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GUEST REVIEW: My boyfriend watches Kamigami no asobi

Here we are again, after a few months break, with a brand new review about a reverse harem!

Did you miss me?

You know what I’m looking for: the good kind of trash, obviously; the one you can’t help but watch, instead of packing up your stuff and run away, far away.

Let’s talk about Kamigami no asobi, an anime capable of blessing me with WTF moments of the 4rd level, if I was a sayan, since the first moment I saw a naked Apollon.

But let’s progress with order.

I usually hate when writers use an already existent character, with certain features, and they change it all making him completely different. When it happens in a movie or manga, I go crazy.

But this is an adaptation from an otome game and I watched it mostly to please my girlfriend, so instead of being angry I’m just amused. Wow, there was so much nonsense going on!

Let’s do it like this, I’ll talk about every character separately, trying to explain why they were all absurd.

One obvious thing first: these gods are supposed to be really ancient, but they act like high school boys all the time and I couldn’t bring myself to accept it.

All I could do was turning to my girlfriend and say: “but he’s a god!! he’s thousands and thousands years old! But! Why are they doing this and no one complains?! Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird?” I guess I am.

Ok, let’s start!

TOTH: Egyptian god of knowledge. Usually shown as a man with the face of a bird. Have you seen a bird here? No ladies, it’s not a bad joke. I was kinda looking for the bird.

But he always made me laugh, he always kept shoving the heroine on the wall with his body every single episode: he’s the true hero of this anime.

ANUBIS: What the hell I’m watching? He’s supposed to be a cruel god, who threw corrupted souls at his favorite crocodile… but here… my heart hurts.

JAPANESE GOD OF THE MOON (he was so useless I forgot the name): do girls really like types like him? With empty eyes, who talk and act as if they knew nothing about the world? when nothing and anyone can change that soulless and creepy stare in their face?

JAPANESE GOD OF THE SEA (I forgot his name too): one of the best characters, he was a good guy after all. I can’t insult him. Let’s be friends.

THOR: I’m getting angry here, he’s supposed to be a cool god and I can’t imagine him being so useless… there’s obviously a writer who enjoys smoking weird stuff, I bet he’s the same who worked on Loki’s outfit. But that’s another story.

BALDER: awful. I can’t take this kind of character, I don’t think they can exist and they shouldn’t exist for sure. I’m nice— no wait, I’m bad— no wait, I love you so much– no wait, something’s wrong with me. I don’t get it.


LOKI: funny, and most of all not too out of character, even in the myth Loki loves playing pranks.

He makes the anime entertaining with his jokes and attitude.

But his relationship with Balder…. do you remember that old meme with the seal screaming “gaaaayyyy!”?

Dyonisus: I like him, but he seems weird since he’s the only one who doesn’t act like an high school kid. It’s a weird choice from the writers, since his love for wine could give us a lot of comic scenes, while we barely got one. Kind of.

HADES: please, I need to meet the person who turned the fucking god of the underworld in a depressed emo who brings misfortune. I want to meet that writer and kick him in the balls so he can go back to school and learn something, before he destroys once again a great character. Awful.

APOLLON: I left him last on purpose, because talking about him hurts my soul.

They made him a positive and bright character, an example for everyone, always jumping happily and calling every other student with annoying nicknames that would be embarrassing even for a primary school kid.

But then they gave him a tragic back story.

He cried for a while and he went back to his annoying childish self.

Everything is wrong with this character, I suffered watching him. Every single time.

Well, I’m done, I’ve taken the burden out of my chest.

Don’t take me too seriously: even my girlfriend knows I’m an idiot, but yet she asks me to write reviews. Well, this is not the last, I secretly enjoy this pain.

I guess Diabolik Lovers More Blood will be next and I’m sure there will be a lot to say.

See you next time!

Guest review: my boyfriend watches Utapri Season 1!

When I first went to Japan in 2016, Utapri was crazily popular: Akihabara’s Animate had a different character on every floor and you could find any kind of merch everywhere.

