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Christmas mood is here already!

Hello everyone, how are you? Are you mentally preparing for Christmas?

In Italy every shop has a Christmas tree already, which souldn’t be surprise, but still it feels kinda early to me; shopping centers have amazing decorations, it looks like a completely different place and I can’t complain, it looks beautiful.

I honestly don’t care very much about Christmas, I probably stopped being excited when I started working and my holidays were not as long as in my school days, when I always stayed home for like 3 weeks; those were really days worth celebrating!

Until last year, while working in a retail store, December was hell for me: no time to rest, no days off, a huge crowd at every hour… what a nightmare!

This year is completely different since I’m unemployed, but I also don’t feel in the mood to meet my relatives who always repeat on loop the same questions; I guess you all imagine easily what I’m talking about.

When I was in college, they all asked me when I was going to graduate and get a job; when I moved with my boyfriend, everyone’s main concern seemed to be when I was going to get married; then, it evolved in the question I’ve always hated the most: “when are you having kids?”.

I don’t know if people are just genuinely curious, or if they enjoy putting pressure on younger relatives; just leave me alone and live your own life! We all have different timing and goals, they should worry about my well being, instead of making me anxious.

I’m sure many people understand pretty well, how annoying those family meetings are.

There’s still a whole month ahead, so let’s talk about something nicer.

Have you noticed, how my blog changed recently?

If you’re reading this on mobile it probably looks the same, but if you actually open my blog on PC or tablet, you’ll find it completely different.

In January, when I decided to give a new life to this blog, I was determined to leave the header and the main theme as it used to be, since most of the post here are about otome games; I can’t say it was a bad idea, but I wasn’t sure that it was going to work in the long term.

Honestly, I think at this point I needed something new, a breath of fresh air.

Of course, it doesn’t mean I erased old posts, it took me years to write that many and I’m still very proud of what I accomplished, but I don’t think it makes sense to keep its appearence as an otome blog either; there are plenty of otome games reviewers now, way better than me.

So, what’s the point of pretending nothing changed?

I want this blog to look more like myself. The “me” as she is now, not the “me” I used to be from 2013 to 2022. It doesn’t mean I’m a completely different person, obviously: if you talk to me on twitter, I’m still the same; but posting in an otome themed blog after spending almost 2 years without playing any single route, felt like some kind of a joke.

There’s no point in being too attached to the past, let’s embrace changes!

When I chose this new style, I was looking for something simple, which would give me a sense of inner peace: black and white, but also colorful flowers. Do you like it?

Don’t worry, if you are still here for my otome reviews, in the bottom right there’s still my review list, where you can find everything you’re looking for.

For everything else, like TOP10 or drama cd, there’s a tag search, you should be able easily to navigate though the blog anyway.

I understand how it gets a bit more difficult, for readers who always come here just for otome stuff, to find immediately what you are looking for; but it makes me feel better, as if I took a huge step towards accepting the new me and changing.

If you still will come here, thank you; if not, thank you for coming these past years, it truly meant a lot to me!

I’m late, but here’s some kind of blog’s anniversary post!

Hello everyone!

I’m almost embarrassed to write this post actually, for 2 reasons: the first is that last month I promised I would be more active here, but in the end I updated regularly for 2 weeks and then I almost disappeared again; I’m sorry!

But I swear, I wasn’t lazy. Sadly, my father has a serious illness and he was hospitalized for a week, so I went there every day to meet him and I did my best to lift up his mood a bit; now he’s home while he’s waiting to start treatment, so I spend a lot of my time at my parents’ house to keep them company since they can barely go outside.

I guess you understand, while I wasn’t in the mood to write.

But I can’t just spend my days thinking about sad stuff, I also try my best to be positive while distracting myself with my hobbies; that’s how I remembered about my blog anniversary, which I completely forgot about last year. What a pity! I guess my old job was really sucking the life out of me. And so it comes, the main reason while I’m kinda embarrassed of myself: I completely messed up the date!

I have no idea why I was sure I opened this blog on the 5th november 2016, but looking back at my old anniversary posts I realized it was actually on the 2nd… which means I missed it again, this year!

I probably should have checked it out sooner, but I had no doubts! I’m getting old guys, there’s no way I could have made such a mistake in the past.

Anyway, it’s been 7 years already, since I opened this blog to write about otome games: I still remember how it felt when I first started, it was such an exciting journey and I worked really hard to bring some content almost every day… I swear, I miss the old times and the otome community, even if I’m sure it changed a lot.

