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Suuran Digit review

When Suuran Digit was released, in 2016, I remember myself reading reviews which considered it mediocre and boring; back in those days, there were a lot of new otome games releases every month, so I could be picky and save my money for something better.

Sadly, the situation changed a lot lately, there are months when there’s nothing new to wait for; that’s why I decided to invest some money on this old PSVita game, everyone deserves a chance to shine, after all.

The heroine, Hiroka, is an high school student, who just enrolled in a famous Academy and discovers on the first day to have some kind of ancient seal, which shows with the kanji of number “zero” randomly appearing on her left hand.

The sons and daughters of the most powerful families of Japan, descendants of “numbers”, are gathered there for a reason: the most influent clan, Ichizono, wants them to revive the “Suuran sensou”, a battle which happended like 300 years ago to decide who was going to be the leader.

Hiroka has no interest in fighting, but she ends up involved immediately with a rude guy (I’ll call him number 5 just to make it easier, he’s not datable) who keeps bulling others just to have fun.

This heroine is kinda cool, since she didn’t hesitate a second, to stand up for the weakest ones. Good job, girl! At this point, she realizes she can’t just sit back and watch, she needs to fight as expected from a member of number families.

Actually, the clan “zero” shouldn’t even exist anymore, but her parents died and there’s no relative she could ask to understand the secrets of her ancestors. Her only way is surviving the best she can.

Hiroka can decide if she wants to join the student council (where the popular guys are) or the math club (where you can meet the guys lower in ranking, ignored or bullied by the most powerful ones).

The math club is: Takaki, who is always serious and quiet (number 6), Mitsu, energetic and positive (number 2) and Yuuhi, who keeps getting beaten up and he’s scared of everyone else, but loves ghosts and creepy stuff (number 4).

I decided to start with Takaki, since he seemed the safest start: you can barely see him in the common route, he never talks, so the main guy is not him for sure; I was sure his route didn’t contain major spoilers which could ruin my experience.

The problem is that his route ended suddenly, when finally Hiroka was getting closer to him and I started having some kind of interest in their relationship; but it was cut off without a final confession, as if a whole last chapter was missing! I was literally staring at my Psvita in disbelief, wondering what happened… did they run out of budget? Out of ideas? Out of time?! I don’t really know. But I still kinda enjoyed the setting and I had huge hopes for the main guys.

Mitsu has the opposite personality, he’s outgoing and talktative.

He wants desperately to beat Osuke (number 1), he keeps trying even if it’s basically impossible; but I loved his attitude, he doesn’t give up and I wish I were persistent like him in real life. Even if he’s fun to be with, his route somehow felt the most boring to me and I admit I even force skipped some parts. But here is revealed the truth about Hiroka’s parents, so I highly suggest to avoid playing him too soon.

Yuuhi didn’t interest me much, since he’s a weak guy, always bullied literally by everyone else and I’m not a person who is attracted to timid boys, who need help just to basically survive at school.

I started this route expecting to get bored, but I was SO WRONG.

My advice is to play him last, if you want to wrap up this journey with the greatest shock.

Well, I admit I like this kind of unexpected development, when a game can still surprise me to this level: after 8 years and more than 100 otome, it’s not easy to trick me, hiding a character’s true face; when it happens, I guess it’s enough for me to say that the game was worth playing.

The student council is made of the popular guys, who basically run the school (and whose families run the world): Keitaro (number 7), Meguru (number 9) and Osuke (number 1).

Keitaro is younger than Hiroka, but he’s always reliable and mature; when the situation gets dangerous, he’s calm and reassuring, probably because he’s blessed with good luck, which also influences people around him. I could feel a weird vibe from him and I wasn’t wrong, even if I wasn’t expecting things to take such a dark turn; I won’t spoil, so you can have the pleasure to meet his true side.

Osuke was obviously the main guy of the game: he’s perfect, smart and basically invincible in sports and fights; all the girls fangirl over him and guys respect (probably also fear) him.

His route was the most romantic, since he fell in love with Hiroka immediately, at first sight: actually, he literally stalked her everywhere to get closer and find out why he was so interested in her, which is a question every player probably wondered about.

I mean, Hiroka is cute, she’s not stupid (even if she’s lazy) and also indipendent, but I guess it should take something more for the perfect school president to fall so hard, considering he could choose among every other girl attending the school.

Anyway, despite his power (being number 1 means everyone should obey his orders) he’s nice and mature, a perfect gentleman. I admit his confession was good, simple and straightforward as I like it. Well, he never doubted his feelings were recriprocated, so there was no need to be shy I guess.