That’s why my boyfriend accepted to watch the first season of the anime, and he tried to understand what makes it so popular.

Did he enjoy it? Here’s the answer!



Act. 1

Me. My girlfriend. The sofa.

“Ehi girl!”

“Mh? What’s up?”

“Did you find…?”

“Find what?”

“My balls. They fell when I saw that gnee gnee fuc**ng emo again” (Hayato/ Tokiya/pussy man)

Now you can hate me, but really, until episode 10 Hayato broke my ba… spirit every time. But…rewind. Uta no Prince? Great, a very funny anime. The headmaster? My guru, with his cool Japanglish.

I had a nice time watching Uta Pri, I loved every character, because they all played an important role in the story and their interactions worked really well to make the episodes entertaining. (yes, Hayato too, but only at very last part!).

The best funny duo, for me, was Dr.Jackill/Mr Hyde (Natsuki) and the fashion blonde dwarf (Sho). I know, I should call them by their names, but hey, I have no skill when it comes to remembering names (sorry Axel from Kingdom Hearts, I couldn’t get it memorized, shame on me).

They look perfect together: one is very tall and the other short, one loves cute things and the other looks fashionable and kawaii; they look very close and friendly, they made me laugh many times. Approved.

The redhead smiley bro is ok, but I have no opinion about him.

I mean, he’s kind and nice, but without any depth. I need him to show more his personality before I decide if I like him or not.

Ren and Masato, for me are just “rich and sexy 1” and “rich and sexy 2”: their relationship makes sense, it’s believable, but it’s also a cliche. Meh.

And for Hayato… like I said, boooring.

But he’s also the main character, because the story builds up depending on his choices: he desperately wants to sing, ok. But 10 episodes with the same annoying face? PFF.

Miss Nanami, the heroine…boooring too. And she had ghost eyes for no reason. She’s always like: “Oba chan….” “Hayato sama….” “Ehm, ehm…” “Sumimasen…” COME ON girl, wake up!!

Just live, drink something alcoholic with the guys and have fun (you have six men to choose from, or go for everyone at the same time)!! No? No.

Wait, I forgot about the dark prince of the magic lamp, straight from Arabian Nights.

Just one word: raaaandom. Seriously?? it makes no sense!! Zero!! (But still, he’s my girlfriend’s favorite)

I asked her: “Why?! After J-pop and K-pop, do you like Arabian-pop now?”

Ok, ok, I know I’m stupid. But only with this spirit I can watch a reverse harem and this one, in my opinion, is the best so far: it was funny, very very funny.

I can sing forever, with my horrible style in broken Japanese, scaring the neighbors:

Doki Doki De Kowaree Sooo Sen x SEEn LooOve!!

Time to watch season 2.

A troll post with my boyfriend: let’s play “guess the trope” game!

Since my boyfriend is on holiday these days, and he’s now a frequent guest here with his troll posts, I thought it would be nice if I did some kind of quiz and experiments on him!

He has seen a few otoge anime adaptations, so he’s not new to the genre, even if he has never played anything. But… will he be able to guess a character’s personality, just by looking at CGs?

If you’ve already read his reviews, you know what you can expect… you’ve been warned!

I picked some characters who have very defined personalities, covering a various range of popular tropes. I showed them to my boyfriend, asking him to guess the trope that most represents them.

These are the results of this test!

1- Masato (Moshikami)

He’s an ONIICHAN, but also the worst YANDERE ever. Really.

My boyfriend stared at him silently for a few seconds, then said:

That eyepatch means he’s hiding something.

Maybe he pretends to be ill, but he just hides some secret power.

You know, like that Naruto character!

Maybe he’s some kind of immortal god.

(I explained him briefly what happens in Moshikami and he stared speechless at Masato again, with a disgusted face, then he said: you play good games, I see)

2- Riichiro (Clock Zero)

I bet he’s a noble.

No one is at his level of perfection, other people are useless and he hates women.