Since I’ve been unemployed, a little voice in my head has been telling me to get back to this hobby and play some more, at least to complete the games I was almost done with. Yes, I’m talking about Cendrillon Phalika. The good news, is that I actually made some progress, even if it’s very slow, so there’s still hope to see my review here. I can’t see myself going back to being an otome blogger, but you shouldn’t be too surprised, if some kind of review comes up sooner or later.

Even if the old days are not completely gone, I still decided to sell part of my collection: if I ever come back fully to this hobby, I’m sure I won’t replay some of the games which didn’t really leave a great impression on me, that’s why I’m more than willing to sell them to someone who will experience them for the first time and maybe enjoy them more than I did.

If you’re interested in something, you can find them on twitter and also in my previous post!

Lately this blog has mostly become some kind of diary, and I think it’s still better than just stop updating completely. Thanks to everyone who has been reading since the beginning, but also thank you to everyone who comes here from time to time to check if there are some kind of updates.

I can’t promise there will be new otome posts very soon, but I’ll do my best at least to write my usual end of the year personal posts: my 2023 recap, my plans for 2024 and probably my kpop awards.

Well, I guess trying to come up with a plan for the new year while I’m still unemployed and my father’s health makes me too worried to start looking for a new job, doesn’t seem like a good start. But we can still hope at least, right? Life has ups and downs, in the nearly future I’m sure I’ll be able to stand up again.

I’m selling some of my otome games!

Hello everyone, how are you?

Sorry if I disappeared for a while, my life has been kinda busy lately, but I’ll explain what’s going on in a few days, since my blog’s anniversary is coming soon.

Today I’m here just to let you know that I’m selling some of my otome games!

My collection is huge, I have more than 70 otome, but I haven’t played for more than a year now, so I think I should sell at least a small part of it, to someone who will enjoy them.

If you’re interested, you can contact me here, on twitter @kyumymiracle or on instagram @ otomelandblog.

The price obviously depends on where you live, since shipping is kinda expensive outside Europe; but if you buy more than one, I’ll give you a discount for sure!

My games are all in Japanese, I’ve never bought localised games, so keep that in mind please!

I guess you all know Brothers Conflict, there’s not much to say about it; it was my first otome so I have it for Switch and PsVita, but I don’t need both versions.

Dairoku Ayakashimori.

If possible, I’d like to sell the main game with the fandisk for Tierblade, Yunohana Spring and Shiro to Kuro Alice.

But if you just want one, we can still talk about it!

Reviced is a LE!

This is all for now, even if there are a lot more games I’m considering selling.

If you’re interested, just ask me and we can talk about the price, I’ll do my best to make it affordable for you despite shipping fees; seeing all these games just sitting on my shelf kinda makes me sad, I’d like to sell them to someone who will give them a chance to shine again.

So don’t be shy!

How I got into a car accident and what I’ve learned from this awful experience

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to share a recent event that made me reflect a lot about life, since it was kinda traumatic: at the beginning of August, I got into a car accident.

This is actually the second time I experience this awful situation, but compared to the first time this was way worse: we were on a queue, since a car in front of us stopped abruptly to turn into a very little street on the left, which I assume it was the only way to their house; it was unexpected, so my husband and another car had to stop immediately.

Then another car from behind, without realizing what was going on, crashed into us at full speed, (somehow the driver didn’t realize we stopped for a reason, even if there were like 3 cars ahead of us; I assume he was on the phone, or at least he wasn’t paying much attention).

I heard like the sound of a bomb exploding behind my back; if this wasn’t enough, our car was pushed forward, crashing onto the car in front of ours.

It lasted just a few seconds, but I remembers thinking: “again?? I won’t survive this time”.

When it was over, I was scared to open my eyes and look next to me: what if my husband is covered in blood? What if he’s dead?”; these were the thoughts running in my head, as I heard people from the other cars saying stuff like “I can’t get them out of the car, call the ambulance!”.

Gladly, my husband got minor injuries and I was just bruised; but when I got out the car and took a look at it, I realized that we were really lucky, to be able to stand on our legs.

Gladly everyone involved was safe, but our car was completely crashed; when the ambulance came, they found it hard to believe we only got minor injuries, considering how destroyed it was.

We have to buy a new one, since it would more expensive to repair it.

That made me realize something that should be obvious, but I never thought about enough: life could change or even end at any moment; we spend most of our life planning a future that maybe will never come, instead of living the present.