It was my favorite route.

Then I completed my journey with Meguru: he’s aggressive, a bully who has no respect and he’s feared by everyone; well, of course, except Osuke.

I couldn’t really get into him, even if sadistic guys usually get my interest; but I didn’t accept how he diminished everyone in the math club and all the normal students, thinking they are basically trash compared to him. I have no idea why Hiroka stayed by his side and I played without much interest, waiting for this stuff just to be over.

So, did I enjoy Suuran Digit?

Way more than I expected! I can’t say it’s great, I understand why many people found it mediocre, but for me it was still fairly good: while a few routes feel predictable and repetitive, others have huge shock moments which made them memorable and worth playing; honestly, some scenes made me reminisce about old Rejet games, which was completetly unexpected and gave me a positive surprise. The plot is not that deep, each route adds some bits to the truth, but it’s better not to follow a random playorder, to avoid being spoiled: Yuuhi and Osuke are better played last.

I liked the BGM and the art was good, I can’t complain at all; the writing was decent too, some scenes felt more like fillers instead of adding something to the story, but overall the pacing in each route was nice.

I’m glad I was able to pick up this game at a kinda low price, I suggest you to give it a try if you find a good deal!

Lover Pretend review

Lover Pretend was released in 2021 in Japan, but despite my excitement it took me months to actually start it, ignoring the rest of my backlog; now I’m finally done, so here we are with my opinions about it!

If you haven’t read my first impression post, let’s talk a bit about the plot first: the heroine, Chiyuki, is a 20 years old college student who wants to become a script writer, as her late mother; she was raised up without knowing her father’s name, who apparently was a famous person and couldn’t risk a scandal. Her mother never revealed his identity, but there’s still hope to find the truth: probably, he was someone involved in the production of a drama scripted by Chiyuki’s mother in those months before her birth, called “Pretend to Love”. But who was he? The director? An actor? The producer?

Fate gave Chiyuki a huge chance: she can work as assistant for a movie, where children of famous actors and drama producers are gathered together; what if someone is her half-brother?!

Along the way, our girl finds herself in situations where she has to lie, pretending to be someone’s girlfriend or hiding the truth; as her mother’s script, she has to pretend to love.

I found this system really cute, even if I usually hate timed choices and I wish I had a few more seconds to think; as you can imagine, since japanese is not my first language, it takes me more time to actually read and choose an answer. But I get it, Chiyuki needs to answer quickly, if she wants to be believed.

I chose Kazuma’s route first, since he’s the heroine’s outgoing childhood friend and he seemed the safest choice; despite his young age, he works as a make up stylist and hair dresser for famous people, so he ends up involved in the drama where Chiyuki works as an assistant.

A series of misunderstandings, lies and people who can’t mind their own business, leads everyone to believe that Kazuma and Chiyuki are a couple, but they can’t deny it or they’ll be exposed as liars.

So they need to act as lovers around everyone.

As you could expect, even if they are both unexperienced and awkward with relationships, they soon realize that they actually secretly loved each other since forever.

But when they were finally making some progress, random drama started! I don’t think it was necessary at all, they were so cute, I could have spent hours just watching Kazuma blush.

Also, the writer randomly decided to ruin him completely, at the very last scene, making him confess something awful. I don’t get why, it makes no sense at all! I felt sad and angry.

At that point, I started to be scared that every character would suffer of the same treatment.

The guy who mostly got my interest at first was the famous actor, Riku: he seemed serious, hardworking and with a nice personality, which is too good to be true. Is he a prince charming as everyone thinks? Just getting a bit closer to him, reveals the obvious truth: he’s an actor because his father forced him to choose this career, but he as no passion at all. Actually, he wants to give it up so badly, he’s ready to pretend, betray and probably hurt someone else.

Even if some situations annoyed me a bit, overall there were a lot of great scenes that made my heart flutter, so I enjoyed his route a lot. The ending was really good.

I wasn’t interested in Harumi, while playing the common route: crazy girls who claimed to be his official fanclub were surrounding him, stalking him and basically telling him what to do, which was a huge red flag in my eyes, it’s not a situation I’d like to be involved in.

But surprisingly, I ended up enjoying his route a lot: he’s shy and lonely, he needs friends who share his same passion for anime and I gladly accepted this role, it fits me! I know how it feels, having to hide my hobbies to avoid being judged by people around me, who belittle that kind of interest as childish. I felt his struggle to show his true self and I admired him, even if it took him a lot of time and effort. Harumi was so cute when he blushed and I loved the confession scene too.