Obviously a KUUDERE.

Probably popular in Japan, but I bet you don’t like him because he’s too cold.

You prefer your boys when they are desperate.

3- Shougo (Nil Admirari)

My boyfriend said:

He thinks he’s better than anyone else and doesn’t want to deal with stupid people.

Probably arrogant and noble.

Peasants must stay away from him.

He wasn’t surprised when I told him he’s actually a TSUNDERE.

4- Nesso (Black Wolves Saga)

One of the most famous otome game ONIICHAN.

My boyfriend said:

He looks arrogant and full of himself.

I bet he loves flirting with girls.

He must be some kind of king or prince, he’s used to be served and takes what he wants.

5- Otoya (Utapri)

He’s a bright GENKI character.

And it’s apparently obvious just by looking at him, since my boyfriend said:

He looks like a nice guy.

He loves playing the guitar and having fun.

I don’t think he’s a flirty character, I bet he’s not trying to make weird moves on her.

He just wants to play music.

6- Goemon (Nightshade)

He’s an obvious ONNATARASHI and my boyfriend noticed it immediately, but he also added:

He’s dressed like some kind of monk, so maybe he’s a perverted monk?

There are characters like that, you know, that one in Inuyasha.

And also in Brothers Conflict, the blond one.

They use their authority to hit on shy women and it always works!

7- Ai Mikaze (Utapri)

He’s one of the most famous KUUDERE, but apparently my boyfriend thinks he looks like a psycho, since his opinion was:

I bet he’s a sadist, he secretly enjoys making people suffer.

Never trust him or you’re dead.

When he goes home, he must have some kind of secret laboratory where he makes bloody experiments. He probably kills cute animals too.

8- Kyousuke (Storm Lover)

He’s a famous TSUNDERE, but my boyfriends looked at this CG and guessed:

He looks like the typical school bully, it’s obvious from his hair.

But not just a normal bully, the one you can easily find in every class, he’s probably the school boss or something like that.

He knows what he wants, he takes her hand like “you, come with me now, girl!” and brings her somewhere where they are alone. Badass character.

9- Kenshin (Ikemen Sengoku)

He will protect his woman until he dies.

Or she dies.

Anyway, he’s not one of those who act cool just to be popular with women.

He really means it!

I told him he’s YANDERE and he said: I’m not good with Japanese terms, but that’s exactly what I meant. Creepy but in a good way.

10- Kai (Snow Bound Land)

My boyfriend stared at him for a while, than said:

No opinion.

He looks useless.

Really, I can’t feel anything from him.

I can’t imagine him doing anything interesting.

I told him he’s a nice CHILDHOOD FRIEND and he answered:

So, he’s really useless.

I mean, being childhood friend has no meaning, that’s what he is, it doesn’t explain his personality!

For me, he’s just Mr. Anonymous.

(I tried to talk back, but my boyfriend just blew me a kiss and he didn’t listen! XD)



Well, I’m done.

What do you think of this little game?

I think he was good enough, he understood most of their personalities.

If you want him to guess other characters, just tell me!

If I reach a nice number of requests, I can make another post soon… see you!

Guest review: My boyfriend watches Dance with Devils

My girlfriend probably thought: “How can I persuade him to watch Dance with Devils? Tricking him? Threatening him? With a cake?”, but all she had to do was to guarantee some quality trash and a cute heroine. I’m a simple man.

Let’s talk about the main characters: an exorcist/dhampir/brother/cousin with red hair, a blond monoexpression (is this even a word?!) demon with icy eyes, a fallen angel who just wants to be sexually punished by his friends, another muscled demon who can’t even wear his jacket properly and another one who loves butterflies. An interesting party, really.

And then there’s the heroine, very cute, but with an annoying tendency of moving around when people tell her to stay still and safe. Even when she’s locked in her house with magical arts and chains, she breaks everything just to face the danger alone. Smart.