Of course, it’s important to have long-term plans, life goals; but what if your life will end tomorrow, and you just spent your last days working and saving money because you’ll need them when you get old? What if you never reach that age?

When I was working really hard, I remember some of my coworkers telling me they wanted to quit too, but they were afraid of not finding a new job immediately, because “when I’ll get old I will relax, now I need to make money”. True, but… what if you don’t even reach the retirement age?

Of course, I’m not here to say you should live carelessly, as if the world is going to end tomorrow; but still, try to think about it. We don’t realize how precious our time is, until it’s too late.

If your life ends today, are you satisfied with what you accomplished so far?

But most importantly, are you happy?

That’s my cup of tea for today, see you with hopefully funny topics very soon!

Just enjoying freedom

I’m back everyone!

Well, not as an otome blogger (for now), but at least I’m here writing after a couple months.

A lot of stuff happened in my life recently: the most important event, is that I decided to quit my awful job, which honestly has been ruining my mental health for 4 years.

Now I’m trying to recover before I make a new start somewhere else, since I don’t feel ready to find a new workplace yet; I don’t want to push myself too hard, I swear I was almost having a burnout not too long ago. If you’ve known me for a long time, you probably get how hard it was for me.

Recently I’ve been enjoying a few new hobbies: reading and bullet journaling have always been some of my favorites, but now I’m also studying Korean hard.

I guess you already know how much I love learning languages, I even tried Finnish and German years ago and I’ve always wanted to learn as many as possible if I had enough time.

Well, now I’m free, so Korean was my first choice!

I’m almost done with my second grammar book, which should be enough to give me at least the basics; I’m obviously very, VERY far from being decent, it’s a long process which makes me excited every day. What are you up too, lately?

I’ve seen the new otome games which were shown at the last Otopa and I admit some of them got my interest… maybe I’m almost ready to get back to gaming? I’m not sure, I change my mind easily, but since I finally have free time there’s no excuse.

Actually, I don’t know if someone remembers that I’m still stuck on the last Cendrillon Phalika’s route; it’s been more than a year.

I’m kinda moody lately, I wasn’t used to have time for myself since that job sucked all my energy and will to live everyday; this freedom is such a blessing!

Now, I wake up everyday with new ideas and goals; I may even get back to blogging regularly, even if I still won’t post about otome stuff for a while, probably.

If I write about my life, my hobbies and my progress with learning Korean, will someone be interested? I don’t think so, but if I’m in good mood and share my feelings, maybe it will be enjoyable for someone anyway. What if I set at least 3 posts every week as a goal? I used to do even better in the past, it’s not impossible at all. I hope someone will give me any kind of feedback, since it kinda feels new compared to the past.

I know I announced a new start like an year ago and then I disappeared almost completely, but this time I want to keep up for real and be more constant. Let’s see what I can do!

Happy Easter!!

Hello everyone! How are you?

It’s been more than a month since I announced my long hiatus and about 2 months since my last review, but here I am, still trying to keep my blog alive.

Sadly, I’m not here to say that I’ve decided to come back, but I wanted at least to wish you all an happy Easter, and update you a bit about my decisions.

When I announced I was quitting, I received a huge amount of sweet messages, which made me realize that those 5 years of efforts were still worth it after all: some of you even wrote that they started studying Japanese after discovering my blog, which honestly made me feel emotional and grateful. I was teary eyed and I wondered if quitting was a huge mistake.

But I knew I needed a break, to relax and to think carefully, mostly about my life but also about my blog and the direction I wanted it to take; I think I have an answer now, so I’m taking this chance, while I have some free time, to share my feelings with you.

First and most importantly: I won’t quit. When I wrote my goodbye post I had this intention and I really meant it, but I also knew how dear is this place to me and how much I love sharing my opinions with you, which made basically impossible to let it go completely.

Even if I tried to forget about it, my mind kept reminding me from time to time that I still have a lot to share and maybe some of you would be happy to read it.

But at the same time, I realized I’m not ready to fully come back yet: my situation at work is still a mess, even if the moving is basically over, which means at least I can relax when I’m home now.

I don’t want to announce that everything is back to normal, if there’s a chance I’ll need another hiatus like 2 months later because I’m too tired to keep up; to avoid this (or at least try, no one knows for sure where the future is leading us) I came up with some kind of goals I want to reach before coming back, just to be sure that the environment and the situation will allow me to be a decent blogger.

Most of these goals are personal (having decent work hours is one of them and maybe the most important), while a few others are related to social media and otome games; I’m slowly trying to reach them and I’ll tell you when I feel ready.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying Easter with people you love, relaxing and having fun, maybe also playing otome games if you want.