Yukito is a popular model, who is really famous for his carefree attitude and scandals with random women: he’s always flirty, he knows his charms and he acts as he could get every girl he wants.

While talking to him in the common route, I had this feeling that he was actually smarter than he appeared; I’m glad I was right, since that fake personality had no match at all with Chiyuki’s serious attitude, they would have been an awkward couple.

I think he had the best character development of the game, at the end he seemed a completely different person, more mature and true to himself, instead of acting like everyone was expecting him to be; the reason why he’s not related to Chiyuki was kinda funny, the writers came up with some crazy stuff just to make us amused!

Eiichiro was playable as I imagined, he’s kind of the secret route of the game, but sadly, also the stortest. He’s a young scriptwriter and Chiyuki’s teacher, a reliable person with a soothing personality; he’s basically the teacher we all hoped (and fell) for, in school: good looking, nice and encouraging. This route reveals the truth about Chiyuki’s father, so it must be played last and I won’t reveal much about it.

Did I enjoy Lover Pretend?

Yes, a lot! It’s rare for me to like every single character, even if the writers sometimes came up with bad ideas which almost ruined my enjoyement; anyway, all the routes were entertaining, the drama wasn’t excessive and overall the cute/funny scenes stayed in my memory the most.

The “Pretend Time” was an interesting feature, but I absolutely needed to follow a walkthrough, I’m not good at lying and I can’t come up with good answers even in my own language, let alone in japanese! But it was fun, I enjoyed it.

The plot wasn’t properly developed, the truth was just revealed at the very end, while in other routes Chiyuki was like “whatever, he’s not my brother, who cares about my father’s identity at this point”, which is not what I expected; but it didn’t bother me much, I needed a cute game these days and Lover Pretend was the perfect choice.

What makes this game good enough for me, is that I never got bored and I even found myself smiling sometimes, when there was a romantic scene with a beautiful CG: I loved the art and the bright colours, everything was on point.

But obviously, if you’re looking for a deep plot, with a great writing and a strong heroine, you’re going to be disappointed; if you just want to spend some time with handsome guys, who are a bit problematic (nothing bad, just ordinary life struggles), I’m sure you’ll enjoy Lover Pretend as I did.

Lover Pretend first impression


I don’t know why it took me so long, since I was pretty excited to play Lover Pretend, when it was released; but its moment finally has come, I won’t wait any longer since I’m afraid to see spoilers everywhere when it gets localised. Let’s get into it!

The heroine, Chiyuki, is a 20 years old college student who wants to become a script writer, as her late mother; she was raised up without knowing her father’s name, who apparently was a famous person and couldn’t risk a scandal. Her mother never revealed his identity, but there are still some clues to reach the truth: probably, he was someone who worked on a drama scripted by Chiyuki’s mother in those months before her birth, called “Pretend to Love”. Was he the director? An actor?

Fate gave her a huge chance: she can work as assistant for a movie, where children of famous actors are gathered together; what if someone is her half-brother?!

This game looks really colorful and funny, even if the premise is serious; but the common route was enjoyable and without any kind of drama, so I’m curious to see if it will get deeper in individual routes, with some kind of random tragedy to drive the plot.

I’ll go for Kazuma’s route first: he’s the heroine’s childhood friend, outgoing and caring, so it seemed the safest choice; or maybe he’s hiding something, beyond his carefree appearance? We’ll see.

The guy who mostly got my interest so far is actually the famous actor, Riku: he seems serious, hardworking and with a nice personality, but I guess he has family issues, so I can already imagine some drama will happen.

Well, each dateable guy has some kind of problem with his father and could be Chiyuki’s step brother, which means there are probably landmines to avoid.

I’m not much interested in Harumi, his attitude annoys me a bit: he’s too often surrounded by girls who claim to be his official fanclub or something like that, but they are basically stalking him and telling him what to do with his life (hating potential girlfriends and such). I wonder why he can’t just tell them to shut up, why is he so weak? Maybe I’ll change my mind while playing his route, but so far I’m not intrigued.

Yukito is the typical flirty guy who thinks he can get every woman he wants, but I have this feeling that he’s actually smarter than he appears; I think I’ll like him more, when we’ll get closer and he will show his true personality.

I didn’t want to spoil myself so I’m not sure Eichiiro will be playable, but I guess so.

He’s a young scriptwriter and Chiyuki’s teacher, a reliable person who seems soothing and mature.

If he’s the secret route, he’s probably hiding something important.

Well, that’s my first impression of Lover Pretend, after playing about 4 hours; some people told me this game bored them at some point, but so far I can say it’s really enjoyable, there’s nothing for me to complain: the art looks good, the guys are likable, the heroine is ok, the plot is thin but it still works, I’m curious to find out who’s her father.

