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Let’s talk about my 2021 and my resolutions for 2022!

Hello everyone! Christmas is almost here, 2021 is ending, so it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the last months, what happened in my life and what are my resolutions for 2022.

First of all, let’s talk about my personal main event of the year: on 9th June, I finally got married!

We postponed the wedding 5 times due to covid19, but we were finally able to hold our ceremony, even if it was just a small group of close friends and relatives; it was a great memory I’ll always keep dear in my heart.

Last year, I expressed as my greatest wish to realize my personal goals which had to be delayed during the pandemic: 2021 wasn’t the brightest year, we couldn’t live to the fullest, but we made a few steps in the right direction and we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

We finally bought our first house, even if the moving is not over, but it’s a matter of a few months; it was an important accomplishment, it makes me a bit worried, but also proud.

My main goal of the year is to finally move to my new house, settle down and have a more peaceful life in a place I can really consider my own. It will be tiring and expensive at first, but it will be worthy for sure.

I’ll try my best to keep this job, since the paycheck is good and I need a stable income to pay off my loan: my boss is a douche, working almost every day with little free time is hard, but I must keep going until I can. Let’s see how it goes, at least for this year being able to endure it all must be my priority.

As for my hobbies, I’m proud to say I was able to read 4 books in german in these past months, level A1 and A2. Now, I want to aim for B1!

Sadly, my Finnish keeps getting worse, I have no time to study and I barely remember what I learned so far; I still listen to finnish songs when I work on my bullet journal, at least I don’t forget how it sounds. I wish I could go back to study as I used to during quarantine, but my life has obviously become way busier. Maybe I’ll try to read an easy book, if I find one.

I was able to read 16 books this year, which feels like a decent amount to me; most of them were great, so I’m already looking forward to the books which are waiting for me in 2022!

I made a list already, even if I still have to buy most of them: maybe it’s surprising, but I don’t have a book backlog, I mostly buy what I want to read in that moment, or very soon. I have like 3 unread books at home. I wish I could do the same with games!

Since we reached this topic, I’ll post in a few days my otome gaming schedule for next year, it deserves a separate place to be talked about.

I didn’t watch many japanese drama this year, just 5; if you’re in the mood for an hidden gem, I can recommend you Fujoshi, ukkari gei ni kokuru. It’s a slice of life, about a gay teen who desperately tries to hide his sexuality; it’s tragic, so you must be prepared to cry when you watch it, but I absolutely loved it.

As for anime, my favorite of the year was Re-main; I started it expecting just fanservice, but it was way better than I thought. The second season of Hamefura was entertaining too.

As for the music, probably no one here cares for symphonic metal, but if you have some free time I highly recommend you to listen to Epica’s new album, Omega. It’s a masterpiece!

I guess it’s all, unless you’re curious about my other hobbies and you want to ask me something; I’m always looking for requests, so if you have one, feel free to ask.

See you soon for my (probably) last post of the year!

A little journey though my consoles!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a couple days since PsVita’s 10th birthday, and I thought it could be nice sharing with you some memories of my journey with all the consoles I used to play otome games, in these past 8 years.

My first console ever, was a PSP; actually, it was my husband’s, but since he prefers playing on tv’s huge screen, somehow with time it ended up just becoming mine.

With this console, I entered the otome fandom: starting with Brothers Conflict, I went to Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers, which still now have a dear place in my heart.

It was the beginning of a long, wild adventure; who could have ever imagined that I would end up playing more than 100 otome? Most of the classics still belong to that era, even if they were ported to PsVita later: Norn9, Clock Zero, Glass Heart Princess, Gekka Ryouran Romance… games which I’d still recommend to everyone.

And what about Kamigami no Asobi? Meiji Tokyo Renka? Storm Lover? Utapri?

I really miss those times, in a few years we were blessed with countless great releases.

I bought my PsVita on my birthday, in 2015.

I won’t lie, I did it mostly for Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate; I think every player has that one special game, that makes her/him think “it’s really time to get that new console, I can’t miss it”.

Even if I was almost sad to betray my dear PSP, I loved the amazing screen resolution of Vita immediately, as soon as I turned it on. That moment was magic.

The PsVita era blessed us with amazing new releases as well: Code Realize, Collar Malice, The Psychedelica series, Nil Admirari, Piofiore no Banshou… and that memorable horror which was Moshikami.

