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Random otome games questions

Hello everyone! I’ve seen a “15 questions for otome gamers” going around on twitter some time ago, so why not posting my answers here, where I have more space to answer? It’s not mine, so thanks to whoever created this and feel free to answer in the comments!

I’m trying to be more active these days to keep you company on December, since Christmas holidays are approaching… I hope you appreciate this kind of post too!

1- Please Talk about your name!

My Twitter name is KyuMyMiracle and it comes from kpop, since I was a huge fan of Super Junior and mostly Kyuhyun. I kinda wanted to change it when I started playing otome games, but I didn’t want to erase my past completely. At this point, everyone knows me as “Kyu” in the fandom, I find it cute!

My real name is Ilaria (the italian version of Hilary) and it means “happy person”, which probably doesn’t suit me a lot, since I tend to be kinda malinconic at times. But I still like it, so it’s fine.

2- What made you begin playing otome games?

I’m sure all my readers know this story, so if you’re new here I’ll just tell you briefly that I watched Brothers Conflict anime, fell in love with Tsubaki, and somehow after years I’m still here.

3- How many years has it been since you started played otome games?

It was December 2013, so 8 years so far.

4- Which was your first otome game?

Brothers Conflict. I recently bought the Switch version and I plan to replay it soon.

5- Which consoles do you own?

PSP, PsVita and Switch, but I’ve also played otome on Ps3, Ps4 and PC occasionally.

6- Which is your n.1 otome game?

Hard to choose between Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly and Black Wolves saga.

7- What do you recommend the most for this game?

Both bring pain and despair, so I don’t know if I would recommend them actually, not to everyone at least!

8- Who is your favorite character?

Shuu from Diabolik Lovers probably, but I have at least 10 husbando!

9- How many games do you own?

Too many to count. About 80 maybe?

10- Which type of otome games are you obsessed with?

Dark stuff, tragedy and mystery. But I love comedy and fluff from time to time!

11- Which type of personality do you easily fall for?

Yandere and oniichan.

12- How many otome games have you played so far?

As you can see in my masterpost, more than 100!

13- Which otome game heroine is your favorite?

Cyrus from Steam Prison. If you’re interested in my TOP10 heroines, here it is!

14- Which otome games do you plan to buy next year?

Hamefura for sure, probably Radiant Tale too. There aren’t many news about new stuff, but I want to be positive.

15- If you could erase your memory to replay one game, what should it be?

Kokuchou no Psychedelica. It was probably the only game that made me cry, I want to relive those feelings.

Now, it’s your turn! And if you have any random question for me, even difficult and annoying ones, this is the perfect moment to ask! I’m sure some of my readers are curious or have some assumptions about me, mostly new people who came here just recently. Don’t be shy…………

What’s in my backlog?

We always talk about our “neverending backlogs”, it’s a very common joke in our community; but are your unplayed games so many, that you can’t even count them?

Well, I’ve decided to take a look at my stuff, just to feel guilty and see what’s actually there.

This could also be interesting, for everyone who has ever asked me: “did you buy XY?” or “do you plan to play XX?”, since I guarantee that, sooner or later, I’ll be able to complete it all; I hate wasting money, so it’s just a matter of time, even for very old games.

Let’s start!

My Switch otome games:

  • Piofiore no banshou 1926

  • Dairoku Ayakashimori

  • Toraware no Palm

  • Cendrillon Phalika

  • Jakou no Lyla

Since I bought my Switch Lite at the beginning of 2020, I still don’t have many unplayed games; also, since they are really expensive, I’ll be careful with my choices.

My PsVita otome games:

  • Code Realize Shirogane no kiseki

  • Root rexx

  • Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou

  • Possession Magenta

  • Hyakka Yakou

  • Believer!

  • Amnesia World

This list is going to increase, even if this console is basically dead, because there are many games I still have to buy since the prices are dropping; I’ll probably get some of them one day: Hakuouki School Life, Suuran Digit… not great stuff probably, but I can’t say no to cheap games. Maybe I’ll find hidden gems.

My PC Otome games:

  • Un:birthday Song

  • Kannagi no mori

  • Dot Kareshi I

  • Ken ga kimi (which I have partially played, but not completed)

As you probably know, I don’t like that much playing on PC; slowly but surely, I’ll get through those games too.

