short, but also funny. Enjoy!

The scene starts with Reiji scolding his brothers and telling them about their terrible situation: they have no more money, only 10000 yen is left! they need to survive for a month with only this little amount.

Kanato starts crying loudly.

Where can they cut expenses? On the electricity? On hot water? Maybe they shouldn’t bath for a while…

Laito proposes to ask for help, but Reiji answers that he couldn’t get in touch with anyone in Eden.

Then, they start arguing about the use of the remaining money.

Reiji decides they should stop using their smartphones, while Shuu says they could take showers at school instead.

Then, they think about Mukami: how is their situation? They probably have no problems, maybe they will lend them some money.

So, the brothers decide to go to Mukami’s mansion.

Meanwhile, Shin confesses to Carla that he lost his wallet, with all their money…. so there’s nothing left. They can’t survive until they receive something more, they must do something to solve this problem!

Should they get them from Sakamaki or Mukami?

Carla thinks about Kou immediately: he’s an idol, he must be rich.

The only solution is going to Mukami’s mansion.

They all have hopes about Mukami, but no one knows what’s happening at their mansion.

Ruki is really angry: he’s looking at that month’s expenses and he noticed that Kou wasted all their money! There’s almost nothing left.

Yuuma asks Kou how he could spend so much without even realizing; whatever it was, he can return it to the store and have his money back.

But there’s a huge problem: Kou bought an expensive watch, but……….. he gave it as a present to a younger coworker. He can’t take it back.

The only amount left is 10000 yen and they have to survive a whole month.

That moment, someone knocks at the door: it’s obviously Tsukinami and Sakamaki.

They talk about the situation, blaming each other, but…… there’s nothing to do about it.

Ayato doesn’t accept it: Shin’s wallet is still somewhere, they have to find it.

Laito proposes to search it together and then share the money.

Carla doesn’t agree: it’s Tsukinami’s money, they don’t need to share!

So, they decide to look for it separately: who finds the money, can keep it.

Reiji and Ruki stay behind, sighing: their plan failed.

They wanted to compete and see which family could live one month with just 10000 yen, but their brothers are too greedy.

In the meantime, the other vampires are desperately looking for Shin’s wallet.

Kino meets them and he’s envious: they get along pretty well.

Yuuma explains him the situation, and allows him to join.

Ayato has a better idea: Kino should lend them some money instead!

But Kino refuses, even if Subaru begs him and Kanato tells him that brothers should help each other.

They all start to argue again: what if there are no money left from Eden? If they are destined to be poor? Kou must make more money, he’s an idol!

But Kino laughs and reassures them: he explains about a “10000 monthly yen competition”, which has 300000 yen as a price for the winner.

Azusa remembers he saw Ruki reading something like that, which means…. Reiji and Ruki planned everything without telling them!

Kanato gets angry: it was all a lie then?!

Sakamaki brothers go home, angry as hell.

They understood everything and start immediately yelling at Reiji: he was trying to trick them! It was all a lie from the start!

Reiji tries to deny it, but he can only run away.

Mukami go back home too, but they are not angry: Kou admits he was wrong too, he always spends too much.

Ruki proposes to use the prize to go out and eat something good together.

He apologizes, but his brothers promise to manage better their money.

In the meanwhile, the Tsukinami are still looking for Shin’s wallet!!

Code Realize Future Blessings Drama CD

I’ve promised to review more drama cds in 2018 and here I am!

This time I’ll bring you a very popular title: Code realize Future blessings, the first fandisk of a series we all loved.

This is the drama CD which came with the preorder of the game, enjoy!

The story takes place at the usual mansion, where the boys and Cardia live.

Saint Germain is reading on the newspaper an article about a ghost, who seems to appear frequently in that period.

Impey complains: London is a place where technology and science keep evolving and spreading, how can people still believe in something so silly?

Van agrees: ghosts don’t exist.

Saint calmly says he has seen one before, even if it’s not connected to these recent cases.

There are also different suspicious stories, where ghosts or something similar appeared.

Everyone falls silent.

Fran is really interested: he can’t deny the possibility of this kind of creatures, after all.

Lupin has been silent the whole time, which is weird; then he asks Saint if there are stories about ghosts who appeared in that mansion.

The Count just laughs: it’s a really old place, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Lupin admits he has noticed someone’s presence recently. He even tried to follow that “person”, but he disappeared. He didn’t seem a normal human.

