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My favorite characters voiced by Suzumura

Ken’ichi Suzumura is the first seiyuu who made me fall in love, back in the old days when I didn’t know otome games existed: he was the first “voice” which got my interest, enough to make me search more about him and his roles.

To celebrate his talent, these are my favorite characters he voiced!

Tomose, Charade Maniacs

A mature and serious childhood friend, who has been in love with you since forever.

Shizuru, Nil Admirari no tenbin

He’s a famous writer, who loves to play around with girls.

Tsubasa, Starry Sky

He represents the sign of Aquarius; he likes to make weird experiments and inventions, which mostly end up exploding!

Chou’un, Jyuuzaengi

A prince charming: loyal, respectful and romantic, you’ll feel protected and loved.

Masato, Uta no prince sama

Masato is probably Suzumura’s most famous character, I don’t think there’s anyone here who hasn’t heard about Utapri; he’s a stoic and responsible guy, who becomes really cute when he shows his tsundere side!

Tsubaki, Brothers Conflict

Last but not least, Tsubaki! If I’m still playing otome games after years, it’s his fault: I fell in love so hard when I watched the anime, that all I could think about was him; I had his pics everywhere and I started learning kanji just to understand the game. Even if he’s not my favorite character anymore, I have a strong attachment to this naughty brother and I’ll forever be grateful that he made me fall into otome games hell!

What do you think about Suzumura and his characters? Is there another character you love?

Top10 Butlers/Guardians/Servants in otome games

Please, tell me I’m not the only one who gets really weak, when it comes to butlers or guardians in otome games: when there’s a guy who’s completely devoted to the heroine, ready to sacrifice his life for her, my heart melts down immediately. This trope is probably cheesy, but it works on me.

So, let’s take a look at my favorite characters!

10- Zara, Black wolves saga

Zara is a butler, but also a skilled pharmacist, who takes care of Fiona’s frail health since her childhood. Strict but also gentle, he’s considered part of the family and a dear friend.

9- Hubert, Reine des Fleurs

He’s a Prime Minister and also the closest person to Violette, doting her as a little sister, but also being strict when it comes to his job.

8- Rain, Shiro to kuro no Alice

Always serious and disciplined, he devotes his life to the Queen and protecting the country, despite all the sacrifices he has to make, when necessary.

7- Kasuga, Variable Barricade

A supporting and loyal butler, always caring about Hibari……….. or not? He hides a huge secret.

6- Luca, Arcana Famiglia

He took care of Felicità since her childhood days, as a guardian and a part of the family.

But his feelings for her were never the ones of a butler or brother.

5- ChouRyou, Jyuuzaengi

He was created, as a living doll, just to be a loyal servant.

In the sequel, when he decided on his will to protect Kan’U and he chose her as his mistress, it was his only way to prove his devotion. Seeing him become a human with feelings, was amazing.

4- Yasuomi, Utsusemi no meguri

His only purpose in life is to protect the heroine, without caring about himself and his safety; he’s been in love with her since forever, but he doesn’t dare to confess his feelings.

3- Snow, Shiro to kuro no Alice

Always sweet and caring, his personality makes everyone feel at ease; he’s perfect husbando material.

2- Gekkamaru, Nightshade

He’s Enju’s bodyguard, completely devoted to protecting his master; overprotective, serious and always loyal, his presence is always reassuring even at hardest times.

1- Shinnosuke, Glass heart princess

Shinnosuke is one of my favorite characters ever, his relationship with Kyouko always makes me emotional; he chose to devote his life protecting her since childhood, staying by her side no matter what. I’m madly in love with him.

Do you like the butler/servant/bodyguard trope? Who’s your favorite?

TOP10 otome games I’d like to live in

When I play otome games, I usually don’t self insert: I just love watching the story progress and the heroine being happy with her boyfriend.

But I can’t deny I’d love to be in her place sometimes, surrounded by good looking ikemen who love me for no reasons. Here’s my TOP10 otome games I’d like to live in!

10- Kamigami no Asobi

I’d love to meet and fall in love with gods from various countries, I’ve always been a mithology geek!

9- Uta no prince sama

Becoming friends (and lovers) with famous idols is everyone’s dream, I’m sure we’ve all been through a boyband phase.

8- Tlicolity Eyes

Making guys sparkle is a great skill, it would be embarrasing in real life but I’d gladly give it a try.

7- Klap! Kind Love and punish

Being a teacher who scolds and punishes demons must be a fulfilling job.

6- Storm Lover

These games are basically the school days I wish I had when I was a teen.

5- Otoko Yuukaku

Manwhores trying to seduce me, this is not bad at all.

4- Glass Heart Princess

Kyouko has some kind of heart disease, which is obviously not nice, but dating ikemen as a cure doesn’t seem so bad after all. Also, she’s a beautiful ojou sama. Shinnosuke is her butler, which is absolutely enough for me to desire being her!