Looking at all my otome games on the shelf, it feels like I really went through a roller coaster of emotions: sadness, happiness, fun, pain… I was also kinda bored sometimes, I can’t deny I made mistakes. I should probably sell games I didn’t enjoy, but I always end up keeping them too, they’re still a part of my collection.

And finally, it’s time to talk about the latest console, the Switch.

I bought my Switch Lite at the end of 2019, when I realized there was no turning back; I don’t know why, but adapting to this change was a lot harder for me.

I even wondered if it was time to just let go of this hobby and move on.

I waited and waited, as ports and new releases were announced, because the new titles didn’t attract me enough to make that step; even Diabolik Lovers Chaos Lineage wasn’t enough for me, even if I admit it was one of the first games I bought when I finally gave up and got my console.

Anyway, I’m glad I decided to embrace the change, or I would have missed great games like Olympia Soiree, Cupid Parasite and Toraware no Palm.

I’m really worried about the future, since there are less and less new releases every year; at least, I hope a smaller quantity will mean more quality, a couple great games could be enough for me.

In the meantime, I’ll just dig my backlog for the old gems I missed in the past, or I’ll just replay those masterpiece that gave me the most feelings years ago; as people grow old, they tend to be more nostalgic, I guess.

That’s all for today, I hope my little journey was entertaining enough for you to read until the end; December makes me sad and happy, I feel more introspective and I want to share my feelings, so expect to hear again from me very soon!

8 years of otome gaming……

This month, I proudly reach my 8th year of otome gaming; is this long enough to make me a veteran player? Probably yes.

I still remember vividly my 2013 Christmas holidays, when I first started approaching this new world which seemed so unbelievably attracting to me; “do you mean I can really date anime characters? Can they fall in love with me? Will they confess to me?!” Too good to be true.

I was into idols at that time, but after years of fanwars, scandals, and feelings of betrayal when my favorite idols randomly left their group, I really needed an healing hobby, something that would not disappoint me. Otome games were all I needed at that time.

Whenever I turned on my PSP, those ikemen were welcoming me, saying cheesy lines, without judging me. They are not real after all, they aren’t pretending to like me while in reality they laugh behind my back; they can’t judge me. Silly as it seems, it felt comforting.

The fandom was really small back then, since most of the games were in Japanese only; it was a small, but welcoming family. In 2014 my twitter changed completely, erasing any trace of idols to become only dedicated to otome games; only my old name, KyuMyMiracle, still remains to remind me of those ancient times.

Some of the people I talked to at the beginning are still my friends, or at least I always consider them special even if we barely talk these days; but whenever I see them on my TL, I feel reassured to see they are still here.

Now localisations brought many new people to this genre, which is obviosuly good, but there are also negative aspects of this too: sometimes I open Twitter just to see fandom wars and people arguing, which is something that I could never imagine seeing 8 years ago.

Well, everything changes, it’s normal.

I still remember how I used to be happy but also sad, when PSP new games stopped being released, and everything new was for PsVita; it felt like the end of an era.

I could never expect, that the amount of sales and releases would have decreased dramatically, from that moment on. Just look at the amount of the new releases now, and their sales numbers… it’s so depressing. People who play localised games are happy, since they feel like it’s the golden age of this genre; but the sad reality, if you look at Japan, is that console otome games will probably stop existing in a few years.

Those good times are over, when we had like 4/5 or even more releases every month, and I had to choose carefully which one to buy, because I wanted them all but it was impossible to keep up.

Now there’s barely 1 release per month and if I’m not interested it’s over, I just need to dig up my backlog; that’s the reason why I still play on PsVita, until there’s still old stuff worth playing. Sad.

I really miss those times.

On Tuesday I’ll receive my copy of Brothers Conflict for Switch: I wanted to celebrate going back to my roots, where it all started, to fill my nostalgic void. Will it make me happy or sad? Probably mixed feelings, the same as I’m feeling now while I’m writing this post.

But I wanted to share these emotions with someone who maybe relates, to feel a bit less alone.

Someone answered in my last survey that they come here mostly for this kind of content, since they enjoy my discussion posts more than reviews; it surprised me, but it’s good, knowing my readers’ opinion was the porpuse after all, so thanks!

I’ll do my best to write more of this kind of reflections and to share more of my experience and feelings; see you in a few days!

2022 is getting closer……………

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last survey, so I thought this was a good chance to ask your opinion: 2021 is ending soon, it’s almost December already, so I’m taking a look at these past months and I’m starting to plan what to bring you in this blog next year.

