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Lover Pretend first impression


I don’t know why it took me so long, since I was pretty excited to play Lover Pretend, when it was released; but its moment finally has come, I won’t wait any longer since I’m afraid to see spoilers everywhere when it gets localised. Let’s get into it!

The heroine, Chiyuki, is a 20 years old college student who wants to become a script writer, as her late mother; she was raised up without knowing her father’s name, who apparently was a famous person and couldn’t risk a scandal. Her mother never revealed his identity, but there are still some clues to reach the truth: probably, he was someone who worked on a drama scripted by Chiyuki’s mother in those months before her birth, called “Pretend to Love”. Was he the director? An actor?

Fate gave her a huge chance: she can work as assistant for a movie, where children of famous actors are gathered together; what if someone is her half-brother?!

This game looks really colorful and funny, even if the premise is serious; but the common route was enjoyable and without any kind of drama, so I’m curious to see if it will get deeper in individual routes, with some kind of random tragedy to drive the plot.

I’ll go for Kazuma’s route first: he’s the heroine’s childhood friend, outgoing and caring, so it seemed the safest choice; or maybe he’s hiding something, beyond his carefree appearance? We’ll see.

The guy who mostly got my interest so far is actually the famous actor, Riku: he seems serious, hardworking and with a nice personality, but I guess he has family issues, so I can already imagine some drama will happen.

Well, each dateable guy has some kind of problem with his father and could be Chiyuki’s step brother, which means there are probably landmines to avoid.

I’m not much interested in Harumi, his attitude annoys me a bit: he’s too often surrounded by girls who claim to be his official fanclub or something like that, but they are basically stalking him and telling him what to do with his life (hating potential girlfriends and such). I wonder why he can’t just tell them to shut up, why is he so weak? Maybe I’ll change my mind while playing his route, but so far I’m not intrigued.

Yukito is the typical flirty guy who thinks he can get every woman he wants, but I have this feeling that he’s actually smarter than he appears; I think I’ll like him more, when we’ll get closer and he will show his true personality.

I didn’t want to spoil myself so I’m not sure Eichiiro will be playable, but I guess so.

He’s a young scriptwriter and Chiyuki’s teacher, a reliable person who seems soothing and mature.

If he’s the secret route, he’s probably hiding something important.

Well, that’s my first impression of Lover Pretend, after playing about 4 hours; some people told me this game bored them at some point, but so far I can say it’s really enjoyable, there’s nothing for me to complain: the art looks good, the guys are likable, the heroine is ok, the plot is thin but it still works, I’m curious to find out who’s her father.

I hope I’ll keep this opinion until the very end!

Koroshiya to Strawberry first impression

Koroshiya to Strawberry has a bad reputation, I guess it’s widely known as kusoge; but I can’t resist good deals and I was curious to find out if it’s that terrible or not… so here we are!

Our heroine, Ichigo, is a poor girl who was trapped and tested upon in some awful laboratory, which caused her such a huge trauma, that she can’t even speak anymore.

She ended up being saved by a mysterious guy and brought to Cafe Tsukikage inside a case, but she doesn’t even remember how she got there.

That cafè is run by ikemen, but beyond its appearence, it’s a dangerous place where people from the underworld come for their business; even the staff working there is made of killers, who accepted the job of protecting her.

The owner is Tsukimi, a sweet guy who is always very polite to Ichigo: he bought her fancy clothes, he always pays attention to her feelings and health, he acts like some kind of guardian or butler.

I went for his route first, it seemed the most natural choice somehow.

Their relationship is cute so far, Tsukimi even warned Ichigo that he’s starting developing feelings for her; he was like: “this is your last chance to run away, before it’s too late” which made her panic! She’s very shy and unexperienced with romance.

So far I’ve played about 5 hours, so I still don’t know exactly what makes Koroshiya to Strawberry a kusoge; I guess it’s the fact that it seems mostly a cafè themed game, instead of something bloody with a deep plot? Well, I admit it’s disappointing in that aspect, it feels like I’m getting something completely different from what I expected to buy.

But as long as I’m enjoying what I’m playing, I won’t complain too much.

I feel like this game is very short, I’m probably reaching my first good ending soon; I hope I won’t be disappointed at the end, if too many questions remain unsolved.

Better keep my expectations low.

See you soon!

I’m done with my first Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse route!

Hello everyone!

I’m done with my first Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse route, so I’m back writing my feelings so far about this game.

I started with Quat first, because I’m too weak to blond guys with green eyes; I probably should have followed a different route order, but I guess I didn’t make a huge mistake; some other routes look way more spoilerish, or maybe they are even locked, I don’t know.

Anyway, please don’t be like me and go with the official order!

Let’s talk about our boy first: he’s a doctor, in charge of his own clinic in the city; his attitude is annoying, he’s always mean to Latchia for no reason and he seems difficult to approach.

But I didn’t come here to have cute dates, let’s face the struggle right from the start!

Overall, I admit I was pretty disappointed by this route, I felt like something was lacking; I can’t really tell what’s the problem, maybe I’ll find out while playing other characters.

Somehow, it felt too long and it didn’t manage to keep my interest high for hours, I was barely curious to see the ending and it left me kinda meh as well.

If you’ve read my first impression post, you may remember that I was wondering if the time loop becomes annoying after a few times: the answer is yes, at least in this route.

Even if having the chance to go back in time as much as I want is cool, since I can make mistakes, die and start again, it gets to the point when the heroine randomly meets the guy and just straight up tells him that she knows he’s a murderer, his family secrets and all; this makes it weird, I’m not developing a relationship with the same person, but with another “him” in a different timeline, before he kills her.