3- Cupid Parasite

Being Cupid must be a lot of fun, trying to create couples and watch people fall in love is cool.

2- Reine des Fleurs

Being a beautiful queen, surrounded by ikemen servants is a dream coming true.

1- Brothers Conflict

I know I’m weak to oniichan characters, but… Ema basically lives in a male harem, she can choose any ikemen she wants! This is paradise!

If you could live in a game, which one would you choose?

TOP10 worst otome games to live in!

Some of my friends who enjoy otoge like to self insert and imagine themselves as the heroine, instead of just watching the story from the point of view of an outsider; but have you ever realized how it would be, living inside an otome game?

While some are cute and fluffly, others are bloody and painful.

Our best boy would love us, there’s an happy ending (probably… not even always), but… are you sure you would like to experience it all?

My tastes tend to be quite dark, so it wouldn’t be a wise choice for me to enter that world for real.

Here’s my ranking of the worse otome games to live in!

10- Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen

That school is hell. If a caste system is not enough for you to hate that place, just wait until you discover the truth.

9- Charade Maniacs

Being secluded in a weird place by a creepy guy is not a nice experience.

8- Amnesia

Losing your memory is painful and pretending everything is fine is even worse.

7- Dance with Devils

Suddenly discovering that vampires and demons are after your blood and your family is keeping a huge secret from you is awful.

6- Piofiore no Banshou

Even if those mafia men are hot, living as Liliana is really scary: everyone wants to kill her or use her for their own selfish reasons, as if she was an object instead of a person with feelings.

5- 7’scarlet

This is scary. Some scenes made me so afraid, if I were Ichiko I’d literally run away screaming and crying the whole time.

4- ChouChou Jiken

Zombies and blood: you’d better be aware, if you trust the people around you it’s the end.

3- Diabolik Lovers

People sometimes insult Yui for being a do-m, but have you ever imagined what you would do, in her place? This girl is completely alone and she’s strong enough to survive among vampires!

2- Black Wolves Saga

Being Fiona must be expremely painful, this poor girl had to endure torture and abuse… I love this game with all my heart, but being a victim of Auger and Mejojo is a nightmare, I could never survive!

1- Moshikami

This game is true hell. Nothing more to say.

What’s the scariest otome game to live in for you? Which is the heroine who suffers the most, before reaching the happy ending?

TOP10 friendzoned characters

Have you ever played a route, while thinking: “this guy is nice, but I can’t see him as a boyfriend, he’s just a good friend to me”? Some of them are not my type personality-wise, they are too genki to the point it gets almost annoying, while others don’t appeal that much to me aestethically.

Well, here’s a TOP10 characters I’d rather consider just friends!

10- Fran, Code Realize

He’s really sweet and I admire his smartness, he’s an amazing scientist! But I can’t picture him as a boyfriend, he’s just a supportive friend.

9- Gill, Cupid Parasite

His devotion and patience to wait for years the girl he loves, is amazing; but I found his desperation a bit cringy and maybe even stalkerish, I wish he could just move on!

8- Kanata, Glass Heart Princess

His weirdness makes him funny and entertaining as a friend, but I can’t really imagine him as a boyfriend, I feel like I could never really rely on him.

7- Apollon, Kamigami no asobi

He acts like a prince charming, he could be perfect husbando material…. if he wasn’t so desperately in love with another girl. I don’t like being a replacement, I’d rather stay as good friends.

6- Heishi, Norn9

I’ve never seen him as a good boyfriend, he’s too carefree and sometimes childish; but he’s a supportive and optimistic friend we all need at sad times.

5- Naoshi sensei, Starry Sky in Autumn

How can a teacher be so energetic and silly with his students? It’s not my thing, sorry, I’d barely consider him a friend.

4- Nayuta, Variable Barricade

Even if I found attractive his “work mode” attitude, he’s usually a do-m and basically a puppy most of the time, no one could take him seriously; he’s a good guy, but I can’t really imagine him as a boyfriend.

3- Rikka, Storm Lover

He loves being loud and making pranks; his route ended up hiding a huge secret and it changed my opinion about him, but all I wanted was to be close to him as a friend.

2- Libertà, Arcana Famiglia

I like his bright attitude, he’s the friend we all would like to have by our side, to make our lives funnier; but I couldn’t see him as an actual love interest, he’s not mature enough.

Also, he was blood related to Felicità, which make their romantic relationship a huge NO.

1- Otoya, Uta no prince sama

He’s so sweet, caring, sensitive… he’s a golden boy. But I can’t really feel attracted to him, despite his good looking appearence; I don’t know why, maybe he seems too pure.

I’d love him as a close friend or brother figure, but nothing more.

Well, I realized most of the guys in this list are actually genki or shota types, which is not surprising, since these are my less favorite tropes.