See you in my next update, even if I honestly have no idea when it will be; but I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last post!

Goodbye, my dear readers! I’m quitting (or going on a long hiatus, who knows)

This is the moment I knew had to come, but it still hurts. I feel sad and empty, but also a bit relieved. It’s weird, like the end of a relationship which just doesn’t work anymore.

As you read from the title: I’m quitting. Or going on hiatus. I don’t really know.

There are many reasons behind my decision and I want to be completely honest, as I’ve always been for more than 5 years of blogging and sharing my feelings.

First of all: my free time is very limited lately, I’m working a lot, plus the moving and other personal situations made me busy and worried everyday for a month, but it’s not over yet; when I come home, I want to spend time with my husband and my dog, if possible with my family, I have no will or energy to play games.

I won’t lie: I could still somehow find some time to update, but I don’t feel motivated anymore.

Blogs are outdated now, I think they are probably dying, since people prefer to watch streams nowadays; lately, when I sit in front of my computer, trying to plan a schedule for reviews or other content, I end up asking myself often: “do I really want to put efforts in a post that nobody is going to read? When I could spend some time with people who actually care about me, instead?”.

I’ve never written here to make money or to feel popular in the community, I just wanted to share my opinions in a place which could make me proud of myself, built up with passion and love for otome games. This blog helped me to gain confidence, it was like a diary for my sad days, it grew up with me; that’s why it’s almost impossible to let it go.

But at the same time, there were months in the past when it felt like a chore, so I considered to just quit and close it all; I’ve taken short breaks, of a few weeks, then I came back.

Maybe it’s the same now, maybe I’ll come back in summer, excited, ready for new posts… but I don’t really think so; I feel it in my heart, this could probably be my last post forever.

I’m a moody person, everything can happen: maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up in writing mood and I’ll delete this post, pretending it never existed. Maybe I’ll change my mind for random reasons.

I don’t want to disappear completely from the otome community: I’ll keep using twitter, since there are still friends I want to keep in touch with, even if most of them almost disappeared; many people left, or so it seems to me.

I rarely follow back, since I want to keep my TL clean to read my friends’ tweets instead of random strangers (even if I always answer Dms from anyone, I’m not a bad person, I swear), but it feels empty lately, I’m not enjoying myself as the old days.

Maybe I’m too old, or I’ve been into this fandom for too long, but I can’t keep up with the energy of streamers and enthusiastic people, I’m way beyond that phase.

Everything changes, it’s normal.

People care about something or someone at some point, while a few months later they shift their attention somewhere else, and it’s fine.

It took me like 2 weeks to write this post, I didn’t know if I should actually talk about it or just slowly and silently disappear without anyone noticing; but I feel like I need to be honest with all the kind people who supported me through the years, who always had a sweet word of appreciation for me. Thank you and sorry. If I’ll ever come back to blogging, I hope you’ll still be here.

If you want to be friends with me, even if I somehow became a boring old lady, send me Dms on twitter and I’ll gladly reply.

Well, I don’t think there’s more to say, even if it breaks my heart.

I want to call this “hiatus”, even if I’m not actually sure I’ll resume posting one day, but admitting I’m closing this blog hursts too much; who knows, what life has in store for us?

Until that moment, be healthy and happy!

Moving to a new home, with my otome games collection!

Hello everyone!

Here I am, after a couple months, with another personal post about my life and otome games.

If you are not new here, you probably know that I was planning to move to a new house; after months of struggle and stress, I finally made it! I hope I’ll be able to live here for a long time, I’m tired of changing city, home and job.

While I was packing all my stuff, I had the chance to stop for a moment and take a look at my otome collection, reminiscing the old times; I wanted to share these feelings with someone, so if you’re interested, welcome to this random journey in my memories!

It took me 8 long years of dedication and passion, to create this collection: for someone it will be huge, while for others not that much; for other people I’ll just be a crazy person who throws her money away in useless stuff, but if you’re here, I hope you won’t judge me too hard.

The first psvita otome I bought, was Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: I still lived with my parents back then, I had no money to buy a psvita, so that game remained unplayed for a couple months, gently placed on my keyboards. When I first turned on the console, I was so amazed of the high quality resolution, compared to the PSP!

A few months later, I was living with my boyfriend, in another city, as soon as I started a new job there; back in those days, I was really sure I found my path in life. I was so wrong!