Well, it’s hard to explain my feelings, I hope you kinda get my struggles.

I also repeat similar situations again and again, a bit differently since the heroine has more knowledge of what’s actually going on, but I have to regain his trust from the start; being killed by a love interest so many times is not funny, even for me.

I admit it, at some point when Latchia started working with him for the 2nd time, I lost my interest in their interactions, I could imagine what was going to happen anyway.

I was expecting way worse CGs, but the derpyness level was acceptable, it didn’t ruin my enjoyement; I mean, I didn’t enjoy this route much anyway, but it wasn’t the art’s fault.

Rudel will be worse for sure, but I’m not in the mood to continue Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse now.

I want to go back to Piofiore1926 a bit: there were only 2 routes left and I’ve been dragging it since May, I guess it’s time to complete it for real.

See you soon, next time with a TOP10! Or probably with a selling post, I have otome merch which may interest some of you. I don’t know, lately I’m just following my mood of the moment, so I can’t really tell where it will bring me…….. I hope you’ll come here anyway to see what’s going on!

Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse first impression


Hello everyone!

I’m back with a “first impression” post, this time about Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse, or TokiApo for short, if you prefer.

The theme is “a story that starts from a bad end”, which is something that looks like my cup of tea; I still remember the hype, when the first trailer was showed, I was so anticipating its release!

But as new CGs were showed, I admit I was starting to worry: if the art looks weird and cheap, are there chances that the story is amazing as I expected it to be?

This situation probably made many fellow players cautious.

But I love wasting my money placing bets on otome games, let’s bring it on!

The heroine, Latchia, is a 18 years old orphan who works at the bakery owned by her adoptive parents; everything seems normal, she leads an happy life, but!

After a boy named Gannet gives her a blue rose, she starts having creepy nightmares about her friends dying or killing her. Long story short, since I don’t want to spoil you, one day a tragedy happens and everyone around her dies.

Gannet gives her a chance to go back in time, to change the events that lead to this “bad ending”.

I’ve played about 5 hours, the common route is over and I’ve just entered Quat’s route; I guess it’s enough for me to write my feelings.

Starting from the plot: the pacing is kinda slow, there are many “daily life” scenes at first, which kinda bored me at some point; I came here for tragedy and that’s what I wanted to play.

When the time loop concept finally starts, I found it really interesting to see how the heroine kept making mistakes, learned it the hard way (literally dying) and had the chance to go back in time once again. Maybe it will become a bit annoying later, but so far I’m glad that she wasn’t able to change the events immediately, on her first try, but she has to try and try again until she gets it right.

Now, to the characters.

Honestly, those guys don’t seem very interesting to me, only Zir is weird enough to get me curious: he obviously knows everything, I’d love to play his route immediately, but I guess it would ruin the fun; I don’t even know if he’s locked, probably he is.

I went for Quat first because blond hair + green eyes looks always amazing, even if the art style pulls me off a bit; so far I’ve seen just a few CGs, nothing was too terrible, but I expect the worst in Rudel’s route. Don’t let me start talking about their awful names, I’d like to meet the person who came up with them.

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed at first and I thought I wasted my money for a while, but I changed my mind and now the story got me, I’m curious to know the truth.

I also want to know how this game can have bad endings, since it’s an eternal time loop everytime something goes wrong; how could it just end? I guess, at some point, Latchia runs out of chances to go back in time for some reason.

I’ll do my best to complete my first route in about a week, so I’ll tell you if my opinion somehow changed. See you soon!

Possession Magenta first impression


Hello! I know, I promised to come back with Piofiore 1926 review, but somehow I was in the mood to start a new game, which happened to be Possession Magenta.

Since I can’t guarantee full reviews anymore, at least not as often as I used to, I thought it could still be interesting for someone, if I’d write at least my first impressions of a game.

Please, tell me if it’s something that could be useful: I have many unplayed games, lately my mood swings and my free time barely exists, so I’d rather play just bits of different otome than fully completing one; please forgive me, I fail as a blogger, but that’s all I can do to bring something to the community, at least for now.

I can’t focus on something for a long time, but having fun with bits and pieces of different titles, just to take a peek, seems enjoyable.

Now, back to Possession Magenta.

I’m only 3 hours into the story, so take this “review” for what it’s worth.

The plot revolves around our heroine Mihara Suzu, an high school student who apparently lives a normal life having fun with friends, until a guy gets killed at her school.

She also starts developing the mysterious ability of seeing tarot cards, shining and fluctuating in the air, while no one else around her can see them.

She lives with Kanade, a childhood friend who was raised with her as some kind of brother, even if they aren’t actually blood related; he’s outgoing and my pace, apparently a nice guy, but he seems to also hide a secret: where is he going every night, leaving the house alone? Is this related to the student’s death? Rumours start spreading, many students think he’s actually the culprit.

And what about “possessions”?

Even the heroine’s best friend becomes violent for no reason and she even tries to kill her, until Suzu uses the power of a tarot card to bring her back to normal.

This is what happened so far and I admit I’m enjoying it way more than I expected!

The plot seems interesting, I’m always intrigued by murders and mysteries, so unveiling the truth will be enjoyable even if it ends up weird or full of plotholes: it’s like reading detective books for me, even if I’m not satisfied in the end, it’s still a fun ride.

Possession Magenta always had bad reviews, but you know I’m curious and I always want to find out by myself; maybe I’ll update this post with my thoughts at the end of the first route, so I can tell you if my opinion changes and I can keep this blog somehow alive.

I think I should be able to complete the first route by the end of the week, but I won’t make promises I’m not able to keep, let’s go with the flow.

See you soon!

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