Van says they have to do something just in case it was a dangerous creature, like bringing a silver knife. Impey makes fun of him: didn’t he say he doesn’t believe in ghosts? Or is he scared?

But he can’t even finish the sentence, before Van aims his gun at him.

Whatever it is, if someone has entered their mansion, they need to do something.

If it was Tasogare, aiming to kidnap Cardia…..

Impey panics. He’s not going to allow that, he’s her boyfriend after all!

Lupin asks him when did they become a couple, but Fran interrupts them: they have to plan carefully the vigilance, to catch the culprit.

At night, Van and Impey are on patron in the mansion together.

Suddenly, it becomes cold. They notice someone’s presence and start searching for him, but they can’t see anything: there’s fog everywhere and breathing becomes difficult too.

They run towards that direction, until they see in the dark something weird with sparkling eyes: is it really a ghost? Van prepares to shot.

Impey starts screaming: there’s something on his back!

……. but then, they hear Fran’s voice.

He made a mistake with his experiments, causing fog to spread out of his room.

The case is solved. But later, they hear Lupin screaming outside.

Saint Germain talks to Cardia, who is going to sleep.

He doesn’t know if the ghost exists or if it’s scary, but there’s no reason to worry: everyone is going to come back safely, for sure. He’s going to check them out too, just in case.

It’s time to end this fuss.

Lupin is sure the culprit is not a ghost: he has a real body, no doubt about it. He touched him.

They have to find him before he becomes too dangerous and get rid of the problem.

They follow him everywhere, just making noise and destroying things along the way, but without being able to catch him: he’s fast and never gets tired.

In the end, when they are finally able to corner him and reveal his identity, they realize…………. they were just chasing Sissi! It wasn’t a ghost, he wasn’t an intruder, it’s just…. their dog!

They are all exhausted, while Saint just laughs softly: since they were all so busy lately, Sissi didn’t have enough time to play with them and was bored. It probably felt lonely.

Lupin apologizes and promises to play together more.

So, what did Lupin see that night, a few days before?

Wasn’t it an outsider’s presence? Was it Sissi? Or maybe, there’s really a ghost somewhere in the mansion………

Saint already told them his opinion: it wouldn’t be strange at all.

Everyone gets scared, they tell him to stop, but he just keeps laughing.

My drama cd collection!

Here’s my little drama cd collection!

I’m not a great drama cd fan, that’s why most of them come from otome games preorders or limited editions; Bad Medicine is an exception, since I bought it in Japan.

I reviewed a few already and I’ll work on the others soon…. let me know if something makes you curious!

Let’s look at them closely!

This came with the preorder of Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade

 This came with the preorder of Code Realize Shukufuku no Mirai

This is came from the preorder of Nihil Admirari

This came with the preorder of Collar Malice…. I already reviewed it!

This came with the preorder of Oumagatoki….. the game was so terrible, I’ve never listened to it….

This is from Shiro to Kuro Alice and I’ve already reviewed it!

Shinobi Koi Utsutsu! it was a great game, this drama cd came with the FD!

This came with the FD of Klap, I’ll play the game soon!

This is the drama cd of Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden, my review will come when I’m done with the game!

This came with Rear Pheles! this game has been sitting in my backlog literally for 2 years…………

I bought this in Japan, with the Limited Edition of Reviced

This is from the Limited Edition of 7’scarlet, one of the best games I’ve ever played!

I haven’t reviewed the drama cd of Haitaka Psychedelica because there were too many spoilers….. maybe I will, when the game is released in english!

This is the Bad Medicine drama cd, but it didn’t come with the game, I bought it in Japan because I loved the sadistic english teacher!

I’m done, I hope you liked them!

Next will be my otome games collection and it’s going to be way longer!

Diabolik Lovers anime DVD unboxing + Drama CD

While I was playing Laito’s route in Lost Eden, I suddenly remembered that I bought his version of the anime DVD, while I was in Japan. How could I forget it? Well, as usual, I was too busy at work and put it somewhere, when I came back, without looking at it never again.

Let’s unbox it now!

This is the cover

In the inside, there are two cds: one is the anime DVD, with episodes 3 and 4 and Laito’s special ending; the other one is a drama cd.

There’s also a small booklet.


There’s also Shuu’s card! But why not Laito?!


Let’s talk about the drama cd!

