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My favorite 2023 debut boy groups!

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today, instead of talking about my favorite groups, I’d like to share my opinions about all the newly debuted group so far, this year.

As you probably know already, I mostly listen to boy groups, so we’re not talking about girl debuts here; here’s some of my favorites!

8TURN were a nice surprise. Their company is kinda small, so when their debut was announced I didn’t have high expectations, but their songs are catchy and their mini albums are really good too!

I highly suggest you to listen to their b-sides, some are great and they show how much potential they actually have; I hope their company won’t mess them up.

RIIZE is the new group from SM, which was highly anticipated since 2 members were previously part of NCT. Even if I find all the members charming, their debut song didn’t stand out to me, so I admit it was slightly disappointing. But they are talented for sure, so I’m waiting for their first comeback.

BOYNEXTDOOR are produced by Zico, an artist I’ve always respected and admired since his early days as leader of BlockB. When it was announced that he was going to work on a boy group I was very excited, even if I admit I imagined a very different concept for them, more aggressive and bold, as BlockB used to be back in their active days. But still, their songs are catchy, so I was fairly satisfied.

ZEROBASEONE came straight from Boys Planet and since I excitedly watched the whole process, I had such great expectations, it was probably easy to let them down; and so it happened.

I don’t think all the members suit such a pure concept, somehow it makes me feel a bit awkward and I hope their comeback will show their strength and energy instead of…. random flowers.

EVNNE also were Boys Planet contestants, even if none of them made it to the final line up; I personally was really happy to see Park Hanbin debut, since he was one of my favorite from the show and he obviously deserved a chance. Their song “Trouble” is one of my favorite this year, it’s so catchy I kept listening to it on loop for days.

FANTASY BOYS is a group formed through another survival, which I watched weekly, but honestly without much hype; I didn’t agree with the ranking most of the time, which made me frustrated. Anyway, their debut song is kinda catchy, not really my style, but the album was good so I’m looking forward to their next comeback.

Xikers debuted under KQ entertainment, which is Ateez’s agency; isn’t it enough, to explain my excitement? I’ve been watching even their predebut reality, waiting patiently for their debut.

They are really talented and unique, even if their music is slightly different from the current trends, so it may be not everyone’s cup of tea.

So far, these are the debuts which impressed me the most; some others are scheduled for October, and I’m curious to see if big agencies like Pledis or JYP will treat us with a new boy group before the year ends.

I think Riize will win this year’s Rookie Award since they are from a huge agency and 2 members already had a dedicate fanbase, but this year’s debuts were all very promising for the future of kpop; the 5th generation looks great!

Sharing my love for NCT127

NCT127 will make a comeback very soon, and since they are one of my favorite groups, I guess it’s time to celebrate while sharing some of my favorite songs!

Let’s start from the very beginning: NCT127 are a sub unit of NCT, debuted in 2016; current members are Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark and Haechan.

Kick it” was the song that made me fall in love with the group at first sight: I mean, how can you resist singing along? As they say, let me introduce you to some new things:

The refrain is really catchy, it sticks in your head after the first listen; the concept is unique, it makes them stand out from all the other groups and gives them those “neo vibes”, which you can feel in each of their songs.

How can I choose a bias in this group, since they are all extremely talented and good looking?

Sticker” was the first song that made me notice Jungwoo in his blonde perfection, I couldn’t stop looking at his handsome face the whole video and now he’s my forever favorite member.

Last year, they made an impressive comeback with 2baddies, which ended up becoming my song of the year (if you haven’t read my kpop awards, go check them out!)!

How can you blame me? Everything about it is addictive, at some point even my husband was singing along in the car! He will never openly admit he was enjoying it, but I’m sure he was.

Needless to say, I’m very excited for their new album, which will be released on October 6th.

The title track is called “Fact Check” and from the first trailer alone I can feel it’s going to be another masterpiece; maybe it will be my favorite song of the year, again?

(Not Japan related) This is a music post!

I’ve been wanting to write a post about my favorite bands and songs for a long time, but since this kind of music is not related to otome games or Japan at all, I always ended up changing my mind and avoiding the topic.

But who knows, maybe some of my readers are willing to try out new genres and bands they’ve never heard before, and it could be a nice chance to find your next favorite song, so why not?

First of all: in my life I’ve listened to many bands from different countries, enjoying music in different languages, from english, to italian, japanese, korean and even finnish.

I’ve been through many genres, but my favorite has always been symphonic metal, mostly with operatic vocals. It’s obviously a niche and I perfectly understand it may be not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re curious, here some of my favorite bands and songs!

LEAVES’ EYES: Solemn Sea

I’ve adored Liv Kristine since Theater of Tragedy, her ethereal voice and beauty made me feel emotional. The band has a new singer now (and she’s very talented!), but for me Liv is the only Leave’s eyes singer.

EPICA: Utopia

I’ve been a fan of this great band since they’ve debuted, even if I mostly prefer their old songs.

NIGHTWISH: Ghost love score

I guess this is their most famous song now, since I’ve seen many people on youtube reacting to this amazing live; I’ve loved Nightwish since Tarja’s era, back in 2004, but I adore Floor’s voice.

AMBERIAN DAWN: River of Tuoni

Heidi is hands down one of my favorite singers, her voice is amazing!

XANDRIA: Call of destiny

I wish Xandria could just choose a singer and stick with her, but if I had to choose (they were all very talented) Dianne was on another level, simply a goddess!

Well, I guess I should stop here for now, it’s enough for a start!

Do you enjoy this kind of music posts? If someone is interested, I’d gladly share other bands or some of my favorite singers and songs, since I have so many I could literally write a book about it!

I even thought multiple times about making a separate music blog, but I love this place and I prefer to just stay here. Tell me your opinion!

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