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Selling some otome merch!


If you follow me on twitter, you probably know I’m moving to a new house in the next months: for this reason, I decided to sell some of the otome game related stuff I own, so I can bring with me only the merch I really care about.

I’ll try my best to make the prices low, but keep in mind that I live in Italy and I can’t do much about expensive shipping fees: please don’t ask me for a single badge, if the shipping cost is way higher than the value of the merch, I can’t do miracles!

Anyway, if you buy multiple things I’ll give you a discount too, so don’t be shy!

I sold many drama cds on twitter already, these are the ones I still have:

Sanada Ninpou Chou, Nil Admirari Kuroyuri En’yotan and Shiro to Kuro no Alice Twilight Line are still sealed; I’d normally sell them for 15$ each, if you buy them all or other stuff I can give you a discount.

Dance with Devils My Carol, Klap Fun Party and Bad Medicine are opened but in good conditions, I’d sell them for 10$ each; you can see Oumagatoki in the picture too, I’m sure no one will ever buy it, so I’ll give it as a present to the first person who makes a nice deal with me for other stuff.

If you’re interested, I also have otome badges and manga/novels in Japanese (Brothers Conflict, Diabolik Lovers More Blood, Kuroshitsuji, Amnesia, Clock Zero).

It’s all used so you can’t expect it to be perfect, but still in good conditions.

Toma’s strap is the only one still sealed, so I’d sell it for 5$.

If you’re interested in something, I’ll give you a closest picture so you can see how it looks.

The prices depends on what you buy, my idea would be about 2/3 $ each, but of course I have to send them with other stuff.

For reference, shipping to the USA costs me 20$.

If you live in Europe it gets way better, but depending on the country.

Se sei italiano/a, con circa 4 euro ti mando un pacchetto raccomandato.

Please let me know if you’re interested in something, you can send me a private message on twitter @KyuMyMiracle or on instagram @otomelandblog.

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Manga: Shuu’s chapter

This is Shuu’s chapter of Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga; if you haven’t read the Prologue, I suggest you to start from that, since it shows Mukami’s first appearance!

Child Shuu is running away from home, at night.

He meets a young boy around his age, whose name is Edgar; he’s surprised to see a noble in that place, since it’s very dangerous: vampires live beyond that forest, hasn’t he heard of them?

Edgar doesn’t like spoiled nobles usually, but he enjoys being with Shuu and he gives him one of his apples.

Back to present days.

Yui is surprised to see how much Shuu loves apples; every time he eats them, he seems to be thinking about something important.

Yui is worried: she chose Shuu to protect her from Mukami, but all he does is sleeping all day.

At school, Shuu is playing the violin.

Yui admires him: she would like to play something too, but she never got the chance to learn properly.

Shuu decides to teach her a bit, but she’s really nervous and ends up hurting him; she needs to be punished, so he bites her finger.

Later, Yui meets Yuuma: he’s been trying to approach her for a while, but “that neet” was always around her. He wants to suck her blood, since it’s so special: after all, her blood is the reason why she’s with Sakamaki, there’s nothing else important in her.

Shuu stops him: he won’t give her away so easily, she’s a precious prey.

While he’s talking, he suddenly stops, staring at Yuuma.

It can’t be true……… it’s impossible. Yet….

At night, Shuu is alone on the balcony, thinking.

Yui approaches him, but she soon realizes something is different; since it’s full moon, his desire to drink blood became stronger and more violent.

The next day, Yui is at school, feeling weak.

She meets Yuuma, who helps her and asks her to listen: he has something really important to confess.

He used to be a human, when he was a child, but he lost his memory and doesn’t remember anything about that period. Still, when he looks at Shuu, he feels like they have already met somewhere.

Shuu is secretly listening to their conversation and he’s shocked.

It wasn’t just a coincidence after all… is he Edgar? Did he survive as a vampire?

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Manga: Reiji’s chapter

This is Reiji’s chapter of Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga; if you haven’t read the Prologue, I suggest you to start from that, since it shows Mukami’s first appearance!

Child Reiji is focused on his studies, while his mother Beatrix interrupts him: she compliments his son for being so diligent and she’s grateful because he will become a great support for Shuu, in the future.

Shuu is the oldest son, which means he will be Karlheintz successor; but Reiji doesn’t accept to be considered inferior, just because of his age. Just thinking about it, makes him sick.