I hope I’ll keep this opinion until the very end!

Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse

I was very excited, when Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse was teased, at first: “a story that starts from a bad ending”, sounds like the type of game I could really enjoy; but as new (mostly derpy) CGs were showed, I started to worry that I was expecting too much.

What if the game’s plot is as cheap and disappointing as the art?

Don’t judge the book by its cover”, they say; true, but this is an otome game, the visual aspect can’t be just ignored or dismissed.

I wrote my first impression and my opinion about Quat‘s route a few months ago, so if you’re interested in a short resume of the plot and my feelings as I started this journey, you can take a look there.

But here, let’s begin where I stopped months ago: Rudel, the creepy eyes guy.

He became a famous meme in the otome fandom, I guess you know who I’m talking about.

Despite some awkward CGs, I admit I was expecting way worse: he’s so kind, honest and shy, that I ended up falling for him anyway. Just don’t stare at me too much, please!

His brother is an interesting side character, I was always curious to know if he was hiding something behind his gentle attitude; I never trust side characters, most of them exist just to stab the main guy in the back.

My next route was a forced choice: Liam.

I wasn’t interested in him at all honestly, but the remaining other characters were locked, so he was the only way; surprisingly, I ended up enjoying his route way more than I expected.

He’s a pianist, who loves flirting with girls, but avoids serious relationships; he was always a gentlemen with Latchia, even when she was very pushy and desperate to get closer to him.

Finally, I could play Zir next.

I had my eyes on him since the common route, he was too weird, it was obvious he was hiding something important; and I wasn’t wrong! Spending time with him and getting to know the truth about the “box”, somehow made me feel sad. Overall, this route was bittersweet.

I got to play Unka last, the main guy of the game, whose route was locked until this point.

He’s Latchia’s childhood friend, a tsundere who has been in love with her since forever.

The first part of his route was basically a huge flashback seen from his point of view, showing when he met Latchia and first confessed his feelings; but I can’t say more, everything is a huge spoiler.

I’m sorry I can’t write a decent comment about Zir and Unka, but I don’t want to ruin someone else’s fun; if you really want to know more, you have to find out by yourselves!

At this point, the True Route was unlocked, but I admit I was kinda bored and I didn’t want to spend more time on this game, it was time for me to move on and play something I could enjoy more.

So, did I enjoy Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse?

I wouldn’t call it a kusoge, but it feels way below the usual standards of Otomate’s releases.

Starting from the art, which was obviously a huge problem, even the plot wasn’t well developed; going back in time once or even twice every route, sometimes felt repetitive and I was bored, to play similar scenes over and over. The main plot wasn’t enough to keep me interested, it took me months of dragging and putting this game on hold, to finally reach the ending.

I’ll be honest, at some point I kinda forced myself to complete it, because I was butthurt of spending money and leaving this uncompleted forever. Zir was the only character who got my attention.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but maybe if your expectations are low and you find a very cheap copy somewhere, you’ll end up enjoying it way more than me.

I swear it’s not THAT bad, but my hopes for a masterpiece were crushed after months of waiting, so it’s hard for me to hide my disappointment at the final result.

I’m out of this, so I can freely move on to something hopefully better!

My 2022 otome gaming schedule

Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying your Christmas holidays, so far?

I just have 2 days off, but I’m using this chance to organize my life and my future plans, which obviously includes a gaming schedule for next year.

I usually have an hard time sticking to it, the otome I choose depends on my mood, but I usually end up playing most of the games on the list I write, so you can easily expect at least half of these reviews, in the months to come. I’ll do my best, be kind to me please!

Let’s take a look together:

  • Kannagi no mori

This was scheduled for last year, but at some point my PC gave up and I started playing only on console; but I swear its time will come, at some point.

  • Dot Kareshi 1

Old school Rejet stuff, it’s still worth playing, since they probably stopped making games for ever.

  • Hanayaka nari, waga ichizoku

I’ve been recommended this so many times, I know it’s great; I’ll find some time to give it a chance.

  • Bara ni kakusareshi verité

Dating men from the French Revolution will surely be a memorable (and maybe cringe?) experience.

  • Suuran Digit

This game has a bad reputation, I think it was considered kinda boring; let’s see if I wasted my money or not, time will tell.

  • Root Rexx

A cute school game, I’ll play this when I’m tired of deep plots and random tragedy.

  • Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse

I’ve completed the first route already, but I put it on hold to complete other games; this will probably be my first review of 2022.