But to give you a nice time here, I’d like to know what you like the most; if you enjoy to come here from time to time, please take a few minutes to give me your honest answers.

The survey is HERE

Thank you for your time and see you in a few days with all my December posts!

It’s my blog’s 5th anniversary!

Hello everyone!

Somehow, despite a few months of struggle, I was able to reach this milestone: my blog is officially 5 years old! yay!

At some point, in July, I honestly thought it was the end of the road: I was tired, I had no free time and no energy to play otome games or write; I guess it’s what you’d call a burnout.

Maybe it’s a normal crisis that happens after a few years immersed in a hobby, or maybe it was just me; what matters, is that I managed to get out of that slump and come back, as an active member of the otome community. Kind of.

Let’s see in detail how this year went:

  • I wrote 9 reviews, which is a really low amount and I’m almost ashamed….. I’m sure I did way better in the past, but life gets in the way sometimes. I wish I could say that next year will be better for sure, but I’ll do my best.

  • I wrote 7 TOP10, despite the endless list of posts I’d like to work on, that I’ve written in my bullet journal; how could this happen??

  • I wrote 12 random posts, talking about otome games, my life and personal stuff.

Nothing stays the same forever, so I’ve made a few changes: now I write first impression posts and sometimes even opinions based on a single route, instead of expressing my feelings only in full reviews.

This was made to avoid disappearing for too long, if I’m playing something really slowly and it takes me months to complete a game; I think this kind of post could still be helpful to someone who wants just a general opinion, so why not?

I’ve also started my “Let’s talk” series, where I share my feelings and experiences in this fandom.

I still have many topics to talk about, I made a list of like 50 post ideas I want to write one day, on various topics; this includes my TOP10 too, of course.

I can’t predict where the future will lead me: every year, less and less otome games are released; I’m talking about Japan obviously, not about localisations.

But I can’t even complain, time goes by and I’m not the same person who used to complete more than 20 games in a year, I would never be able to keep up at that speed anyway.

Some of the 2021 releases were not my cup of tea, like Jack Jeanne, Parading Paradox and KimiYuki, so I skipped them; but who knows, maybe when they’ll be localised I’ll change my mind.

Sorry if you were waiting for my opinion, those reviews will probably never see the light.

My plan, as you probably know, is to buy old PsVita games I still miss, at a cheap price, and give them a chance: some will be a success, others a waste of time and money, but it’s worth a try.

I’ll tell you more about my 2022 gaming plans next month, when the moment for my usual end of the year posts will come; I hope you’ll look forward to my otome games awards and all my plans for next year! I guess you know how I love planning, of course this blog is not an exception.

I really hope we can meet again for the next anniversary.

See you!

I’m done with my first Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse route!

Hello everyone!

I’m done with my first Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse route, so I’m back writing my feelings so far about this game.

I started with Quat first, because I’m too weak to blond guys with green eyes; I probably should have followed a different route order, but I guess I didn’t make a huge mistake; some other routes look way more spoilerish, or maybe they are even locked, I don’t know.

Anyway, please don’t be like me and go with the official order!

Let’s talk about our boy first: he’s a doctor, in charge of his own clinic in the city; his attitude is annoying, he’s always mean to Latchia for no reason and he seems difficult to approach.

But I didn’t come here to have cute dates, let’s face the struggle right from the start!

Overall, I admit I was pretty disappointed by this route, I felt like something was lacking; I can’t really tell what’s the problem, maybe I’ll find out while playing other characters.

Somehow, it felt too long and it didn’t manage to keep my interest high for hours, I was barely curious to see the ending and it left me kinda meh as well.

If you’ve read my first impression post, you may remember that I was wondering if the time loop becomes annoying after a few times: the answer is yes, at least in this route.

Even if having the chance to go back in time as much as I want is cool, since I can make mistakes, die and start again, it gets to the point when the heroine randomly meets the guy and just straight up tells him that she knows he’s a murderer, his family secrets and all; this makes it weird, I’m not developing a relationship with the same person, but with another “him” in a different timeline, before he kills her.

Well, it’s hard to explain my feelings, I hope you kinda get my struggles.

I also repeat similar situations again and again, a bit differently since the heroine has more knowledge of what’s actually going on, but I have to regain his trust from the start; being killed by a love interest so many times is not funny, even for me.