It starts with Ayato complaining about his uniform being all wet, and it’s all “that person’s fault”.

Then he shouts at Laito: “I know you’re here, don’t stare without saying anything!”.

Laito giggles and asks his brother why he’s so wet. It’s raining?

Ayato gets agry: that pervert needs to stop pretending he wasn’t there, he knows perfectly what happened. He was peeking at them, while they were at the pool.

Laito admits it and asks his brother how Yui’s lips were. It was probably her first kiss, after all.

Ayato is proud of himself: all her first times belong to him, since she came to his house. He’s not interested in things that already belong to other people.

Laito has the opposite opinion: the feeling of stealing someone from another person makes him excited! Yui is not that pure anymore after all, he already had fun with her too. She came to their house just to be a sacrificial bride, there’s no reason for him to act selfish.

Ayato is getting really angry now: he wants her all for himself, his perverted brother can look for other women to play with!

Shuu orders them shut up, he’s tired and wants silence, so he can finally sleep.

But then, he admits he saw that kiss too. And he wasn’t the only one, Kanato was present too.

Ayato’s naked body, while he’s waiting for his clothes to dry, is not a pleasing sight… can’t he just move somewhere else? He also takes baths while fully clothed, but it’s just because undressing is tiring.

While they are arguing, the clothes start to burn at the chimney’s fire.

Ayato gets even angrier. He order his brothers to stay away from Yui, she belongs to him.

Shuu replies sharply: why is he ordering him around? He has no obligations to obey and he doesn’t want to stay away from her. She’s their prey, he doesn’t need to search somewhere else.

Laito proposes to take a bet: they should ask Yui who is her favorite!

No one agrees and they all leave the room.

Laito sighs… his brothers are really boring.

Shiro to kuro no Alice drama cd

Little disclaimer before I start: as you probably know already, I’ve self studied japanese and my listening skills are no perfect as a pro-translator. For this reason, I’m not making a detailed translation, just a short resume of the content of this drama cd. I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

All the main characters are invited by Snow and Rain to a sudden tea party, but Kanon suspects something is weird: why have they all being called? The usagi brothers are probably planning something.

Snow admits it’s true! They have received a request from a person who asked for help: he’s in love with a girl, and wants to take her on a perfect date; that’s why they should hold a contest, to decide what’s the best date plan possible.

The queen agreed, but there were no contestants…. and who is better than them?

Even Rain is competing, but “for the sake of the country, not to please the queen!”. (of course)

At first, the boys complain; but they end up accepting, because there’s also a big prize.

The contest starts, hosted by Snow, and there’s a huge crowd; the poor Jack is absolutely terrified!

Minette speaks first.

The most important thing is to surprise the girl he’s dating and make her dokidoki; he must use some magic, and then whisper gently “I really wanted to meet you”.

The crowd goes wild, but it’s just the beginning. He has suggestions even for those who can’t use magic: he can give them the potions he makes!

Obviously, Rain and Snow stop him immediately from talking about his weird stuff.

Nello is next.

For him, what matters is that the girl has lots of fun: drinking tea together, being alone…. and that’s it, literally nothing more!

Jack starts stuttering as usual, then he takes a deep breath and talks about his ideal date with the queen (even in his dreams, he can’t think of any other girl): he will take her to her favorite places to eat strawberry sweets, so she will smile and be happy for sure!

While he was still talking, Snow cut his speech because he was just listing different kind of strawberry foods.

Kanon’s ideal date involves hats and eating sweets together… but as Nello points out, this will just please him, not the girl! Kanon is tired of speaking already, his throat is dry; he stops explaining his date plans and asks Nello to prepare a tea.

It’s finally Rain’s turn and he proposed to go out and relax in the quiet forest, where there are just a few people.

Snow is last.

He says is important to give the girl a present: flowers are perfect, but must be chosen carefully, thinking about the color which most suits her and the meaning they convey.

It’s time to decide the winner, but…….the crowd is busy drinking the tea Nello is preparing!

Basically, he started by making tea for Kanon, but everyone joined and they stopped caring about the contest. There’s also the person who asked them for help in the beginning, drinking happily with his girlfriend… which means, the contest was useless from the start!

Nello blames Kanon, because is obvious that the prize won’t be assigned anymore, since there’s no winner. Kanon points out that he shouldn’t complain, because he’s making money by selling tea anyway.