My PSP Otome games:

  • Urakata Hakuouki

  • Jyuuzaengi 2

  • Utapri After Secret

  • Arcana Famiglia 2

  • Unending Bloody Call

  • Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku

Yes, from time to time I still use my old friend PSP! Obviously, it’s getting more and more difficult since my eyes are getting used to the Switch high resolution, but I won’t give up until I cleared it all! When games are cheap, you can always count me in.

So, what do you think about my backlog? Did you think it was even worse? Or slightly better?

I guess you’re probably surprised that I’m still buying and playing old stuff, but Switch games are too expensive, for the same price I could literally buy 4 PsVita/PSP games and I can’t afford getting (almost) every new release immediately, as I used to in the past.

Of course, I’ll keep buying the games which interest me the most, but for the others I’ll probably wait a few months for reviews or a price drop. As a person who plays a lot, I need to make smart choices. Games I neglected in the past, which are ridiculously cheap now, could still end up being entertaining!

Why do you love otome games?

Have you ever been asked by some of your friends: “why do you like otoge?” or “why do you like those games so much?”. I had, many times.

But answering it’s not easy as it may seem: how can I explain to someone who has never played any kind of visual novel that I can be deeply and emotionally involved with a 2D character?

If your friends are into anime, it may be easier: probably they already have a waifu or an husbando, so they’ll understand to some extent how much you care about your best boy too.

But how can you explain the fact that you keep playing for hours those “dating sims”? Even if you already have a real life boyfriend?

Well, there are various reasons that keep me motivated.

1- Otome games combine perfectly all my favorite hobbies

If you put together my love for reading (since they are basically books), my weakness for 2D boys and my interest in learning languages (if it wasn’t for otoge, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to read kanji now), there’s no way I can get bored.

Of course, there must be some good content: I’d never read a boring book.

2- I can make decisions.

I don’t like sitting in front of a screen for hours, just watching, without being able to take action when one of the characters is doing something stupid.

If the main character is dumb, it’s even worse.

I’ve dropped many shoujo manga for this reason, I couldn’t take the heroine passive personality.

When it comes to anime, all I can do is watch and follow the story that’s already been decided by the author: it’s fixed, I can’t change it in any way.

In otoge, I can make decisions. My choices determine my fate and they may lead to a good or bad ending… but it’s up to me.

3- There are different endings.

Have you ever watched an anime you really loved, but the ending ended up being a huge disappointment? I had, many times.

In otoge, since there are different endings, I’ll probably find at least one I like.

And it’s not always the good one, I swear there were amazing bad endings that left a great impression on me! Maybe it’s because I appreciate bittersweet and tragedy too, so I get bored if I watch an anime knowing it will probably end up with an happy ending.

4- I decide who’s the best boy for the heroine.

Have you ever watched a shoujo anime with the typical love triangle, but the heroine ended up choosing the boy you liked the least? Leaving your best boy crying alone in despair?

It happened to me so many times it’s not even funny, it just made me angry.

In otoge, I can give a chance to anyone and choose my favorite, without the fear of seeing him rejected or friendzoned.

5- The art quality is great most of the time.

Lately, many anime’s quality has dropped drastically.

I’m just a casual fan, I watch just 3,4 anime every season, but there are often scenes animated so badly, it was obvious they ran out of budget.

There are various artists that work on otoge and sometimes they have “copycats” too: but it’s not animated by a studio, just “illustrated”, so most of the times the art it’s great.

Ot at least, it doesn’t make me cringe.

6- I can explore the story from different points of view.

Even if the heroine is the same, every time I start a new route I can discover new details of the main plot and see how the heroine reacts to a different scenario, supported by a boyfriend with a different personality. This allows me to immerse deeper in that world and it answers all my “what if….?” questions.

And you? Why do you love otoge so much?

A troll post with my boyfriend: let’s play “guess the trope” game!

Since my boyfriend is on holiday these days, and he’s now a frequent guest here with his troll posts, I thought it would be nice if I did some kind of quiz and experiments on him!

He has seen a few otoge anime adaptations, so he’s not new to the genre, even if he has never played anything. But… will he be able to guess a character’s personality, just by looking at CGs?

If you’ve already read his reviews, you know what you can expect… you’ve been warned!

I picked some characters who have very defined personalities, covering a various range of popular tropes. I showed them to my boyfriend, asking him to guess the trope that most represents them.