  • Lover Pretend

It looks cute, I have high expectations on this game, I don’t know why I’ve never felt in the mood to start it. Well, at some point its time will come.

  • Cendrillon Phalika

I think this has a bad reputation? I remember people calling it boring, when it was released. We’ll find out.

  • Yoshiwara Higanbana

This is really spicy…. I expect it to be really something, I’ll be disappointed if it’s not at least Jakou no lyla level.

  • Shuuen no Virche

Probably heartbreaking, I’m really curious to try it and feel the pain.

  • Hametsu Flag

I loved the anime, I can’t skip this!

  • Gothik Murder

This seems interesting, mystery is always my cup of tea. I’ll play it blindly, ready to see where my choices will take me.

  • Reine des Fleurs

I’ve always wanted to replay it and write my opinion, but I never got the chance; I’ve started it recently and I’ve completed one route already, so the long awaited review will come very soon!

I don’t know when Radiant Tale and Tengoku Struggle will be released, but I’ll probably buy both; I’m still conflicted about Soukai Tenki, I’ll decide when there are more news.

I also plan to replay Brothers Conflict, which is the most important game to me, so I couldn’t resist to buy the Switch port; but I wrote a review already, back in the old days, I haven’t decided yet if I want to write a new one. We’ll see.

Have you made your schedule already? Is there a title in my list that interests you?

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2021, I hope next year will be way better.

I wish you the best, have a good time with your loved ones and don’t forget to stay safe.

See you soon!

Toraware no Palm

If you’ve ever read my Toraware no Palm Refrain review, you probably know how much I love this series already; I absolutely needed to play the first game too!

The concept is basically the same: you end up confined on a secluded island and you can’t leave until the guy gets his memory back; you can try to get closer to him, sending him messages, gifts and meeting him from time to time. You can wander around the island, meeting different people and trying to find clues about the guy’s past. There’s also a cute mini game, when you gain points touching his body in his favorite parts while he sleeps; I know, it sounds weird and it actually is, but it’s all fanservice so don’t be surprised!

I was forgetting the creepiest part: you can stalk him every day, watching him through the security camera in his room. Of course, don’t tell him about it!

There are 2 playable guys: Aoi and Haruto.

I started with Aoi first, the blond guy always wins my heart.

On a rainy night, I see an handsome man, walking around with a lost expression on his face; he doesn’t realize that a car is coming, but I manage to save him, pushing him away before it’s too late.

When I wake up, a man called Imabe tells me that the mysterious man is probably involved in a drug traffic, and since I was at the accident scene, I’m now suspected too.

He suffers from amnesia, or so it seems, but to prove my innocence, I need him to remember about his past and his girlfriend who disappeared. And what’s the best idea, to help him figure it out? Pretending to be his girlfriend, apparently.

Aoi’s route starts with a lie, which is obviously the worse possible way to start a relationship.

I had an hard time faking it, I admit it: of course, becoming the lover of such an ikemen is a dream coming true, the heroine is lucky; but at the same time, I had a strong sense of guilt, since he seemed to trust me completely and he was sincerily sad that he couldn’t remember me at all.

When he got his memory back, I felt relieved, but I was also wondering how he could forgive me.

Of course, I wasn’t making fun of him the whole time, I just did as I was suggested from Imabe, to clear myself from suspictions; but I also played with his feelings, which is awful.

At some point, I didn’t even know what the truth was anymore. Was he faking his nice attitude too? What is Aoi’s real personality? Is he just a playboy?

This route gave me conflicted emotions, I enjoyed the ride, but it was wild; I felt my heart breaking at some point. I guess I was too involved in our relationship, his mesmerizing eyes pierced my heart and soul! Anyway, Aoi knows how to flirt with a girl.

If you’re weak to playboy types like me, this guy is for you, you’ll get hooked.

Haruto’s personality is completely the opposite: he’s diffident and shy, he barely talks; on the first meeting, he wears a hoodie that almost covers his face, avoiding eye contact and without any will to interact. It took a while to get his trust, he started opening up a bit at least in messages, so we gradually got a bit closer and started becoming friends.

The plot in his route was deeper, it involved his family and trauma from the past; it was interesting to discover the truth bit by bit, collecting all the pieces of the puzzle.

I liked him, but I admit he’s not my type: he’s always sleepy, he talks with a low tone… not my cup of tea; but his route was good, I can’t deny it, overall it was entertaining.

Did I enjoy Toraware no Palm?

Yes, a lot! I love this series so much, I really hope one day there will be another sequel.

