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TOP10 otome games shocking moments!

This post will be full of spoilers, so BEWARE!!!!! if you haven’t played those games, you’d better be careful or go away!! unless you love spoilers, then you’ll probably enjoy reading this a lot.
It’s your choice!

I’ve been wanting to write about my favorite shocking moments in otoge for a long time, but I’ve always wondered if someone would actually read this, instead of running away screaming.
If you’re brave enough, or you’ve played so many games that nothing comes as a spoiler for you, let’s start!

10- Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen: Rei reveals he has a double personality

Since Rei was always so calm and elegant, when I got closer to him and I saw his dark side, I thought he just pretended to be a perfect prince at school, to hide his awful true personality.
It wasn’t that easy. Negative thoughts and feelings piled up in his fragile mind, until he developed a second personality, which was dangerous and creepy.

9- Psychedelica of the Black butterfly: Kagiha’s death in real life

Raise your hands if you haven’t cried when you saw that flashback, showing those children crying for the death of their friend. It was heartbreaking.

8- Taisho Alice: the moment you realize that it’s not a cute fairytale otome game

As you play and realize the truth, the whole story is shocking, I can’t choose a specific moment.
Shirayuki living with his mother’s corpse and Gretel almost killing people would be creepy enough, but (real life) Alice’s suicide attempt is serious business.

7- ChouChou Jiken: Elena’s parents were stabbed and crucified on the wall in front of her eyes when she was 5

Riitomo has some kind of mental disease, which causes him to lack any kind of emotion and empathy, he doesn’t understand what sadness or happiness mean. That’s why that bloody scene doesn’t scare him at all. But when Elena screams, Riitomo for the first time in his life realizes how despair feels, so he starts to consider her a God. Well, I’ve never felt so scared by a character in my life.

6- Dynamic Chord Liars: Seri rapes the heroine for literally no reason other than “you were the only one who never payed attention to me and I can’t take it”

I hoped until the very last moment that something would happen to stop him, so he could regret his actions and become a decent human being before it was too late, but….. he did it, so I can’t forgive him.

5- Black wolves saga: Nesso’s head falls on the ground after he’s been decapitated.

That scene was iconic, something I’d never thought I could see in a otome game.
My heart broke in a million pieces.

4- 7’Scarlet, Toa reveals to be an undead.

Some of my friends told me they were expecting this, it was kinda obvious, but I admit I was clueless and this revelation was so shocking I was literally screaming inside and I had to pause the game for a couple minutes to calm down my feelings.

3- Fiona gets tortured by Auger and Mejojo

I still remember myself staring at the screen in shock while thinking: “is this a real otome game? Are the love interests really punishing the heroine so harshly?! How can she fall in love with them later?” That scene was really memorable.

2- Diabolik Lovers, Laito sucking Yui’s blood in the church

That scene was iconic, I bet everyone who watched the anime still remembers it even if they’ve never played the games. It was basically blasphemy and I pitied a lot the poor Yui, who was scared and ashamed of being abused in front of her God.

1- Moshikami, young Masato raping 9 year old heroine

Well, there’s nothing more I can say about it; this game had a lot of shocking moments, I should write a top10 dedicated to it honestly, but that flashback was obviously the most disgusting.

If you managed to reach this far, what’s your favorite shocking moment?

My TOP10 otome games heroine’s clothes!

Depending on the setting, otome games characters wear a large variety of clothes, from simple school uniforms to very original and elegant outfits.

These are my personal favorites heroine’s clothes!

10- Nadeshiko (Clock Zero)

Her white clothes look pure and elegant, fitting perfectly her personality.

9- Kazuha (Period Cube)

Her clothes look like a sophisticated variation of a school uniform, but at the same time they fit the mood of a videogame heroine: cute, yet practical to fight.

8- Lily (Piofiore)

She looks modest, yet sophisticated.

7- Gerda (Snow bound land)

Those elegant clothes adapt perfectly to her sweet personality and soft smile, she looks like an heroine from a fairytale.

6- Tiana (Moujuutsukai to ouji sama)

Her clothes are extremely cute yet still practical to work.

5- Luna (Shiro to kuro no Alice)

I loved how Luna’s clothes fit perfectly her personality, she looked like a strong, determined dark queen.

4- Violette (Reine des Fleurs)

She looks like a fleeting creature, a dark and sad princess.

3- Ichi (Hana Oboro)

Sengoku clothes are a classic.

2- Fiona (Black wolves saga)

Being the daughter of an Earl, she dresses gracefully as a noble.

1- Cardia (Code Realize)

I love the steampunk theme, I’m a great fan of this style!

What’s your favorite?

Games I regret buying

Who has never made a mistake, when it comes to buying games?

At some point, we all wasted our money in something boring, disappointing or even terrible.

But even if some games are objectively worse than others for various aspects (when it comes to bad writing, for example), in my experience an absolute “kusoge” doesn’t exist: there are games I disliked for various reasons, but my friends consider them masterpieces; there are also games I absolutely loved, but everyone else thinks they are awful.

So, with this idea in my mind, I’ll tell you which games didn’t suit my tastes and ended up being a waste of money for me; but please, don’t feel offended if you enjoyed them!