These are the results of this test!

1- Masato (Moshikami)

He’s an ONIICHAN, but also the worst YANDERE ever. Really.

My boyfriend stared at him silently for a few seconds, then said:

That eyepatch means he’s hiding something.

Maybe he pretends to be ill, but he just hides some secret power.

You know, like that Naruto character!

Maybe he’s some kind of immortal god.

(I explained him briefly what happens in Moshikami and he stared speechless at Masato again, with a disgusted face, then he said: you play good games, I see)

2- Riichiro (Clock Zero)

I bet he’s a noble.

No one is at his level of perfection, other people are useless and he hates women.

Obviously a KUUDERE.

Probably popular in Japan, but I bet you don’t like him because he’s too cold.

You prefer your boys when they are desperate.

3- Shougo (Nil Admirari)

My boyfriend said:

He thinks he’s better than anyone else and doesn’t want to deal with stupid people.

Probably arrogant and noble.

Peasants must stay away from him.

He wasn’t surprised when I told him he’s actually a TSUNDERE.

4- Nesso (Black Wolves Saga)

One of the most famous otome game ONIICHAN.

My boyfriend said:

He looks arrogant and full of himself.

I bet he loves flirting with girls.

He must be some kind of king or prince, he’s used to be served and takes what he wants.

5- Otoya (Utapri)

He’s a bright GENKI character.

And it’s apparently obvious just by looking at him, since my boyfriend said:

He looks like a nice guy.

He loves playing the guitar and having fun.

I don’t think he’s a flirty character, I bet he’s not trying to make weird moves on her.

He just wants to play music.

6- Goemon (Nightshade)

He’s an obvious ONNATARASHI and my boyfriend noticed it immediately, but he also added:

He’s dressed like some kind of monk, so maybe he’s a perverted monk?

There are characters like that, you know, that one in Inuyasha.

And also in Brothers Conflict, the blond one.

They use their authority to hit on shy women and it always works!

7- Ai Mikaze (Utapri)

He’s one of the most famous KUUDERE, but apparently my boyfriend thinks he looks like a psycho, since his opinion was:

I bet he’s a sadist, he secretly enjoys making people suffer.

Never trust him or you’re dead.

When he goes home, he must have some kind of secret laboratory where he makes bloody experiments. He probably kills cute animals too.

8- Kyousuke (Storm Lover)

He’s a famous TSUNDERE, but my boyfriends looked at this CG and guessed:

He looks like the typical school bully, it’s obvious from his hair.

But not just a normal bully, the one you can easily find in every class, he’s probably the school boss or something like that.

He knows what he wants, he takes her hand like “you, come with me now, girl!” and brings her somewhere where they are alone. Badass character.

9- Kenshin (Ikemen Sengoku)

He will protect his woman until he dies.

Or she dies.

Anyway, he’s not one of those who act cool just to be popular with women.

He really means it!

I told him he’s YANDERE and he said: I’m not good with Japanese terms, but that’s exactly what I meant. Creepy but in a good way.

10- Kai (Snow Bound Land)

My boyfriend stared at him for a while, than said:

No opinion.

He looks useless.

Really, I can’t feel anything from him.

I can’t imagine him doing anything interesting.

I told him he’s a nice CHILDHOOD FRIEND and he answered:

So, he’s really useless.

I mean, being childhood friend has no meaning, that’s what he is, it doesn’t explain his personality!

For me, he’s just Mr. Anonymous.

(I tried to talk back, but my boyfriend just blew me a kiss and he didn’t listen! XD)



Well, I’m done.

What do you think of this little game?

I think he was good enough, he understood most of their personalities.

If you want him to guess other characters, just tell me!

If I reach a nice number of requests, I can make another post soon… see you!

Answering more otome games questions!

I haven’t answered otome games related questions in months and I found some good ones, so let’s start! Some are very difficult, so I just chose the first answer that came up to my mind.

1- What’s your favorite game right now?

I’m playing Rear Pheles, but I can tell it’s not going to become one of my all time favorites!

Talking about recent games, I enjoyed Ikemen Sengoku.

2- What’s your favorite character?

In Ikemen Sengoku, Masamune (but I loved Kenshin a lot).

In general, I made an embarrassing TOP10 husbando, where you can see my heart belongs to Diabolik Lover’s Shuu.

3- What’s your least favorite game?