One of my first memory there, was me playing Code Realize in my bedroom; then me crying with Kokuchou no Psychedelica and getting scared with 7’scarlet.

I wanted to share my opinions and feelings, so I opened this blog, trying to reach people with my same passion for otome; secretly, I hoped it could become my job, one day. Code Realize was my first review: I was so shy and worried, that people would laugh at my bad english or judge me, I kept checking if there were bad or nice comments.

After that, I gathered my courage and started writing about all the games I’ve played until that day.

I remember that I kept writing everyday, as soon as I went home from work, to update at least 3 or 4 times a week; I didn’t have much free time, but I wanted to create a nice blog so badly, I invested every moment I had in this project.

A few months later I was able to travel to Japan and I was so surprised to see many second hand otome games, sold at such a low price! It was paradise, I probably came home with something like 10 games, paid like 1500 yen each. Those were great times.

The price was low because of the bad ratings, but I ended up enjoying some of them, like Rear Pheles and Vamwolf Cross.

When I came back from my 2nd trip, suddenly my life changed: I was feeling depressed and stressed from work, but I wasn’t strong enough to admit I couldn’t bear it anymore and just give up; but when I had a huge fight with my boss, I realized my mental health was more important than money. I took a long break after that.

I traveled around for a whole month, enjoying peace and silence in a small town at the mountain; I needed to stay away from the city and reset my mind.

I listened to music, I enjoyed long walks and I started feeling myself again. I even took a break from otome and blogging, which somehow were making my burnout even worse.

When I was ready to come back, I realized that I wanted to live next to my family again, instead of meeting them just once in a while; so I moved back to my birthplace, hoping for a fresh start.

Finding a new home was very difficult, so we adapted to live in a place that I’ve honestly disliked since the first moment; but I didn’t want to settle down, I still didn’t know if moving there was the best choice, so I went for something temporary just to find out if that city was really the place for me. I started a new job, ready to test myself in a different workplace, a retail job I’ve never tried before. Then, me and my boyfriend decided to get married.

I felt like I was finally finding the right path in life, after months of struggle; but when all I could think about was my wedding dress and my honeymoon trip, the unexpected happened: Covid19 came crushing the world and ruined all our plans.

Italy was the first country in Europe to be completely crushed by covid, when people still didn’t understand what was going on. Those 3 months locked inside our home were crazy, I’ll never forget the feelings of fear and sadness, when people I knew died so easily.

To distract myself I played, read and wrote a lot.

While the whole world was in lockdown playing Animal Crossing, my quarantine games were Charade Maniacs and Bustafellows; all I did was gaming, reading and pretending everything was fine around me, while it wasn’t. Otome games and blogging came to my rescue.

When I started working again, adjusting to the new world wasn’t easy, I was literally scared of customers and I was nearly panicking. But I survived, so I was able to find a new normality with my mask on, all day long.

Watching my otome games collection helps me remember all these years, made of happiness, pain, fear, hopes; people I met, friends I’ve lost, places I’ve been…each of them holds a memory.

For some people, it probably happens with music: I can’t deny it happens to me too, there are bands and songs that make me think about the old days, when I was a teen; but it gets even deeper with games for me, probably because it took me hours to complete each one, so every otome covers like a month of my life.

We’ve been through a long journey.

And now, here I am, in my new home, bringing all my games with me once again, ready to see what’s going to happen next.

I hope I won’t need to move again, but I’m pretty sure my little collection will keep growing with time, following me wherever life will lead me, in good and bad times.

Sorry for this random post, but sometimes my blog is like a diary for me and I wanted to make sure that these feelings won’t be forgotten.

Thank you and happy new year!

Hello everyone!

This is my last post of 2021, so I want to take this chance to say goodbye with you to the past year and wish you all a bright future in the months to come.

Maybe you’ve noticed it, in December I did my best to be more active here and to entertain you a bit, since probably most of my readers are enjoying their Christmas holidays.

I still don’t know where the new year will take me, but it’s going to be busy, at least at first: I’m moving to my new house in February, which means the next few weeks are going to mess up my free time a lot. I’ll do my best to not disappear completely, but don’t be too worried if I don’t post for a while; I’ll eventually be back.

As every content creator who is doing this kind of stuff just for hobby, this year I changed my mind a lot of times, even considering seriously to close this blog or start a long hiatus; sometimes taking a break is important, even just for a month, to reflect on priorities.

While I didn’t update, even if I was almost relieved at first, I realized how much I missed sharing my opinions, even if it’s just about silly things or nostalgic thoughts.