The plot got me interested: demons against vampires, looking for a mysterious grimoire which can give them an absolute power; an heroine always involved in weird situations, who doesn’t understand anything; allies who reveal themselves as enemies, enemies who become allies…… and then they start to sing? Is this a musical?


A musical.

Who needs Grease, we have singing demons.

I admit it: I laughed a lot, but I also thought it was a good idea, it could fit that setting.

It’s obviously trash, but good one, even the Pomeranian Choir!

But please, Cerberus has 3 heads, he’s supposed to be huge and cruel. Not a Pomeranian or a boy with blue hair and an elegant style of talking. (I feel tired of living when I see him)

For 6/7 episodes all the characters want to get close to the heroine, while they are trying to figure out where is the grimoire. Then, the big revelation: SHE IS the precious grimoire!

The person who obtains her, has THE POWEEEERRR!!!

I swear I was laughing like crazy, thinking about the stupidest and dirtiest things possible (if someone has read Yuria Type 100 understands what I’m saying).

From that moment, it becomes a true war to get her: horny demons, a fallen angel, a vampire (kind of, what the hell is a dhampir?), even Cerberus and the King of vampires want that poor girl.

The main storyline focuses on Ritsuka and Rem’s relationship for no apparent reason, but there’s even a school dance and they magically become king and queen. Of course.

He also becomes weirdly obsessed with that little crown he found in the glass, thinking about that human girl all the time, even if he’s supposed to be some kind of heartless demon…. come on, this is not the Lord of the Rings, get a hold of yourself!

But what about the other guys?

That one who can’t wear a jacket? The butterflies lover? Don’t even get me talk about that obviously bisexual angel. They are almost ignored, always behind Rem, even if they all look way more interesting…. I guess you girls prefer the prince charming.

There are serious moments and also comical ones, but the trashy parts are the best: in the final battle, when the song started and everyone confessed his love for Ritsuka, I was laughing and crying at the same time for their embarrassing clothes. Can we talk about that fallen angel dressed like a porn star or about Lindo’s ridiculous gloves?!

Talking about “love” feels stupid for some characters who barely talked with her, like Cerberus (I can’t remember their names, he’s forever a dog for me), but that’s how it goes in this kind of anime…

The vampire’s King wants to drink every drop of her blood (is this some kind of Rejet’s subliminal message? Buy every Diabolik Lovers, every kind of official merch, vampires are cool, having your blood sucked is nice and sexy), but in the end, he dies really quickly. Too quickly.

Even if the other vampires suck, I admit Nesta was an interesting villain: he’s violent, sadistic, selfish… even his appearance is ok! (I was almost sure he would end up looking like a sexy young boy with make up on his eyes, like his servant with too much eyeshadow)

In the end Ritsuka shows some kind of mystic power, but it’s not that surprising, things must happen really fast at this point: she has to choose one of the guys, but she can’t have a true ending with Rem…. in this kind of anime, the others still deserve a chance, it’s not over! (and my girlfriend shamelessly roots for the red hair boy).

Did I enjoy this? Hell yes, I did. For real, it’s not a joke!

It’s trash in a good way, the musical parts are catchy, there are funny moments and the art is nice.

If you really feel the need to share with your boyfriend your love for reverse harem, I think Dance with Devils is a good choice!

(I wish Rejet would pay me for this, at least with a free game, so I can give it to my girlfriend and act cool… I deserve it, I’ve been through a lot while watching this!!!)

Ok, I’m done.

See you next time! (I’m scared to know what’s next)

Guest review: My boyfriend watches Code realize!

If you have read my boyfriend’s previous reviews, you already know how it goes: this is made for fun, it’s not a serious review.

If you enjoy some trolling and don’t get easily offended, here’s his opinion about the anime Code Realize!


“Come on, you have a lot of free time! Keep writing your troll reviews, they are funny!” she said.

“That’s a lie! I’m a teacher, I’m busy…”, I reply, trying to act cool.

“You’re just a nerd, you’ll waste your time watching Naruto!”