I admit it, at some point when Latchia started working with him for the 2nd time, I lost my interest in their interactions, I could imagine what was going to happen anyway.

I was expecting way worse CGs, but the derpyness level was acceptable, it didn’t ruin my enjoyement; I mean, I didn’t enjoy this route much anyway, but it wasn’t the art’s fault.

Rudel will be worse for sure, but I’m not in the mood to continue Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse now.

I want to go back to Piofiore1926 a bit: there were only 2 routes left and I’ve been dragging it since May, I guess it’s time to complete it for real.

See you soon, next time with a TOP10! Or probably with a selling post, I have otome merch which may interest some of you. I don’t know, lately I’m just following my mood of the moment, so I can’t really tell where it will bring me…….. I hope you’ll come here anyway to see what’s going on!

Let’s talk: being an otome gamer

Hello everyone! ^^

Have you enjoyed the first post of this series? Do you think it would be interesting, if I’d keep sharing my thoughts and opinions with you?

Since there are many topics I want to talk about, here I am again!

This time, I’d like to share my personal experience about gaming as a person who is not so young anymore; I’m 33 years old, if you are new here.

First of all, my parents.

I don’t live with them anymore, I moved out 5 years ago; I wish I could do it even before!

My life was hell: whenever I turned on a game, my mum was constantly telling me to “stop wasting my life” in front of a screen. One day, she even said: “you are so young and beautiful, why are you here alone in your room??”. Keep in mind, at that time I had a boyfriend, a job and a fulfilling life; yet, spending some time with games made her “sad”.

My father never cared, I guess to him I looked like some kind of disgrace.

Since I moved out, and she can’t see me playing, our relationship got better: she knows I still do it, but she avoids the topic and that’s good. I guess she’s still secretly waiting for me to “grow up”.

Now, let’s talk about my workplace.

At my previous job, being serious to obtain trust from customers was really important, so there’s no way I could seem “childish”. A couple of my coworkers knew I loved Japan, because I went on trips there, but they didn’t care about it. There was no way I could be myself.

At my current job, people are more friendly: one of my coworkers plays games (Call of Duty, stuff like that), and she knows I enjoy japanese games too. I even told her that I write reviews on my blog; she was really interested and she wanted to follow me on social media, but……… I know it was mean from me, but I told her that I want to keep real life and hobbies separated.

This brings us to social media.

None of the people I know in real life follows me there and there’s an important reason: I want to be free, completely myself, without caring.

If I want to complain about my boss, or about my job, here on my blog or on twitter, I want to be completely free. I don’t want to be judged.

I don’t want to feel trapped even here. This is my space. For me and for everyone who shares my love for otome games. This is 100% me.

My friends in real life only know that I love Japan and play games, but they don’t ask me more than that. A couple years ago, I was talking to my best friend who loves reading as I do; I was trying to explain that some otome games had deeper plots than “classic” books which are famous all over the world. He didn’t believe me. I live in Italy, for us literature is serious stuff, we are proud of it; but I swear, for me Black Wolves Saga (just the first example that comes to my mind) had a huge impact, even more than famous books. Those characters, that backstory, the tragedy… it was great.

But obviously, if I had to tell it to any kind of literature teacher, they would assume I’m just ignorant. That’s why I always avoid the topic.

Now, you probably understand why I love writing here so much: this is the only place where I can voice my opinions without restrictions; this is the reason why, despite my busy life, I always find some time to update.

Now, it’s up to you!

Do you talk freely with people around you about otome games? How do they react?

At work, at school, with your family… do they support you? Or maybe they just don’t care?

I guess talking about it with people in real life must be very fulfilling… but for now, I’ll just enjoy my “long distance frienships”, with all the amazing people I met in this fandom.

Thanks for reading, I’d be really happy if you want to share your story.

See you soon!

A brand new series: let’s talk!

Hello everyone!

I’m really excited to start this new series today, since I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

I’ve always wanted to make this blog more personal and interactive, to share my feelings and experiences with you: I’ve been in the otome game fandom for more than 7 years, I have a lot to talk about, besides my usual TOP10 and reviews!

I’ve decided to avoid sharing these posts on twitter or instagram, since they are a bit more personal and I want them to be read mostly by people who come here on regular basis.

Even if I rarely receive comments, I know exactly how many people read my opinions and come here from time to time, just to check if there’s something new: if you’re one of them, I guess you should check updates a bit more often, from now on!