I’m sure, if you’re a long time reader, that you’ll notice the mood behind some of my posts: even if I don’t show my face, through my words is obvious if I’m writing something because I really want to talk about it, or if I’m kinda forcing myself to just come up with a post to keep this blog alive.

I know what you’re thinking, now: “if you don’t want to do it, just slow down or quit”. And you’re right.

But sadly, I have that kind of personality, that makes me want to do everyhing at my best, always, or I’ll end up feeling guilty; there’s no way for me to write just random posts once in a while, I’m that kind of person who wants to come up with a schedule and update it regularly, or just close it up and erase it all, as if it never existed.

I don’t want the latter to happen, but I can’t keep up with the first option too, which makes me frustrated. But I’m not here to rant, I just want to be as honest as possible with you.

Even if sometimes I have this love/hate realationship with my blog, I won’t stop updating until I still have something to say, being it reviews or just random memories; and if you’ll still come here, reading my posts and finding them entertaining or at least interesting, thank you and welcome to my little family! I’ll do my best to give you a reason to come here, when you have some free time for me.

Lastly, but most importantly, I’d like to take a chance to thank all the people who encouraged me through the years, with sweet messages that made me think that my efforts, somehow, are still worthy; you know who you are. The comments you wrote on my blog, the private messages you sent me here and on twitter, I wrote them all in a little, yellow notebook, to be sure I won’t forget them; when I’m feeling down and I’m almost sure that no one cares about my opinions, I read those words and find motivation to keep up, for the people who believe I have something to say, which is worth their time. When I find someone bought me a coffee on ko-fi, I swear I’m even confused, since I don’t feel enough.

With my bad english, my weird taste, my random opinions, if you think I’m still an interesting person, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you all the best, you’re my treasure.

My 2022 otome gaming schedule

Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying your Christmas holidays, so far?

I just have 2 days off, but I’m using this chance to organize my life and my future plans, which obviously includes a gaming schedule for next year.

I usually have an hard time sticking to it, the otome I choose depends on my mood, but I usually end up playing most of the games on the list I write, so you can easily expect at least half of these reviews, in the months to come. I’ll do my best, be kind to me please!

Let’s take a look together:

  • Kannagi no mori

This was scheduled for last year, but at some point my PC gave up and I started playing only on console; but I swear its time will come, at some point.

  • Dot Kareshi 1

Old school Rejet stuff, it’s still worth playing, since they probably stopped making games for ever.

  • Hanayaka nari, waga ichizoku

I’ve been recommended this so many times, I know it’s great; I’ll find some time to give it a chance.

  • Bara ni kakusareshi verité

Dating men from the French Revolution will surely be a memorable (and maybe cringe?) experience.

  • Suuran Digit

This game has a bad reputation, I think it was considered kinda boring; let’s see if I wasted my money or not, time will tell.

  • Root Rexx

A cute school game, I’ll play this when I’m tired of deep plots and random tragedy.

  • Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse

I’ve completed the first route already, but I put it on hold to complete other games; this will probably be my first review of 2022.

  • Lover Pretend

It looks cute, I have high expectations on this game, I don’t know why I’ve never felt in the mood to start it. Well, at some point its time will come.

  • Cendrillon Phalika

I think this has a bad reputation? I remember people calling it boring, when it was released. We’ll find out.

  • Yoshiwara Higanbana

This is really spicy…. I expect it to be really something, I’ll be disappointed if it’s not at least Jakou no lyla level.

  • Shuuen no Virche

Probably heartbreaking, I’m really curious to try it and feel the pain.

  • Hametsu Flag

I loved the anime, I can’t skip this!

  • Gothik Murder

This seems interesting, mystery is always my cup of tea. I’ll play it blindly, ready to see where my choices will take me.

  • Reine des Fleurs

I’ve always wanted to replay it and write my opinion, but I never got the chance; I’ve started it recently and I’ve completed one route already, so the long awaited review will come very soon!

I don’t know when Radiant Tale and Tengoku Struggle will be released, but I’ll probably buy both; I’m still conflicted about Soukai Tenki, I’ll decide when there are more news.

I also plan to replay Brothers Conflict, which is the most important game to me, so I couldn’t resist to buy the Switch port; but I wrote a review already, back in the old days, I haven’t decided yet if I want to write a new one. We’ll see.

Have you made your schedule already? Is there a title in my list that interests you?

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2021, I hope next year will be way better.

I wish you the best, have a good time with your loved ones and don’t forget to stay safe.

See you soon!

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