That’s a good question, sometimes I even think about making a TOP10 kusoge, but I’m afraid I would end up offending someone if I’ll be too mean.

Should I do it anyway? What do you think?

Anyway, Gakuen K is the first one which comes to my mind now.

4- Who’s your least favorite character?

It’s impossible to find just one character, there are many who annoyed me a lot and it was hard to go through their routes.

Let’s say Amnesia’s Shin, but I could name at least 5 Dynamic chord’s characters.

5- Who’s your ultimate otome OTP?

I did a TOP10 for couples too, my number one is Heroine/Ikki from Amnesia!

6- Who’s the hottest character?

If I really had to choose one, maybe it would be Louis from Reine des Fleurs.

When I first saw him, I remember myself staring at the screen and thinking: “this is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my all life”.

7- Who’s the funniest character?

I guess I’ll choose someone from Binary Star, that game had a lot of funny interactions!

Maybe Mict or Yun.

8- Who’s your favorite MC?

Cardia from Code Realize, but there are a lot of great ones!

9- What’s your favorite otome moment?

This is so hard, how can I choose just a moment?!

Maybe the most memorable one was when Nadeshiko opened her eyes in Clock Zero… I was crying.

10- Which game has the best soundtrack?

Reine des fleurs was amazing. I loved Moshikami’s too, I was always scared!

11- What platforms do you play on?

Mostly PsVita, but sometimes I go back to my dear PSP.

I don’t like very much playing on PC, but if the games looks really interesting I try to make an effort!

12- Kiss, marry, avoid?

I guess I’d say:

Kiss: Shuu (Diabolik Lovers)

Marry: Ikki (Amnesia)

Avoid: every Dynamic chord character

13- Which has the best artwork?

Reine des fleurs looks stunning, I’ve never seen something so visually pleasing.

14- Whose route was the most interesting?

It’s impossible to choose only one route, the first I can think of are Mejojo’s route in Black wolves saga and Kagiha’s route in Kokuchou Psychedelica.

15- Whose route are the most boring?

Again, choosing one is impossible, but Yoshimoto’s route in Ikemen Sengoku, Masamune’s route in Norn9 and sensei’s route in Storm Lover made me bored to death.

16- Whose route took you by surprise?

Toa’s route in 7’scarlet was shocking and memorable!

17-What’s your favorite character type?

I did my TOP10 tropes just a few days ago, it’s yandere!

18- Do you play sequels and new seasons?

If I liked the first game, of course!

19- Who’s the most annoying MC?

Oh, so many… too many.

Dynamic chord had the worst ones, they all enjoyed being abused. Oz Mafia too was awful too.

20- What’s your all time favorite Otome game?

Kokuchou Psychedelica, but Black wolves saga is really close.

Yes, I enjoy happy and fluffy stuff.


Well, it was funny!

I answered many questions in previous TOP10 too, but the “worst” route/character/game is something I’ve never talked about.

This makes me wonder: should I write “reverse TOP10” too?

About games or characters I disliked?

It’s probably better if I avoid this topic, so I won’t offend anyone’s opinions and tastes, but it also could be kinda interesting, if we are all mature enough to not feel offended personally.

Answer this poll please!

Since it’s a sensitive topic, I won’t do it until there are at least 30 requests.

The choice is yours!

My first FAQ: answering your questions!

Hello everyone!

I thought it would be nice, from time to time, answering on my blog your questions about games, Japan or learning Japanese: if I answer them here, instead of just replying on Facebook, it may be useful to other people who have the same curiosity.

This is my first ASK, but I plan to do it every month, or every two months, depending on the amount if questions I receive.

Thank you for submitting your questions, let’s start!

  • Where is the best place to buy merch? 

Buying merch on internet may be painful, that’s why I bought mine when I went to Japan!

Importing is hella expensive, you’d end up paying like 3 times the price…. sadly.

I usually buy everything on Yes Asia, I trust them because they’ve never lost a package even if I live on the other side of the word.

Amiami should be good too, many of my friends buy there.

Amazon jpn also has good prices!

  • In learning Japanese to play otome games, what did you find the most challenging, and in doing so, what do you wish you would have done or a resource you found later that you wished you had used earlier?

The most challenging part is the different levels of language, which depends on the game or the characters, and it’s completely different from what you find on textbooks.