“But I don’t watch Naru— ok, it’s useless, let’s just watch another reverse anime.”

Code Realize. Victorian London, steampunk style, a sexy heroine…. I can do it!

Everything is fine, until Lupin appears. Well, I have a Lupin action figure, from the anime…. right next to the tv. And he keeps watching me. He even talks to me: “Don’t trust him! He’s not me!!”.

Ok, I can take it, but it will be hard.

With the gentleman thief, there’s Barbicane with his improbable hair and a even-too-nice Frankenstein: they explain to the girl how important is that thing she has on her tits (I’m a man, I can’t ignore how big they are for an otome game heroine) and she seems clueless as a child, despite looking twenty years old.

She doesn’t know anything about herself and the world, but she still runs away in the middle of the night to follow that dog with a mechanical leg (which reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist).

Then Lupin comes to the rescue, acts cool, and the first episode ends.

First impression? The steampunk style is really cool and Cardia destroys the stereotype of the typical plain looking otome game heroine (poor Chizuru, if you compare them, it’s even embarrassing).

Saint Germain is way different from my expectations (in the manga Drifters, he looked like he came straight from a gay pride); I liked Van Helsing’s characterization and also Dracula (he looks identical to the character in the card game Force of Will).

Finis is a sadistic loli trap, no matter what my girlfriend says to deny it.

Sherlock Holmes was useful as an hot drink in summer.

And Nemo…………… no, I can’t accept it. I refuse it.

He’s supposed to be an old man with a beard, smoking his pipe. NOT THAT THING.

I liked Frankenstein backstory.

There was also a useless episode with an airship race, when the only interesting part was Van Helsing who menaged to knock down all the enemies alone, with the power of his big dick, while flying. Ooook. Too much.

Then the revelation: she’s an homunculus.

Random, but ok.

I really like the plot, but… many events seem forced.

A few examples? That soldier who seemed healthy and died after a few minutes for no reason, or Lupin wearing useless bandages over his clothes. They are just little details, but they can make the difference.

Then a lot of things happen in a few minutes (but why is it always like this, in otome adaptations?? dafuck should I understand in that chaos?!) but at least Cardia does something to help from time to time and her love story with Lupin is really beautiful.

Then, the grand finale: Isaac’s plan is so complicated that not even L, Light Yagami and Near together could ever think of something like that.

Isaac’s project was poorly explained and Finis’ role wasn’t that clear….anyway, when everything seems over, Lupin saves the day and it ends with a marriage.

Is it too short as a resume?

Well, this is what I got from this anime, too many things were poorly explained just to rush to the final happy ending: it’s made to be watched and appreciated only by people who already played the game, for everyone else it just seems poorly developed.

It’s still good, I didn’t suffer, but not good enough to be enjoyed by someone who doesn’t care about good looking boys.

Will this be my last reverse harem?

Well…….. I know I’m not free from this hell. See you soon!

Guest review: My boyfriend reviews Hakuouki anime! (2nd season)

Hello and welcome back to “My boyfriend loves otome”!

If you survived his first review and decided to come back at your own risk, you already know how it works: this is made for fun, not seriously, so don’t be offended.

This time, I’ll bring you my boyfriend’s review of the second season of Hakuouki: after all the suffering of the first season, he couldn’t just drop the anime without reaching the best part.

If you missed the previous post, I highly suggest you to read that first: you’re still in time to run away.

But if you really enjoy this and want to stay………. see you soon with Code realize!



“Come on, watch the second season of Hakuouki, you loved the first one!” she said.

“Loved is a strong word… I only love you, baby” I reply, trying to act cool and change the subject of this conversation.

But she’s smart, she doesn’t fall for it so easily and I find myself sitting on the sofa, once again, to see where Hijikata will lead us.

It starts focusing on rasetsu’s condition: Hijikata fights it, Heisuke accepts it and Sannan embraces it while saying weird stuff Diabolik Lovers’ style.