Back to present.

In the classroom, Reiji warns Yui: Mukami are attending their same school now, she must be careful; her blood is important for their family, because of her heart.

She deserves a punishment for being so naive.

While he’s trying to suck her blood, someone comes from upstairs.

He’s Yuuma.

Reiji is very direct and asks him immediately what’s their goal: are they trying to destroy Sakamaki’s family using Yui?

But Yuuma doesn’t answer, he just tells him to take care of her, since her blood is precious.

On the way home, Reiji reflects about Mukami’s actions and possible next moves, with Yui.

She’s surprised: why is he including her in his thoughts? Is he interested in her opinion? It never happended before.

Reiji smiles: she’s really stupid, if she doesn’t understand something so simple.

If they are aiming at her, obviously she needs to know what’s going on.

She can’t even protect herself. If it wasn’t for her blood, she would be useless. Is it wrong?

Yui decides to help with house chores and clean the windows.

She reflected on Reiji’s words and realized she wants to be helpful, somehow.

Reiji is glad of her decision and teaches her how to do it properly; then, he smiles and compliments her work. He even proposes to go out on a date.

But the truth is, they go to Mukami’s mansion: Reiji wants to collaborate with Ruki.

He wants to destroy Sakamaki’s family, but Karlheintz is too strong and he needs their help.

Yui is shocked…. what is he saying? Yet, his expression is serious.

At night, while Reiji is sleeping, Yui is awake.

She looks at his beautiful face, so innocent while he’s peacefully sleeping; but then, he suddenly wakes up.

He doesn’t like to be stared at, so she needs to be punished.

He tells Yui that she needs to be prepared, because he’s ready to give her away to Mukami or anyone alse, to fullfil his plan.

Then, he soflty smiles: it’s a joke, he won’t get rid of her so easily.

Yui hopes that one day, he’ll stop desiring only her blood and start wanting her as a person.

Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga: Laito’s chapter

This is Laito’s chapter of the More Blood manga; if you haven’t read the prologue, which shows the first appearance of Mukami, I suggest you to read that first!

While Yui is taking a bath, she hears a familiar voice calling her “bitch chaaaan”, and she realizes Laito is in the room too; she’s obviously embarrassed and she tells him he shouldn’t enter as he pleases.

She imagined something like that could happen, so she is wearing her swimsuit.

When she refuses to let him enter the bath, he starts laughing: women who reject him, make everything funnier.

Since she chose Laito to protect her from Mukami, he’s following her around everywhere; but it doesn’t mean she feels safer, since everything he does is sucking her blood at school, making her embarrassed and worried. But yet, she can’t stop being interested in him.

Why can he say: “I love you” so easily?

One day, Yui meets Kou at the library.

Why is she alone? isn’t she scared of Mukami after all?

Then, with a sweet smile on his face, he asks her if she wants to be sucked by him.

When she refuses, Kou giggles. Does she listen only to her master’s requests? Laito is sucking her blood a lot, for sure…

Yui is getting angry: she’s not a dog or a slave.

Then, Kou asks her if Laito is her boyfriend. But he’s not, isn’t he? He’s just playing with her, having fun with his prey. Then, he can suck her too.

But Laito interrupts him.

He didn’t come to stop him tho: he’s just curious to see how Yui will react to his fangs.

Kou asks Laito if he can steal Yui from him then; Laito replies that it would be a problem: he enjoys playing with her and doesn’t want to get bored. He proposes to have fun together instead.

Yui obviously refuses.

Kou gets really angry at Laito, accusing him to be a spoiled rich boy, who can obtain everything he wants. Laito can’t deny it: when it comes to have fun, everyone is good for him; honestly, he’s bored of Yui now, but her blood is the best.

Yui’s hear breaks: she realizes her only value is her blood.

When Laito says “I love you”, he doesn’t mean it at all. But still, she likes him.

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Manga: Kanato’s chapter

Hello everyone, time for Kanato’s chapter of Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga!

As usual, if you haven’t read the prologue, I suggest you to start with that first, since it shows the first appearance of Mukami.

This chapter starts with child Kanato, singing his favorite song.

He stops for a moment, with a sad expression in his eyes; but Cordelia asks him to continue, because she loves his voice.

Back to present.

Kanato is still singing that song and Yui listens, admiring him. He truly has a wonderful voice.