Textbooks usually focus more on the “polite form”, the -masu one, but it’s rarely used on informal conversations which happen in most of the games.

An example you probably know: Diabolik Lovers.

Ayato and Subaru speak using a very rude, basic and masculine tone, which doesn’t even exist on textbooks; no one would talk like that in real life, without being considered aggressive.

Kanato’s and Reiji’s level is higher and very polite, even too much: the -nasai form is the one teachers use, or mothers, or people who consider themselves in a higher position. It’s rude in a normal conversation.

Also, Reiji’s way of speaking implies more difficult kanji.

The most challenging is Carla, because he basically speaks like an ancient king.

I don’t know how to explain it properly, you’ll find out on your own, but it’s really hard and I always need to look up for kanj!

So, my advice is: study the grammar, but don’t expect to find what you’ve studied in otome games.

You’ll learn the different levels and forms while you play and everything will sound normal very soon!

In this process, a very useful app I discovered an year later is Google translate.

It’s awful for long sentences, but it’s actually helpful if you have to look up for a single kanji: you just take a picture and it will tell you the meaning, without having to look up on the dictionary every time.

Also, my dictionary is really thin and doesn’t contain ancient or rare words, so it would be useless.

Obviously, you can rely on it when you already grasp the general meaning of the sentence.

I hope my advice helped you a bit!

  • I want to ask something relating to Kanji dictionary. I know to understand Otome Game you have to get used with Kanji. What’s kind type of book or dictionary that you need to increase your comprehension on Kanji.

When I first started, I just bought a thin dictionary (about 10000 words), I brought it with me everywhere and I kept reading it again and again; I’m not even kidding, I just opened it wherever I went, like when I was waiting for my train at the station!

At the same time, I was already playing easy games, so I was pretty confident with hiragana.

I slowly started to recognize easy kanji, the most common ones, and they soon became very normal to me. When I needed something more, I bought a book of “joyo kanji”, which are the most important kanji which were chosen by the Japanese government as the ones you NEED to know to read at least basic texts.

I already knew most of them, but it’s useful if you find a book which helps you to memorize them with some tricks; there are many books which explain why a world has been given a certain kanji to represent it.

Kanji may look scary, but don’t worry: if you keep playing games, you’ll memorize them without effort!

  • Which is the most popular otome game right now in japan?? And also which one was the most popular of all time?

I’ve been in Japan in September and all I’ve seen everywhere were mobage such as A3!, Senbura, Touken ranbu (there was even a whole shop dedicated to the swords); for console games, Diabolik Lovers and Utapri are always the most popular. It surprised me to see no one cared about Code Realize, even if the anime was about to start soon.

I think the most popular of all time is Hakuouki, but Utapri is huge for sure!

  • Since i am learning japanese, too: how do you learn Kanji? And i am curious about how popular otome games are in Japan or elsewhere

As I answered in a previous question, I kept reading my basic dictionary everywhere! I think I read it all at least 10 times, probably more. Then I bought a book of “joyo kanji”, which are the most important ones.

But since some otome games may have difficult kanji (depending on the setting or the plot) or old kanji (historical ones), I obviously keep studying!

Every time I see a kanji I don’t know, I look for the meaning and try to memorize it.

Playing games is really useful to memorize, so I always suggest to try playing even if your level is not good enough: at first you don’t understand completely, but step by step you’ll find yourself understanding more.

People say otome games are a niche market and that’s obviously true in the west; but Japan is different, I disagree with those who don’t admit it’s a huge market.

When I was there, I saw literally in every gaming store a whole shelf dedicated to otome games; not only in “female oriented” stores like Animate or Kbooks in Ikebukuro, but also in Akihabara (in Traders and Book off).

I could buy otoge literally everywhere and mobage characters were hugely popular (I saw Senbura characters covering the walls in a train station).

Mobage are probably taking over console games, but the market is far away from dying!



This ends my first ASK, see you soon with another one!

Don’t be shy, you can ask me whatever you want!

How bad is your backlog?

We can’t help it, we all suffer of the same disease: we keep buying too many games, but we don’t have enough time to play them all; that’s how our never ending backlog keeps getting worse.

From time to time, I look for advices on various blogs, reading opinions of people as desperate as me, trying to find solutions to solve this problem.

I know the best way is also the simplest one, I should just stop buying new releases and focus on what I already have, until it’s completely cleared; but let’s face it, it’s impossible.