And then, booom! Fanservice time: look at them, they are so cool wearing western clothes!

And how comfortable it must be, fighting with those tight uniforms! Yeah, of course.

But there’s not even enough time for my girlfriend to drool about them, and they are sent to the first battle, since Kondo decided that becoming a daimyo is his new goal.

And everything goes wrong.

Then there’s a confused part, when Chizuru’s (yes, I learned her name) brother dies in a typical road in the middle of nowhere (where everything happens and anyone could randomly appear, in this anime), but his role was never properly explained, so I won’t miss him.

Okita’s health starts getting worse and two main characters leave the Shinsengumi.

When an anime comes at this point, I usually enjoy going deeper into the villain’s personality, and understand his goals and point of view; but here everything seem to happen without a real reason.

This is the weakest point of this anime: it lacks a real villain, even if the dark atmosphere is present, that’s sure.

Using rasetsu’s powers shortens you life, we could expect it, but this revelation only adds drama to the story and it works perfectly.

The main characters start dying, one after the other, and I can’t be indifferent; Okita’s death touched me the most.

Anyway, dying in the battlefield is the best for a true warrior: if it happens while you’re protecting someone, as Okita, or paying back your debt, as Harada, it’s even better.

Their death was worth it. At least it’s what I think, when I look at my girlfriend that bathes my dog with tears, surrounded by tissues.

Well, that’s fair.

When I saw Okita’s sword stuck in the ground, my heart clenched too.

Kondo sacrificed himself to save Hijikata and the Shinsengumi, but what’s left now? A man whose body and soul are destroyed.

I don’t even know how he finds the strength to wake up in the morning… wait, I know, he doesn’t sleep. And he drinks blood, as the beast he doesn’t accept to be.

The end is getting closer, and three more characters die.

Among them, I felt sorry for Heisuke the most: he was the youngest, easygoing but also tormented, and he was probably my favorite character.

But Hijikata doesn’t break.

He keeps fighting, but this time he decides to leave Chizuru behind; he can’t accept to lose someone important once more. He goes on, because he’s a warrior, but he needs her and even people around him knows that.

So, after one thousand days spent wearing that sad, pink kimono (day and night, she wore that to buy groceries and to party at jpop’s disco as well), she finally changed her clothes; Hijikata is so surprised that he loses it, and confesses to love her.

The ending, as predictable, is beautiful and tragic.

The old government falls apart, but they keep fighting till the end, even if they are 1 versus 1000, proudly waving the flag of Loyalty.

My heart breaks.

Hijikata is injured and drinks Chizuru’s blood once more: maybe the couple could run away somewhere else, and still live happily far from the world.

Well, it would be too good to be true.

Kazama is still offended since their last fight and wants revenge: wounds don’t matter anymore, it’s time to fight again and put an end to their rivalry.

Hijikata is not just a human anymore, not even a rasetsu, because his love for Chizuru and his desperation made him stronger than a demon; he won’t leave her to anyone else.

He’s Hakuouki now.

It couldn’t end in any other way.

The world loved Romeo and Juliet, I loved Hijikata and Chizuru.

Guest review: My boyfriend reviews Hakuouki anime! (1st season)

I can’t believe I’m really writing this, but… this is the first post of a new series on my blog, called “My boyfriend loves otome”!

It started as a joke, a couple months ago: we were talking about anime, and he was complaining about the lack of interesting stuff to watch.

So I suggested him to try something completely different, like otome games adaptations.

At first he refused, but he changed his mind when Christmas holidays started: he had lots of free time, why not giving them a chance for real?

I chose Hakuouki, because the plot is heavy and there’s more tragedy than fluffy moments; was it a good choice? I guess it was.

He only watched the first season so far, but he’s planning to start the second very soon, so you can expect another review by the end of the month.

This is his first review ever, and it’s not meant to be serious, so don’t be offended!

If you’re looking for a serious review, run away as fast as you can…you’ve been warned.