Having to insert my name in the game made everything more “real”, since the heroine doesn’t even exist, she’s not present in any CG. This is very different from other otome, where cute or sexy couple CGs are the higlights of a route. Maybe the only problem, is that it gets repetitive sometimes, when you have to go around to various places just to collect stuff or ideas for conversations with the guy.

The best part of this game for me is that there are so many choices to make (and I highly recommend you to play blind, without using a walkthrough), that I had the feeling of creating the story as I was really part of it, instead of just sitting there and watching what happens; it created a special bond.

There’s no need to talk about the amazing art, I guess.

So yes, I recommend you to try this game (or Refrain if you want, it’s amazing too)!

This is the last game I review this year, I’m sure I won’t be able to complete something else before the month ends; see you in a few days with my 2021 otome game awards!

Koroshiya to Strawberry

Koroshiya to Strawberry has a bad reputation, I guess it’s widely known as kusoge; but I can’t resist good deals and I was curious to find out if it’s that terrible or not… so here we are!

Our heroine, Ichigo, is a poor girl who was trapped and tested upon in some awful laboratory, which caused her such a huge trauma, she can’t even speak anymore.

She ended up being saved by a mysterious guy and brought to Cafe Tsukikage inside a case, but she doesn’t even remember how she got there.

That cafè is run by ikemen, but beyond its appearence, it’s a dangerous place where people from the underworld come for their business; even the staff working there is made of killers, who accepted the job of protecting her.

The owner is Tsukimi, a sweet guy who is always very polite to Ichigo: he bought her fancy clothes, he always pays attention to her feelings and health, he acts like some kind of guardian or butler.

I went for his route first, it seemed the most natural choice somehow.

Their relationship was cute, Tsukimi even warned Ichigo that he was starting developing feelings for her; he was like: “this is your last chance to run away, before it’s too late” which made her panic! She’s very shy and unexperienced with romance.

This route didn’t give us an explanation of Ichigo’s past, the reason why she’s there and who dragged her to that laboratory; but Noin’s route is locked, so it’s obvious that the anwers lay there.

I went for Amon next.

I expected him to be flirty, but he was actually a sweet, cute friend most of the time; when he realized his feelings and confessed, I got second hand embarrassement watching him blush.

I could have enjoyed his route way more, if I didn’t spend most of it seeing him talk with Izuna about random stuff like food, at some point I felt like I was a subchara of a BL game.

Why is Izuna in almost every scene, in Amon’s route? it felt like some kind of common route.

Anyway, I really loved the ending and the final revelation.

Hasegawa made me curious, since he appears to be a serious, reserved bodyguard of a mafia leader; beyond his cold blue eyes, he actually reveals himself to be a gentleman who can cook and sew.

His route seemed simple plot-wise, until the final mission starts and that’s where he shows his true self; I wasn’t ecpecting this, it was an interesting plot twist.

Kurama was sadly the disappointment of the game for me.

He’s some kind of creepy doctor, who enjoys spending time alone creating a doll house and miniatures; he asks Ichigo permission to take tests on her, to find out if she has some special ability which caused her to be kidnapped and secluded in that laboratory.

While playing the good ending, I kept complaining that everything was too easily solved, this route did not explain more about the main plot as I expected to; but then, in the bad ending, a sub-character just casually dropped a bomb which explains a huge mystery of Ichigo’s past.

I was shocked such an important information was revealed so easily, come on, writers!!

I went for Izuna next: he feels like the main love interest of the game, since he’s the most present, no matter which route I played. Sadly, after talking to him endlessly about food and coffee since the start of the game, at this point these conversations became boring and I just wanted to complete this route fast to unlock Noin and understand the hidden truth about Ichigo’s past.

Izuna had cute scenes at some point, like teaching Ichigo how to play chess, but their relationship didn’t feel properly developed to me; which is sad, I like blond guys.

Anyway, back to the main route of the game, the locked one: Noin.

He looks young, but he’s really smart and everyone respects him; he mostly acts like a brat ore-sama, but somehow I wasn’t annoyed by his personality.

I was expecting huge revelations, but Ichigo’s past was explained poorly, the ending itself was cute but nothing special. I can’t say more to avoid spoilers, sorry.

So, is Koroshiya to Strawberry a kusoge?

Yes and no.

If you are expecting a deep plot, involving killers, blood and mystery, you’ll be disappointed for sure: Koroshiya to Strawberry feels mostly like a cafè themed game, since the only action scenes happen at the very end of each route, after endless talks about food and coffee.

If you don’t have high expectations, I can’t say this game was awful; it was ok, enjoyable most of the time, with cute scenes and even surprising revelations.