But he suddenly stops: being stared at is not pleasant at all, it’s ruining his mood.

He gets so angry, he even tells her: “just watching your face makes me irritated. If it wasn’t for your blood, I’d kill you immediately”; and he starts sucking her blood.

That night, Yui can’t sleep. She thinks about Kanato’s reaction and wonders why he was so angry.

While she’s in the kitchen, she meets him.

Kanato asks her why she is still awake at such a late hour; was she in someone’s room?

Yui tries to deny it, but he starts shouting.

Didn’t she choose him? Why is she betraying him? He won’t forgive her.

Then he suddenly starts laughing hysterically.

Why didn’t he realize it sooner? There’s a simple thing he can do.


If he kills his brothers and Mukami, Yui can’t meet them anymore.

But he needs her blood to become stronger; and she’s going to help him, obviously.

She has to keep in mind an important thing: if she gives her blood to someone else, she’s dead.

Then, Kanato leads Yui to his room.

He gives her a special Teddy she must always bring everywhere: it has some magic power, so it will watch over her, when he’s not present.

Yui obeys and brings Teddy even at school.

Azusa approaches her, calling her Eve, while she tries to keep her distance.

He reassures her, saying that she deserves better than being treated like a prey or an object: he can make her free, it’s a promise.

Kanato rushes to her classroom: Teddy told him everything and she needs to be punished.

While he sucks her blood, Yui thinks about Azusa’s words: maybe, she can be free again, one day.

Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga: Ayato’s chapter

After a lifetime from Subaru’s chapter (I’m sorry!!!), I’m back again reviewing and showing Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga, and this time it’s the chapter dedicated to Ayato!

If you haven’t read the prologue, I suggest you to start from that, since it shows how Sakamaki and Mukami met the first time.

Yui had to choose someone to protect her, and she went for Ayato.

The chapter starts with a flashback: while child Ayato is playing, Cordelia reminds him that he needs to be the best and become the successor of Karlheintz.

Yui is worried: after Mukami’s appearance, Ayato’s mood had worsened a lot.

When she asks him if he’s okay, he replies aggressively and starts sucking her blood violently; but he notices something is different: Yui’s blood has a different taste.

Ayato gets even angrier: has someone else sucked her?!

He sucks her blood from different places, to figure out if there’s any difference.

Yui doesn’t reject him, because she’s afraid of his reaction; but it hurts a lot and she can’t take it anymore; she even starts crying.

The following day, Yui meets Ruki at school, by chance.

She’s still weak and he notices it; he asks her if she has been treated violently as usual: how can she still like Ayato, after being abused like that?

The poor girl can’t deny it, but she tries to go away immediately.

Ayato sees them together and starts shouting at Ruki to stay away from her.

Then he talks to Yui: is she trying to betray him too? She must not consider herself superior, because of her blood. She’s just a prey. There are plenty of girls like her, she can be substituted any day. So he won’t go easy on her and suck whenever he wants.

One day, Ayato comes home covered in blood: he sucked other girls’ blood, to show Yui how she can be replaced easily.

Yui’s chest hurts….. he really doesn’t care about her, after all.

But the truth is different.

Ayato is really angry, because he can’t suck other kind of blood anymore: Yui tastes way better, but he doesn’t want to admit how precious she is for him.

While Yui is walking in the garden, feeling sad and useless, Ruki appears and shows her a newspaper which reports about all the girls attacked by Ayato recently.

Is she satisfied with her current situation? Does she want to be treated like those woman, used only for their blood?

Ruki asks her to follow him.

He promises to make her happy, living a normal human life.

But Yui refuses, because she still doesn’t trust them.

Ruki smiles; it’s normal, how can she believe a vampire’s words?

At least, she will accept to be sucked by him?

Yui screams for Ayato’s help.

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Manga: Subaru’s chapter

As promised, after the prologue, I’m starting with Subaru’s chapter.

If you missed the first part, I suggest you to read that before this!

Subaru’s chapter starts with a flashback: Christa is screaming like crazy, looking for her son.

Child-Subaru enters the room with a sad look on his face, apologizing for his absence while he was in the garden.

Christa calls him liar and yells at him; then she panics again, saying she hates being alone.

Subaru tries to calm her, but he knows there’s nothing he can do to save her.

Deep down, he thinks that his mother would feel better without him, because she could forget what happened; he looks too much like “that person”, and she hurts every time she sees her son.