I have problems dealing with energetic and loud people in real life too, so I can’t even picture them as fictional boyfriends!

What do you think of my list?

My TOP10 otome game tropes in real life

We all have different preferences for otome game tropes: some of us like innocent tsundere, while others think creepy yandere are sexy (yeah, that’s me).

But have you ever thought, how they would be in real life?

Well, I tried to make a ranking based on which trope would be the best, if they would really exist in real life; let’s go, from the worst to real husbando material!

10- Yangire

This is without doubt the most dangerous type of guy you could ever meet in real life, you’d be in real danger: he would physically and emotionally hurt you a lot. Run away!

9- Yandere

His obsession is not healthy, being locked in a cage is not fancy even if there are cute plushies with you. He’s basically a stalker, call the police if you ever meet one!

8- Shota

He’s cute, but I don’t want to be reported to the police if someone sees us dating and thinks I’m seducing or molesting a child. No, thanks.

7- Playboy

I find them sexy in otome games, but I’d never choose a guy who loves to flirt with many girls in real life. I’m too jealous, sorry.

6- Sensei

I think many of us had a crush on a teacher, sooner or later.

If it actually becomes a relationship, it would probably be a huge problem; but if it’s true love, that’s ok I guess.

5- Genki

I love being surrounded by positive people, but if their energy level is too high, I really can’t keep up and I’d end up finding my boyfriend annoying pretty soon.

4- Megane

Why not? I’m not weak to this trope, but I’m not against boys wearing glasses, so it’s ok.

3- Kuudere

I get it, he’s cool, but probably too cold to be a good boyfriend. Unless you enjoy this kind of distant relationship, but it’s not for me, I want to feel loved.

2- Tsundere

Guys who are easily embarrassed and blush are really cute!

1- Childhood friends

I think it would be the best match in real life: you know everything about each other, there are no secrets; you’ve been your whole life together, growing up and supporting each other though hard times. No one can separate you!

What is your favorite real life trope?

Happy Valentine’s! My TOP10 boyfriend material ikemen!

Happy Valentine’s day!!

A couple years ago, to celebrate this event, I tried to imagine different type of dates with some of my favorite ikemen; but as you probably know, if you talked to me at least a bit, my tastes in men are really bad: some of my husbando tend to be problematic, but I can’t help feeling attracted to creepy guys in otome games.

That’s why most of the characters I love, wouldn’t be good boyfriends at all in real life; to be fair, I’d probably need to call the police on them.

For this reason, I decided to write a new list, with my favorite “boyfriend/husbando” material of otome games, ranking only guys who truly deserve to be loved.

Let’s start!

10- Hino, 7’scarlet.

He’s the sweet, protective childhood friend who secretly loves you and he’s ready to risk it all just to help you; having him as a boyfriend is comforting.

9- Limbo, Bustafellows

I appreciate his attitude towards life and struggles: he takes it easy, he’s optimistic and confident.

8- Yuto, Storm Lover

Smart, handsome and rich, what else could you ask for? His perfection is almost irritating, but I guess having a prince from fairytales always next to you is a dream coming true for every girl.

7- Mineo, Collar Malice

His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, he’s the kind of boyfriend who can help you smile and feel better even when you’re in a bad mood.

6- Azusa, Starry Sky

I loved his confidence and flirty attitude, he’s determined and free minded.

5- Kai, Snow Bound Land

He looks so handsome I could cry. He’s the sweet and caring chidhood friend we all need in our lives, he basically comes out from a fairytale.

4- Chihiro, Tlicolity Eyes

A young actor, who takes his job very seriously; he would help and support his girlfriend, so they can both grow together.

3- Kintarou, Yunohana Spring

He’s an energetic and positive boyfriend, he will support your life choices and wait for you.

2- ChouUn, Jyuuzaengi

A true prince charming: strong, respectful, caring… I think every girl would fall for a guy like him.

1- Shinnosuke, Glass heart princess

He stole my heart. There’s nothing more I can say about him, he’s simply perfect in my eyes! Devoted, madly in love, always protective and respectful… a prince charming.

So, who is your ideal boyfriend?

Do you end up falling in love with crazy characters who would be dangerous in real life, or you prefer prince types, who actually would be perfect boyfriends?

Otome games classics

Sometimes I meet people who are kinda new to otome games: maybe they just watched an anime adaptation and fell in love with one character, just to find out he’s actually dateable through a game; or maybe they’ve seen friends talking about a localization on twitter, they gave it a chance and fell in love with the genre.

I guess most of us have been through this when we started this amazing journey, so I’m always glad to give advice and help them to discover this magic world full of ikemen.

When someone asks me which games I’d recommend, I suddenly panic: even if I have my personal favorite games and I’ve even written a TOP10, I perfectly know that my tastes are not for everyone, since I mostly enjoy dark themes.