Before I officially start talking about the first topic, I have a little request: I know many of you are too busy, to comment on a blog; but since I want to open my heart to you, expressing freely my feelings, I’d love to have some kind of feedback, about this new type of content.

Google analytics just gives me cold numbers, it obviously can’t tell me if you’re enjoying what you read or not; sometimes it feels like I’m just talking to myself, and since I put a lot of effort and passion in this, it can become a little depressing.

If you enjoy this place, could you please remember there’s a person behind it? A person who sometimes needs a little pat on her shoulder, to feel motivated?

Sorry for the rant, I stop immediately. But thanks to all the people who took their time, in these past years, to leave me any kind of feedback, I really appreciate a lot, when people don’t take things for granted.

So, for today, I’d like to talk about a weird period of my life, which lasted for 4 months.

It’s a short span of time, but at the same time it can be very long, if lived intensively.

It was about 7 years ago, at the end of 2013. Oh, the old times, when I was still a young girl living with her parents, trying to find her path in life!

At that moment, I barely knew about otome games and I was slowly approaching to the genre: it was a new world I was exploring for the first time, mostly while watching reverse anime, trying to figure out how to play those games in japanese.

It was just one of my many hobbies, those days I was mostly invested in kpop and I even went to a concert. But something about otome games captured my interest and even my soul: it was a combination of a book (I’ve always loved reading), an anime (2D ikemen with sparkly eyes and coloured hair) and a game (you gotta catch em all, like pokemon!), so I was immediately sold, it was exactly what I’ve always hoped for, but I didn’t even dare to ask.

All those handsome guys, waiting for me to enter their world, live amazing adventures together and finding love…. why should I live in the real world, with annoying people, if I can live a wonderful dream? It almost became an obsession. I kept finding something new, there were literally hundreds of games to choose from… it was driving me crazy!

I was able to keep a balance until I was working, but when my contract expired and I found myself unemployed, I lost every common sense.

I remember myself waking up early in the morning, just to start a new route: I literally played 4 hours straight, losing contact with everyone around me, alone in my room and absorbed completely by that new world. I stopped for a short while just for lunch and then I started again, for hours, until my mum complained and I had to force myself to make some effort to find a new job.

This situation lasted for 4 months. Then I finally started working again, I had to go back to real life, my mind was focused on many other things and my “addiction” naturally decreased.

Years went by, I still play a lot as you can see from my reviews, but I’m a decent human being who plays 1 or 2 hours every day, not a sociopath who depends of her family to survive, locked in her dark room.

Even if I realize that it wasn’t healthy, I still consider that one of the best experience of my life: I was living someone else’s life, not mine, and it was very fullfilling.

But obviously, it could have been very dangerous, if it lasted longer.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I know many people go through a similar situation, but they aren’t lucky or strong enough to get out and face reality; living in a fantasy is amazing, it feels like the world outside doesn’t exist anymore. But it’s not the truth. Sooner or later, you’ll need to stand up on your own.

I hope you all find a good balance in life, this is the key to happiness.

Have a nice day!

Hypnosis Mic anime review

I’ve always been curious about Hypnosis Mic, since it’s been so popular for a while now!

But as you know, drama cds and mobage are not my thing, so I had to pass and let my twitter friends enjoy the hype without joining.

When the anime was announced, I was happy I could finally take a look and understand why those guys are so special… and I wasn’t disappointed! After a few minutes, I realized they are really something.

The concept is original and interesting: in a world where wars and fights are forbidden, there are basically gangs (or you could call them crew I guess) who “fight” with rap battles.

Words are literally more hurtful than weapons here.

At first I thought it was going to be though stuff, since some of them apparently are gangsters or something, but I could never take seriously other random gangs: first of all, there are so many comedy scenes, that it’s impossible to feel any kind of tension; second, just by looking at them, who look like plain rappers, it’s obvious that they’ll never get the chance to even try. Poor guys, maybe they had some bits of talent, but they weren’t good looking enough and we’ll never never know.

Now, let’s take a look at the main characters.

Busted Bros are from Ikebukuro division: it’s a crew made of 3 brothers, so their strongest feature is their family bond. They are the youngest main characters of this franchise.

Ichiro is the leader, with a deep sense of justice; he takes care of his younger sibilings, always protecting them. Saburo, the youngest, is a computer genius who can infiltrate everywhere.

Not much is shown about the middle brother, Jiro, which is a pity, poor guy.