Same for the art: if you expect Kazuki Yone’s amazing style in every CG, this is not the game you should play; most of the backgrounds were empty, some Cgs are just useless, while others look good. Overall, this game is mediocre in every aspect.

There was a lot of potential, but it went wasted, what a pity!

Koroshiya to Strawberry first impression

Koroshiya to Strawberry has a bad reputation, I guess it’s widely known as kusoge; but I can’t resist good deals and I was curious to find out if it’s that terrible or not… so here we are!

Our heroine, Ichigo, is a poor girl who was trapped and tested upon in some awful laboratory, which caused her such a huge trauma, that she can’t even speak anymore.

She ended up being saved by a mysterious guy and brought to Cafe Tsukikage inside a case, but she doesn’t even remember how she got there.

That cafè is run by ikemen, but beyond its appearence, it’s a dangerous place where people from the underworld come for their business; even the staff working there is made of killers, who accepted the job of protecting her.

The owner is Tsukimi, a sweet guy who is always very polite to Ichigo: he bought her fancy clothes, he always pays attention to her feelings and health, he acts like some kind of guardian or butler.

I went for his route first, it seemed the most natural choice somehow.

Their relationship is cute so far, Tsukimi even warned Ichigo that he’s starting developing feelings for her; he was like: “this is your last chance to run away, before it’s too late” which made her panic! She’s very shy and unexperienced with romance.

So far I’ve played about 5 hours, so I still don’t know exactly what makes Koroshiya to Strawberry a kusoge; I guess it’s the fact that it seems mostly a cafè themed game, instead of something bloody with a deep plot? Well, I admit it’s disappointing in that aspect, it feels like I’m getting something completely different from what I expected to buy.

But as long as I’m enjoying what I’m playing, I won’t complain too much.

I feel like this game is very short, I’m probably reaching my first good ending soon; I hope I won’t be disappointed at the end, if too many questions remain unsolved.

Better keep my expectations low.

See you soon!

Dairoku Ayakashimori

When Dairoku Ayakashimori was announced in the lineup of 2021 otome games localisations, I realized immediately that playing it soon, before twitter becomes full of spoilers, was the best idea.

So, here we are!

The heroine, Akitsu Shino, is a human who has the ability of seeing ayakashi since her childhood; for this reason, she’s chosen to be part of a secret agency which works to keep the peace between ayakashi in their city, Sakuratani.

My first impression of the characters wasn’t that good: Tokitsugu was the only guy who seemed interesting, since I couldn’t understand if he was nice or secretly evil; all the others seeemed boring, none of them made me curious at first sight and I even wished I could date some of the side characters instead.

The common route was short, but it managed to make me sleepy anyway: nothing happened and I had the feeling that there was no plot at all, just random everyday scenes one after the other.

I was almost tempted to put the game on hold, but I know there’s the risk of never getting back, so I forced myself to go on and give this a chance.

I obviously started with Tokitsugu, to give me some motivation.

When I entered his route, I expected him to be the main character, with a huge secret: you know, those characters with closed eyes, who usually open them when there’s something shocking going on? Sadly, not even this plot met my expectations.

I admit it was getting a bit interesting, since his younger brother is a nice guy and I enjoyed talking to him; but when I was waiting for a terrible family secret or even something deeper to be revealed, it was a huge disappointment. This feeling of non existent plot stayed the same.

I usually play every ending of a game, even if the Switch doesn’t have the trophy system; but I had no motivation at all this time, since even the best endings were boring.

I hoped Hira would surprise me, since he’s a mysterious guy who barely talks and hates people, apparently; sometimes this type of weird guys are actually tsundere, or at least they end up being interesting. Well, it wasn’t the case for me.

I admit it, I spent most of his route wondering why I couldn’t date Takao instead: he looks good, he’s nice… I’d gladly spend some time alone with him, I’m sure he would be a great boyfriend.

Sadly, Hira was a typical kuudere who lacks emotions, so I mostly got bored: who wants to chase an annoying, lazy boyfriend, even in games? I want those ikemen to be interested in me, come on!

After this route I had to take a long break, I stopped playing for about 6 months before I finally found some motivation to give Dairoku Ayakashimori another chance; and I’m glad I did.

Shu’s route was my favorite, he’s such a cute tsundere, seeing him blush so easily gave me life.

He’s so innocent, he’s not used to get along with girls and his feelings were so obvious, even if it took a while to admit he liked the heroine. He’s a good guy.

Shiratsuki is a nine taled fox, he’s funny and I enjoyed his route, but I couldn’t consider him a potential boyfriend because of his way of talking: I felt like I was dating an old man, I don’t find this attractive at all! It’s a pity, I think he had a great potential, but it was wasted.