That’s why I thought it should have been nice to write a list of “classics” of this genre, which have been very popular and loved by most of the players.

I won’t rank these games, I’ll just list some that I consider milestones.


The most famous historical otome game.

We all have cried with them, it was painful, but I loved every single moment.


Toma’s cage is a classic and forever will, it’s iconic.


I bet we all fell in love with one of these brothers at some point; my favorite was Tsubaki, but I honestly loved them all.


Cardia’s story is very touching, she’s still one of the best heroines.


The most famous vampires of otome games.

Hate it or love it, this series is a classic when it comes to sadistic characters.


The most iconic school-themed otome game.

The idea of these guys representing a different Zodiac sign is captivating, we all tried to make comparisons with our sign and the guy representing it.


Probably the most famous idol/music otome game.

Personally I enjoyed the anime more, since the musical aspect is way more important than romantic scenes in most of the routes and I kinda prefer watching them from afar.

But without doubt, this is a classic and will always be.

Do you think I’m missing something? Is there another series that every otome gamer should try in their life?

TOP10 Characters voiced by Toriumi

Otome games are always blessed with talented voice actors, who bring to life our favorite characters; there are many I appreciate, but Kousuke Toriumi has been one of my favorite for years and will always be special in my heart.

Here’s a list of amazing characters he voiced!

10- Takizawa Saku, Gakuen Club

Very smart and mature for his age, he loves reading and writing.

9- Sanada Yukikage, Shinobi koi utsutsu

A strong and powerful shinobi, who became a reliable teacher.

8- Tsukinohara Kuon, Dynamic chord

The outgoing guitarist and leader of Reve Parfait.

7- Azusa, Brothers Conflict

Always calm and gentle, he supports his twin brother Tsubaki.

6- Saitou Hajime, Hakuouki

Stoic, reserved and loyal until death.

5- SouSou, Jyuuzaengi

Obsessed with the ambition of conquering and become the most powerful, it’s no surprise he has a controlling personality too.

4- Aijima Cecil, Utapri

Our sweet arabian prince, caring and devoted to love and music.

3- Shiki, Period Cube

Apparently a loving brother, he hides a crazy yandere personality.

2- Kagiha, Kokuchou no Psychedelica

Sweet and gentle, ready for any sacrifice to save his friends and loved one.

1- Sakamaki Shuu, Diabolik Lovers

My favorite vampire and also my ultimate husbando; you probably know how much I love him already, there’s no need for me to add more.

Do you love Toriumi like me? what’s your favorite role? There are so many other characters who aren’t included in this list!

TOP10 otome games which deserve a FD

Have you ever played a game, thinking: “it deserves a fandisk so bad!! it can’t end like this, I need more!!” but then your hopes got crashed and after years, there’s still no fandisk in sight?
I bet you had, it happens even too often. Here’s my list!

10- Binary Star

I loved the contrast between the sparkly art/comic interactions and the dark theme.
These characters had such a great potential, I think they needed a relaxed FD dedicated to funny moments!

9- Brothers Conflict

The game system was so painful, it was difficult to enjoy all the romance; I also needed to raise the status by going to multiple dates, but in the end it felt more like a chore to reach the happy ending.
I wish I could have fun with those boys without worrying about scenes to unlock!

8- Gekka Ryouran Romance

Nazuna is such a sweet, diligent girl, I felt anxious for her, when she entered that creepy school; she was able to adapt and live happily, but some of her endings were absolutely awful, I’d need a fandisk to see what happened later, to find out if she survived or regretted her life choice.

7- Hana Oboro

Historical games are always full of wars and pain, I’d love to see Ichi happily married, living peacefully.

6- Moshikami

I want to see Haruka being happy, that girl deserves all the happiness in this world, she has been through hell since childhood! I need a fandisk full of cute moments.

5- Re:Viced

I appreciated this game mostly for the comedy, since I ended up kinda bored when it tried to be serious; I’d gladly play a fandisk based only on their interactions, it would be funny for sure!

4- Trigger Kiss

This game lacked romance a lot, if felt more like a friendship/sport/supernatural game; Futaba was a great heroine, I’d love to see her happily dating or getting married!

3- Steam Prison

This game is really deep and dark, Cyrus is a strong heroine who went through many hardships to save her life, while finding love; I’d like to see her live happily, without having to defend herself with a sword to survive.

2- Snow Bound Land

Most of the game described the journey to get rid of their curse, leaving just a little space for romanticism; I wish I could date those boys in the relaxed environment of their village.

1- Variable Barricade

Hibari is a great heroine, I’d love to see more interactions with her chosen boyfriend: she’s such a tsundere, and those guys are so weird in their own special ways, that it would be extremely cute but maybe kinda embarrassing at the same time!

Which fandisk would you love the most?

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