There’s only one thing I can do: try at least to improve my situation.

And that’s why I’m writing this post! Maybe it can help you too, or at least it’s worth trying…

Most of the sites start with a suggestion: write a list of your unplayed games, so you’ll see clearly in front of you how terrible your situation is.

I want to keep it Psvita related, because it’s my main problem; let me ignore for a second my PC/PSP games please, because I don’t even know if I’m ever going to touch them. (I’m a terrible person, I know.)

There’s still hope for my Psvita backlog, maybe, so I’ll go for that.

Here’s my list:

  • Re:viced
  • Yunohana spring cherishing time
  • Bad apple wars
  • Usotsuki Shangri La
  • Hana Oboro
  • Utsusemi
  • Rear pheles
  • Hyakka yakou
  • Shinobi koi utsutsu FD
  • Dance with devils My Carol
  • Vamwolf cross
  • Norn9 Last Era
  • Nil Admirari FD
  • Tierblade FD
  • Code Realize Shirogane no Kiseki

Well……… it’s a lot of stuff.

I knew it already, but looking at this list makes me even more aware.

At this point, I should reorganize this list, writing at the top my priorities.

Starting from the games I mostly want to play, to those which I shouldn’t even have bought, here we go:

  • Nil Admirari FD
  • Norn9 Last Era

  • Dance with Devils my Carol

  • Shinobi koi utsutsu FD

  • Usotsuki Shangri La

  • Hana Oboro

  • Re:viced
  • Tierblade FD

  • Utsusemi

  • Bad apple wars

  • Code Realize Shirogane no kiseki
  • Hyakka yakou

  • Vamwolf cross

  • Rear pheles

  • Yunohana spring cherishing time

At this point most of the sites remind me to stop buying other games in the meanwhile, but I know I’ll never be that strong; I can stop preordering, at least, so I have more time to clear my backlog before spending more money. I swear I will!

I’ll also try to reduce my to-buy list, cutting off games which interest me a bit less than others:  Ephemeral, Fortissimo, Tengai…. bye bye!

Everywhere I’ve read an important reminder, which should be very obvious, but I sometimes forget: there’s no need to fully complete every game.

I’ve bought those in the bottom of my list because they were cheap, not because I really wanted them; nobody forces me to get the platinum. If I don’t like them, whatever!

From now on, I’ll try to make wiser choices when I buy, and I’ll be more brutal with games I already own: I lose too much time forcing myself to play games which don’t even interest me that much, because I’ve spent money on them and I feel guilty; but I’m not going to do this anymore, it’s just a waste of time that won’t bring my money back.

Ok, I’m done. Was it useful? Maybe, at least now I have more hopes to reduce a little my backlog.

If you want to try it too, this is the site I mostly relied on:

But there are plenty of them, giving similar advices, that might help you too.

What about you, friends? How bad is your backlog?

Otome games questions!

As promised, I’ll try to keep my blog alive from now on, even when I’m not posting reviews!

I’ve asked my friends on twitter for suggestions and the most voted option was “write whatever you want”, so…. here I am, answering a few questions!


Let’s keep it otome game related: Brothers conflict passion pink. I guess it’s not a mystery anymore, I’ve talked about it plenty of times!


The first who comes to my mind, whenever I read this kind of question, is Amnesia’s Ikki.

He was one of the first characters I really loved and he always has a special place in my heart.


There are many, I guess I’d go for an old one: Princess Arthur.

All I read were bad reviews, but I enjoyed it a lot: I liked the heroine, the characters and also the plot; I even got emotional and cried for the side characters, which is really rare for me.


Diabolik lovers. Judge me if you want, but I still can’t drop this series.


Wait, these are 2 different questions!!

I wish I was elegant and lovely as Glass Heart Princess Kyoko, but I’m more like Trigger Kiss Futaba; sometimes people can’t understand my humor, I’m sarcastic and a bit cynical. I swear I’m not a bad person anyway, I’m just…. not ordinary and a bit difficult to approach!


How can I choose only one? There are too many, sometimes even among main characters.

Let’s say Diabolik Lovers Cordelia, every time she appeared on the screen I was like “are you still alive, you bitch?!”


Kyoko and Shinnosuke from Glass heart princess, they were born to be together; a dreamy couple!