Minette is pleased because there are a lot of cute girls and Rain says the contest was a success anyway, because the citizens are having fun.

When the party is over and they finish cleaning…… Kanon says he’s thirsty, so they end up drinking tea together again!

Well, I admit this was really funny.

I’m not a great fan of drama cds, without any kind of visual support I tend to get bored soon, but I love their interactions: it’s always nice hearing them arguing with each other, their chemistry is great!

7’scarlet Drama CD

Since I’ve bought the Limited Edition, 7’scarlet came also with a drama cd.

I’m so glad I got this too, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my beloved characters!

The story starts with a scene we have already witnessed in the game: the boys are basically accusing each other to be the culprit of the various murders happened recently in their village.

But this time, the undead is…………

Isora, who immediately complains, because he thinks he isn’t suited for this role.

We discover that they are not serious this time, but just acting a scene for a stage play written by Yuki for his school festival.

It seems like the famous idol A-to, who is going to perform a live concert at the event, asked for them to act instead of just involving the school kids; and the creepy legend surrounding Okunezato looks perfect to gain interest!

Isora is happy to take part in the play, and since Yuzuki keeps getting angry, he teases him, asking if he’s just trying to hide his embarrassment.

But we discover that Yuzuki actually loved to act when he attended school, and he’s used to go up on the stage. (even if he doesn’t admit it, he’s probably excited to perform again)

At this point, since Yuki’s script is difficult to act properly, Yuzuki proposes to choose a different play: after some titles he rejected, he finally decided to try of the famous Shakespeare’s tragedies.

Because everybody knows them, obviously!…or not.

Isora and Toa pretend to know at first, but since they can’t ever name one of the tragedies, it’s obvious they can’t learn the script from zero in only one day; they barely know Romeo and Juliet famous lines. Also, they can’t choose a play with too many characters.

Then, why not going for something simple, like Cinderella? It’s a story everyone knows, and memorizing the lines should be easy.

There’s a last problem at this point: it’s impossible to act this story without actresses, it would be awkward just with men…………. but they take turns to try talking as women!

Hino is perfect, Toa is a bit weird, while Yuzuki ends up failing miserably and getting angry.

So, they decide to go back to the original script written by Yuki…. even if Isora keeps complaining about his role til the end LOL

Collar Malice Drama CD

This is my first time writing a drama cd review: I’m usually not very interested in them, but I really want to write something more about my beloved collar malice!

It lasts about 35 minutes, so I think it’s kind of short?

It starts in the office, while the boys are working. As usual, Kei suddenly comes in.

He proposes to organize a birthday party for Ichika there, and everyone agrees; then, they decide how to divide the tasks: buying the cake, cooking the food, preparing the surprise and choosing a present.

Takeru obviously wants to take care of the cake, while Yanagi is more suited to cook.

Mineo offers to be the one in charge of buying the present, but nobody trusts him: immediately, it becomes a fierce battle to decide which is the better present.

I laughed so much when the poor Mineo explained how a good luck charm could be perfect, but Takeru refused immediately: “Are you going to put a curse on her, to make her fall in love with you?!” This was so funny, because obviously Mineo started to panic and stutter immediately!

In the end, Yanagi’s idea of buying a bracelet gets accepted.

Takeru goes out to buy the cake, very seriously: he knows that Ichika works hard, and she loves being complimented; so, she deserves the best birthday cake in the world!

I loved how Takeru’s sweet side got exposed here: he barely shows his feelings when he talks, and being able to know what’s actually in his mind was very nice.

In the meanwhile, Mineo starts looking for various recipe, because he ended up in charge of cooking.

Shiraishi looks up on internet to research about parties, and he’s looking forward to Ichika’s surprised expression.

Kei thinks about giving her good memories: he would like to celebrate with her, the two of them alone, but he knows it’s impossible now; so he hopes that it may happen next year.

Yanagi goes to a jewelry shop and buys the bracelet, but he’s so embarrassed and worried that it takes a lot of time; he wonders what her reaction will be, knowing that he was the one who chose it.

In the end, the party is ready!

Everyone did a good job, and Takeru even compliments Mineo for his cooking. Again, Mineo’s reaction was so funny! (sorry, I love him too much)

The cd ends when Ichika arrives at the office, and the party finally starts.

It was so much fun, I wished it would last longer!

I will miss a lot those characters, their interactions are priceless… I just can hope for a FD soon.

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