I guess this problem applies to every character in this game, some are just worse than others.

Akuroo was the greatest surprise of the game for me.

My first impression was bad, I thought he was just a playboy who seduces girls and he’s actually a dangerous liar; it turned out that I was completely wrong, he’s really sweet and caring!

I fell in love with him quicky, you know how weak I am to price-like types.

I had a lot of fun with all the subcharas, oni why enjoy reading manga and playing games are unusual to imagine, they are an amazing group of friends!

There’s a True Route which unlocks after you’re done with the main characters, but since I was dragging this game for so long I honestly just wanted to put it back on the shelf forever and start something new.

I decided to read some reviews to find out if it was worth playing or not; everyone seemed to agree that it’s not very interesting, so I just decided to skip it and consider this game done; I guess I did my part for the fandom, I came up with some kind of review and I can get out of here.

So, did I enjoy Dairoku Ayakashimori?

I want to be honest, overall I’m kinda disappointed: I think the writers put all their efforts into creating an ayakashi world with many characters, but without giving those characters a proper story to shine. The routes are short, the plot barely exists and I feel like some subcharacters were more interesting than the main guys.

I don’t know if this was made on purpose because Otomate plans to release some kind of sequel, but it doesn’t seem a smart move.

This saddens me, I think the scenario could have more potential, but it was wasted.

In the end, it’s a decent game, but not memorable at all.

Piofiore Episodio 1926

Since I’ve madly loved Piofiore no Banshou, playing Episodio 1926 is something I was looking forward to with excitement and high expectations!

This is a sequel, so each route continues from the main game’s best ending and allows us to meet new characters to further develop the story.

I started with Dante, who is the main guy: his route was mostly about mafia betrayals and vengeance, so it felt a bit weak in the romance aspect; but it isn’t a fandisk, so the fluff is not the focus here. Teo’s story could have been really interesting if better developed, but as it was I could only see him as a butthurt brat who just went crazy for selfish reasons.

Dante is widely loved and I understand why, but he’s not my type: whenever I talk to him I can feel the weight of his responsability and I can’t fully enjoy his company.

That’s why I played my man Yang next.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m hopelessly in love with him, or if his route was objectively better written, but my level of interest and enjoyement literally skyrocketed!

Everything about Yang is amazing to me; I loved even the villain, Yuan.

I was expecting Rui’s betrayal anytime, but he was just a tsundere and now I wish he had a route; in a future fandsisk maybe? The bad ending was just sad, wich is almost disappointing since I wanted some plot twist, reveal or betrayal. Is it weird, if I wanted Liliana to become Rui’s woman? Or Yuan’s woman? Probably. It doesn’t mean I don’t love Yang enough, trust me, I really do.

I just wish I knew the new characters better, I think they are interesting enough to have their own route and ending.

Gilbert and Nicola were probably the characters I liked the least in the first game, but this sequel makes their flirty attitude shine even more, so my opinion changed a lot; Nicola is probably my 2nd favorite after Yang now, his beautiful eyes make me weak.

Orlok’s route gave me mixed feelings, I really love him, but I was expecting something more at this point; I mostly want to hug him, instead of considering him a boyfriend.

When you’re done with the main characters, you can play Alternativa.

As the name suggests, this is an alternative story, where the mafia clans join forces to find “phantom”, a guy who goes around killing people while leaving creepy messages to Liliana.

Depending on where you choose to stay to be protected, you spend some time with one of the boys and eventually make him fall in love.

Even if the plot itself didn’t get much of my interest and I even felt bored at some point, after the first run it got better and the final CGs were worth it.

Nicola’s route was my favorite since he talked about italian history, he even took part at Caporetto, poor guy; knowing this I gained more respect for him, and also for the writers of the game who took some time to search into italian history to write about those painful moments. Someone at otomate studied their lesson, I appreciate it.

The final route is Henri, which is strictly connected to Alternativa.

Even if I don’t like him that much (he’s not my type, sorry), I can’t deny that it’s the best written, it was really interesting and even made me emotional; I highly suggest to play it last, it’s a great conclusion of the story.

So, did I enjoy Piofiore 1926?

Yes, it’s a good sequel, but the feelings I got while playing this are nowhere near the emotions I felt while playing the main game. This is ok, it was entertaining, but for me Piofiore no Banshou was literally a masterpiece. Anyway, if Otomate decides to keep milking the cow and a fandisk is released, you can be sure I’m going to buy it immediately, those guys deserve it all!

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