I loved Reine des Fleurs BGM, the music in that game was stunning.


I don’t want to spoil, but… THAT Kokuchou Psychedelica scene. The Kagiha one, I’m sure you know what I mean. I cried a lot!


Otome games have similar gameplay, but some are more complicated than others; I usually don’t like mini games, unless they are related to the plot like the utapri ones.

I can tell you for sure 2 gameplays I hated: Brothers conflict and Wand of fortune.

Those systems were so annoying!


Well, otome games have similar systems too; but I can tell I hate timed choices, if I’m not mentally prepared I end up missing them and having to load from the last save, it gets on my nerves!


Black wolves saga: great plot, great characters, it’s a masterpiece for me.

Also, I think it’s good for people who think otome games are just fluffy stuff aimed at little girls; let them try this, they’ll regret it for life!


None! I don’t even have time to replay, sadly… I think I’ve played twice a few Brothers conflict route tho, before entering otoge hell and having a neverending backlog; if I remember correctly, I’ve replayed Kaname, Fuuto and Tsubaki.




Well, otoge don’t have cut scenes, so I’ll just talk about 2 moments that deserve a mention:

  • BWS: this game has so many unforgettable scenes, I don’t even know where to start; let’s talk about Julian, when he reveals his “true personality”. I don’t want to spoil, but there was a shocking and unexpected scene, which really stuck in my mind. I’ve never realized Hosoya Yoshimasa was such a great seiyuu until I heard him change his voice while begging “please, praise me”. That broken voice is really something every otome game player should hear.
  • 7’scarlet: before playing, I didn’t know there were cinematic scenes and it was an amazing experience! it’s rare to see animations in otome games, and those few seconds in the beginning were really perfect to make me immersed in the mood of the game.


Collar Malice… “Adonis”. Let’s call “it” like that, to avoid spoilers. I really had no clue until I reached the end, I was almost shocked… best antagonist ever!


Code Realize Cardia. It was nice to see her growing and becoming confident and strong.

Futaba from Trigger kiss was funny too, she really voiced my thoughts… it’s the first time I completely agree with an heroine’s reactions!


Period Cube. It may be dangerous, but it’s beautiful!


If we talk about otoge, I prefer dark themes, deep plot and mystery.

You can tell just by reading my “top 10 recommended games”, fluffy stuff is not for me!



Wow this is really hard, there are a few with a great plot!

I think my favourite is Black wolves saga, because it’s the only otoge which made me ignore the romantic part: I was completely absorbed by the plot and by the character’s psychology, it didn’t even felt like an otoge at all. As the story progressed, I was captured by their amazing personalities and I just wanted to know more!

It made me suffer so much, but it was worth it.


Kamiaso infinite.

I enjoyed the first game, it wasn’t great but still good; sadly, the sequel was kusoge level: short routes, no real plot and everything happened so fast, it didn’t make sense.

An example of terrible writing which destroys a story with good potential.



I appreciate many artists, but Satoi is my favourite. When I see her art, it’s an istant buy for me!



I guess Amnesia is a classic now? I’ve seen the anime even before knowing otome game existed and it’s a series I’ve always loved, it’s special to me.




I’d go for Yunohana spring then, I want to play it soon! it looks funny, I need something brighter because I’ve been playing too much of my usual depressing and creepy stuff lately.



The first name which comes to my mind, is Kaji Yuuki voicing Kanato.

It’s really difficult to act such a disturbed character: he has to change tone rapidly when Kanato’s mood change for no reason, cry randomly, scream like crazy… it must be challenging!



How can I answer this without spoiling?! Let’s just say, Hijikata’s ending in Hakuoki…. when the meaning of the name “Hakouki” is explained.




Sometimes I hate them, sometimes I love them… sometimes they disappoint me, as it happened on the last streaming. But I still have hopes, maybe they’ll come back with a new epic game next year!



7’scarlet! I didn’t even buy it at first, I’ve just became curious after reading my friend’s tweets and decided to see if I was really missing something…. I WAS! I didn’t expect to love it so much, but it was an amazing journey, totally worth playing.



Can I just answer with 2 titles?

Black wolves saga and Kokuchou no psychedelica.

Don’t ask me to choose, they are both masterpieces to me!




I’m finally done answering all the questions, it took me a few days, but it was fun!

I hope my answers were interesting enough, I’ll probably try something similar in the future!

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