Mad Trigger crew is from Yokohama division and they are definetely the most intimidating.

Samatoki, the leader, is a young yakuza boss, he’s used to deal with crimes and real violence every day; he’s a typical ore sama who thinks Yokohama belongs to him. His sister is his weakness.

Rio is a stoic former soldier, who loves cooking random frogs or disgusting animals.

Jyuto is a sadistic policeman who only thinks about career advancement.

Needless to say, if you know my awful taste a bit, I can’t avoid do-s policemen, it’s my type!

Their songs are probably the most violent, since they are used to deal with real criminals.

From Shibuya division, Fling Posse is probably the weirdest and less “gangster” crew of the bunch.

Ramuda is the typical shota with fluffy pink hair… or so he seems; he’s obviosuly just hiding his true personality, which makes him very interesting.

Dice is a gambler, who always needs money to feed his addiction (and himself).

Gentaro seems to come straight from a Taisho era game, he’s a novelist who always talks politely and old fashioned.

Matenrou is from Shinjuku division, they are the oldest and probably more mature characters.

Jakurai, the leader, is a serious doctor, who has the ability to heal his team in battles. Well, that’s really useful! Hifumi is an host, who is secretly terrified by woman, but he learned the ability to become a womanizer when he wears his suit.

My favorite character, the one who had the biggest impact on me, is Doppo, a desperate salaryman.

He’s pessimist, he hates himself, his boss and the whole society. What a life mood!

When he goes berserk, his negativity becomes a power which explodes and destroys.

They are my favorite crew, I guess it’s probably because they are older and somehow I can better relate to them? Doppo’s lack of sleep because of overwork is extremely relitable for me and everyone of my age, I get the struggle literally every day.

When he said “no matter how much I work, for my boss is never enough and he takes his frustration on me!” I wanted to hug him, that’s exactly my life, let’s cry together!!

So, did I enjoy this anime?

A lot more than I expected! Somehow, I thought that seeing 2D ikemen bursting out rap lyrics could make me cringe, but it was actually my favorite part of each episode.

Each of them are very defined, they rap about different themes with a personal approach; I like that every crew gives off a different aura, they fight with their own original style.

Even if I enjoyed every single episode, which is rare, my favorite part of the anime was without doubts the final rap battles at the end: I found myself cheering for my favorite guys, hoping for them to win! Go Doppo, show them your angst!!

But obviously, I won’t spoil, you’ll have to figure out by yourself how it ends.

I don’t know if there will ever be a second season, but I’d gladly watch it, I’m not ready to say goodbye to these boys.

Survey’s results!

Hello everyone!

A month has passed since I published my survey, it’s time to look at the results together and talk about my plans for the future of my blog!

My first question was about guest reviews: I wondered how you would react, if other people would write here instead of me, bringing a different point of view from time to time; as I expected, most of you would find this change interesting, as long as it’s otome related.

If my friend who plays mobage decides to collaborate with me, most of you are willing to give her a chance, to see if she’s good enough to keep you interested. I’ll tell her about it, let’s see how it goes.

Some of you asked me to keep this place mobage free, and I can understand how you feel: but don’t worry, even if there are mobage posts from time to time (if my friends agrees, it’s not even sure), I only play on console, so my usual reviews won’t slow down their paces.

The most unexpected answer from this survey, was the one about my boyfriend’s troll anime adaptation reviews; did you really enjoy his stuff that much?? 80% of you asked me to bring him back again, which shocked me (and him too!!).

We’ll settle this, when he has some free time, we’ll probably watch something together.

I was happy to see that you are ok if sometimes I talk about myself or my other hobbies here: I’ve always wanted to share more of my life, but I didn’t know if it’s somehow interesting or boring for you.

I’ll try to write more random posts when I’m in the mood, without worrying too much about being a bother; if you don’t like, just pretend it doesn’t exist!

This means, I’ll update my blog more often, at least twice a week, or at least that’s my plan.

Last, but not least, since it looks fun: I’ve told you that I’d be happy to write a Q&A post, answering your questions of any kind, being otome game related or not.

Some of you answered that you’d gladly ask me one or even more questions, so I officially open my Q&A for a whole month! You can ask me anything you want, at the end of February you’ll receive your answer! Send me your questions here in the comments, on twitter or instagram! Don’t be shy, if you’re curious, this is your moment!

Thanks to all the kind people who took their time to partecipate to this survey, I hope you’ll share your opinions in the next one too!

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