But how could he leave her alone? Yet, he wants to be free…

Back to the present.

After the car incident, apparently nothing has changed.

Yui is at school and she admires a new transfer student, who is already popular: his name is Kou.

Many girls always surround him, but instead of playing with them, he seems to be more interested in Yui. And he even calls her M-neko chan!

When they are alone on the roof, Kou thanks her: she gave him a good excuse to escape from his fans! Even if they are at school, being a popular idol is not easy.

Yui is surprised: she didn’t even know he was famous, since she has no interest in idols.

At first Kou is surprised, but it’s not that weird after all: she’s Eve, not just a normal girl.

When Yui hears that name, she’s scared: Mukami may be dangerous, since they are probably aiming at her for unknown reasons; she tries to go back to the classroom, but Kou stops her.

Kou assures her that he’s not going to attack her at school, but Yui thinks about Subaru’s reaction: if he finds out, he’s probably going to be worried or angry.

Kou seems a really nice guy and she can talk easily with him… is he truly a vampire?

When she asks him, he simply answers that vampires are like humans: some of them are good, some are bad. Then he gets closer to her…

Subaru stops him suddenly, grabbing his hand and shouting “don’t touch her!”

Kou tries to justify himself: he only wanted to touch her hair, because there was an insect.

This is the first time they meet and Kou wants to shake hands with Subaru.

But Subaru refuses, grabs Yui’s hand and takes her away.

Kou is surprised: they seem to get along pretty well, but he’s not going to let him take away Eve so easily.

Yui apologizes to Subaru, since she didn’t run away immediately from Kou.

Subaru is really furious: why did she chose him to protect her, if she isn’t running away from them? He told her a lot of times, how delicious she is! This is irritating. She can’t do as she wants, she must look only at him!

Later, Yui goes to the school library to read a book.

She’s still thinking about Subaru’s reaction: of course, she knows she should have refused Kou, but he doesn’t look like a bad person.

Suddenly, Kou appears from behind and asks her why she’s sighing.

Yui is worried: if Subaru sees her, he will be even angrier; she pretends she has to go back to the classroom.

But Kou understands immediately what’s going on and asks her if she hates him.

Yui blurts out that she’s only afraid: he’s a vampire after all, and maybe he’s aiming at Sakamaki.

Kou sits down in front of her and talks about the book she’s reading: he loves Shakespeare’s tragedies and there are also many similarities between Subaru and Othello.

Isn’t he jealous of her, after all? He’s her boyfriend!

Yui denies, but she’s also a bit happy. What is their relationship, in the end?

Kou giggles: he still has a chance, after all?

Subaru enters the room, and he obviously isn’t pleased.

He asks Yui is she was having fun with Kou and gets really angry when she apologizes; then, he starts shouting and accusing her of wanting to be sucked by him.

All the women are liars anyway!

He leaves the room angry, while the poor Yui looks at him sadly… but he immediately regrets what he said.

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Manga: Prequel

Here we go again with my otome related manga, and this time it’s about Diabolik Lovers!

This is a prequel to More Blood and it’s dedicated only to the Sakamaki brothers: each one will get his own chapter, illustrated by a different artist, which resumes his route in the game.

I’ll make a separate post for each one on of them.

Yui wakes up after a bad dream and finds Laito, Ayato and Kanato sleeping on her bed, even if she locked the door.

She wants to wake up and drink some water, but Ayato stops her: he’s thirsty too!

Laito and Kanato wake up and want some blood too: Yui belongs to everyone, why can’t they have fun together?

On the way to school, Reiji reprimands them about being so noisy in the morning and it turns out into the usual fight: Kanato complains about Reiji, Laito asks him if he just wanted to join them and Subaru calls him hentai. Shuu, as usual, just wants to listen to music.

Suddenly, the car stops.

Four boys appear in front of Yui and the Sakamaki brothers, staring at them.

One of them (we’ll get to know later he’s Ruki) looks at Yui, calling her “Eve” and asking her to choose an Adam.

Then they disappear, while the Sakamaki wonder who they are: for sure, they are vampire, but not pure like them. Also, their goal is Yui, because of her precious blood.

It seems like a declaration of war, but obviously they’re not letting go of her so easily.

Subaru asks Yui what she wants to do.

The answer for Ayato is obvious: she’s going to choose them, doesn’t she?