Well, I’ll leave you with this masterpiece. Enjoy!


“Watch Hakuouki!” she said.

“You’ll love it! There are historical events too! There are some kind of zombies, war, blood… that kind of stuff you always watch!” she said.

“You’ll say arigato gozaimasuuu in the end! Trust me.” She said.

Ok. I’m not sure, but let’s do this.

The anime starts with a typical misunderstanding: a girl is mistaken for a boy.

Then there are random demons killed by other dudes, they take away the girl somewhere and we meet other hundred dudes… too many people in 5 minutes, whatever.

In fact, I like this setting, I can see by many little details (clothing and food in the trays) that there’s a great historical accuracy. Still, it feels surreal…

Doesn’t she ask those people who they are? Why did they kill those men? Every conversation feels weird, but hey, I’m not a writer, I’m probably wrong.

The first episode is simply too much, too many questions and zero answers, but I feel some hype. We’ll see.

The second episode is not an improvement: too many things happening without explanations. Maybe I should drop it. Ok, I won’t, let’s keep going.

That chick (I can’t with names, sorry) finds her place in the world, sticks patches, delivers messages, or at least she tries, puts some sense in their heads.

Obviously still nothing about those demons and her father, but at least some historical events are properly explained, so I can understand what’s going on (I’m just a european nerd, I don’t know that much about japanese history, sorry).

Wow, that’s it! I can feel the real atmosphere of this anime now, and also the typical samurai themes I was waiting for: loyalty, honor, the way of Bushido. I like it.

Then 3 strong dudes appear and I really want to know more.

Who are they? The Shinsengumi is hiding something. What’s the medicine Sannan is talking about?

OMG I’m a fangirl!!

Then they drop the bomb, the answer of those questions that have been left pending for too long.

And now? There are people going crazy, coming back to their normal selves and pretending to be dead, while others are sick.

Then they drop another bomb: the main chick is not a normal girl, she has secrets too! (but obviously she doesn’t know anything, as it happens in every otome game).

Everyone wants her, everyone looks for her and none of them are ugly, old or bald, of course. Their hair is perfect, long and colored. Only the nameless samurai are allowed to be ugly, in Shinsengumi.

There are serious moments and others of pure fanservice (medical examination: everyone is shirtless yahooo), but after 9 episodes this anime has a direction and I like it.


I love seeing them drinking together, I watch the details of places, clothes and historical events.

When I understand the true plot, I’m intrigued.

I was wrong.

I admit Hakuouki is not just a reverse harem: it’s much more and I’m enjoying it a lot.

With this spirit I watch the last 3 episodes of the season. They are intense.

From my long experience, I know that a character who says “if something goes wrong, I’ll trust you” does not last (you know what I mean).

That poor chick sees everything rapidly falling apart, people dying and Heisuke becoming a rasetsu to protect her. Well, she’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know, she’s nice, she wants to help, but she keeps being a nuisance.

Sannan is doing something shady while on patrol and it’s only one of the problems: enemies and betrayals are everywhere.

Then Okita becomes a rasetsu, but it’s only a trap planned by the main chick’s brother. I don’t really get why he was crossdressing all the time, but I guess you have to be a trap to make your trap a success.

When he gets injured despite drinking that medicine, we know that silver bullets can hurt those vampires/furies/zombies whatever they are.

Also, their swords are useless against modern weapons.

What happens next is made to break all the ladies’ hearts; but I’m a man, you won’t see me cry.

My chests hurts and there’s a little tear in the corner of my eye, but men don’t cry… they only carry the pain inside.

The old man who went with the heroine to look for the allies’ help dies epically and in that street in the middle of nowhere happens everything possible in the spare of a few minutes (but why were they all there? Am I the only one who thinks it was weird?).

Hijikata is not a human anymore, and a shinobi friend dies to protect him.

Their deaths were not useless, weren’t they?

Hijikata carries on his shoulders that boy’s death and promises revenge.

And they called it reverse harem.



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