Yui stutters and asks herself who does she want to be next to………

From here, each one of the Sakamaki is going to have his own chapter.

Subaru will be the first!

Brothers conflict manga: Tsubaki side

The first manga I’m reviewing is really special to me, since it was also my first otome game: Brothers conflict.

I’ve replayed the games and watched the anime multiple times, do you think I could leave the manga on that Bookoff shelf, when I saw it? of course, it had to be mine!

This volume features Tsubaki and Azusa on the cover, and I got it because the twins are my favorites (and everyone knows about my eternal love for Tsubaki).

There’s also this beautiful illustration inside.

When the manga starts, Tsubaki talks about his two dreams: voicing the main character of his favorite anime and having a little sister.

For various reasons, he actually has a sister now… but he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with her.

We immediately see a nice kiss scene, but it turns out to be just his dream.

Tsubaki receives a call from his manager: his favorite anime is going to have a sequel and he can take part at the audition for the main role! His other dream may come true too!

Flashback time: six months ago, the brothers are happily talking about the arrival of Ema, their new sister, and Tsubaki can’t wait to be called oniichan.

The eldest brothers introduce her to everyone.

As usual, Kaname immediately hits on her.

Tsubaki and Azusa introduce themselves… in their own way.

Back to present, Tsubaki goes on a date with Ema; they go to a cafè, where he talks about the audition.

Tsubaki’s love for anime and voice acting started when he was little and he has always dreamed to become a seiyuu. Azusa has been next to him from the start.

Ema is surprised to see Tsubaki being so serious and determined about work, since he’s usually playful; but it’s obvious that he’s really passionate, so she tells him to do his best.

Apparently, this is enough to make Tsubaki’s heart skip a beat and get even more excited!

Tsubaki’s audition is a success and he has great expectations to make his dream come true.

Sadly, he doesn’t pass it; but what surprises him the most, is that Azusa has been chosen for that role.

Tsubaki is really depressed, since his dream vanished and this unexpected situations seems even crueler. He wonders what Ema would think about him, and if she would just support Azusa.

While he’s thinking about childhood days, Kaname comes talking to him and makes him realize how Azusa is probably struggling too, because it’s not a simple decision to make.

In the meantime, Ema is talking with Azusa and she tries to persuade him to accept that role.

While they are arguing, Tsubaki enters the room and thanks them: they are thinking about his feelings, while he’s just being selfish.

He asks Azusa to accept that role: if he can’t do it, he wants his brother to have this great chance.

He’s Azusa’s biggest fan, after all.

On the way home, Tsubaki asks Ema if she likes his voice, and also if she likes him.

Ema understands his worries and gives him a gentle answer: there’s no point in comparing his talent to Azusa’s, he just needs to be himself and the good roles will come naturally at him.

These words hit deeply Tsubakis’s heart, and he kisses Ema.

Then he justifies himself, saying that a man needs a cute woman’s kiss to feel better when he’s depressed.

His dream didn’t come true this time, but as long as there’s Ema encouraging him, he can still work hard!

What can I say, I love Tsubaki; he’s the reason why I started playing otoge and learning kanji, so reading this manga made me nostalgic and excited at the same time.

He looks like a superficial character, but his personality is deeper than it seems: he hides a lot of insecurities, even if he tries to look happy and confident all the time.

This is just the first half of the manga, since the other part is dedicated to Azusa.

I hope you enjoyed it, the next part will come soon!

Otome related manga: a new series on my blog!

A few days ago, while I was reorganizing the otoge merch on my shelves, I found a few otome related manga I bought in Japan.

Every time I come back from my trips, I have too much stuff and not enough time to look at it properly, so I ended up forgetting about their existence and leaving them in a corner, collecting dust for months.

I thought that maybe someone could be interested if I showed or reviewed them, and I made a poll on twitter: most of the people would be curious to take a look at those manga, so I think it can become a good topic for a new series (weekly or monthly) here on my blog!

Let me show you what I got:

Most of them are manga, but one volume of BroCon is a short light novel (with a lot of pics tho…. let’s say it’s almost a manga) while Clock Zero is a light novel.

Reviewing Clock Zero is going to take me a lot of time for sure, since I read it last year and I need to focus on it once more from the start, to write a decent comment (I enjoyed it a lot, but it’s long… please be patient!!), so I’d prefer to start with manga.

Which one do you want to see first?

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