5- Wand of fortune

I’ve dragged myself through the first game, despite the boring and repetitive system, because I hoped I could end up loving those characters, as apparently everyone else did.

Even if the setting had potential, I’ve never felt invested in the story nor the boys, so playing it became a chore. I was curious to play more this series, because the heroine grows up beautifully and the art is amazing, but I’ve read that the system became even worse in the sequel.

So I’m sorry, I really can’t.

4- Kurenai no Homura Sanada Ninpou Chou

If you think Hakuouki is too focused on wars, don’t even get close to Sanada Ninpou Chou.

I usually love games plot-focused and I obviously was expecting a lot of blood and military strategies, but this was really too much.

A few minutes of love confessions and kiss can’t make up for the lack of romance, it was really hard to tell when and why the characters fell in love with each other.

Even if it’s typical of historical games, I don’t think it’s impossible to reach a nice balance, since I played great games which were able to show both the war and the building of the relationship.

This wasn’t the case.

3- Yunohana Spring Cherishing Time

I really hoped the writers could spare me from annoying guests with useless problems, so I could focus on the relationship between Yunoha and the boys… but sadly, I was terribly wrong.

With such a relaxing setting, I think it should be really easy for the writers to come up with cute and funny everyday scenes; it doesn’t even matter if they aren’t that original, it’s a FD, I bought it for the fluff!

2- Shinobi koi utsutsu kanmitsu hana emaki

It was basically a copy-pasta fest, the writers didn’t even try to make this sequel original.

I couldn’t even bring myself to write a review, because I had literally nothing to say about this game. I only survived because the system is cute and funny, so I loved those scenes, but the plot was basically non-existent and after so many routes I got extremely tired and bored, completing it felt like a chore.

1- Yuukyuu no Tierblade Fragments of memory

Since I enjoyed a lot Tierblade, I was really excited to play the FD, hoping it would focus on cute couple moments and happy stuff, since the first game was plot-centered and often sad.

But it was a huge disappointment.

There were far too many boring flashbacks, random sub-characters I didn’t care about and even more angst in the After Stories, which is absolutely insane! Come on, those characters suffered a lot already, let them be happy!!

I dragged this game for like 5 months, I dropped it a various times and then picked it up again, because I hate wasting my money. But it was painful, I just wanted it to end as soon as possible to be free.

So, what’s the game you regret buying?

My TOP10 underrated characters

Every time I write a TOP10, I always do my best to make this list vary, with characters from different games, so you won’t get the feeling that you are going through a variation of the same list over and over.

But obviously, having my favorite characters, I tend to include them whenever I can, in higher positions; I try to avoid it and be original, but there’s no help it.

So I decided to make a special ranking, made up exclusively of characters who never managed to be mentioned in my previous TOP10: those boys deserve some love, even if I somehow can’t give them enough recognition.

Let’s go!

10- Itsuki- Rear Pheles Red of Another

He loves reading and he’s a sweet, classy boy.

9- Mio- Storm Lover

He lives in his dreamy world, he’s unpredictable and difficult to understand; but he’s the most adorable guy you could imagine, his weirdness is kinda attractive. I know, it’s difficult to believe, but give him a chance!

8- Aje- Snow Bound Land

Even if I’m not weak to tsundere, usually, I admit Aje is too cute, his adorable reactions melt my heart.

7- Rei- Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen

He’s basically a prince charming, always polite and loved by everyone; but he hides a secret, which made him even more interesting.

6- Snow- Shiro to kuro no Alice

He’s so caring and reliable, I feel like I could trust my whole life to him.

5- Yun- Binary Star

He’s completely crazy, he made me laugh so much every time he was called “hentai”!

Since he’s always flirty and he tends to be overreacting, his route is comedy gold.

4- Mordred- Princess Arthur

He’s a nice, popular and reliable knight, but he also hides a mysterious side, which makes him difficult to read; I like guys who are deeper than they seem, even if they can be dangerous.

3- Astrum- Period Cube

I really loved the gap between his lonely personality in real life and his strong attitude in Arcadia, where he acted like a confident leader.

2- Leon- Reines des Fleurs

He fell in love at first sight and he never tried to hide his feelings; his desperation was even embarrassing to watch, but that’s why I love him!

1- Eltcreed- Steam Prison

His flirty attitude and weird personality made me fall in love really hard!

He can be a serious leader and a reliable boyfriend, but his funny humor is what got me attracted to him the most; he’s a great character, who deserves more love!

TOP10 Red eyes ikemen

Since I plan to make a ranking of every popular eyes’ color in otome games, here’s my TOP10 red eyes!

10- Saizou- Kurenai no Homura Sanada Ninpou Chou

Strong and confident, he thinks every woman loves him.

9- Madoka- Blackish House

He loves playing around with girls and having any kind of scandal, but he’s still very popular.

8- Hino- 7’scarlet

A sweet and caring friend, you can always rely on him.

7- Kino- Diabolik Lovers

Smart and dangerous, be careful around him: even if he seems nice, he’s probably planning something bad!

6- Adage- Steam Prison

Despite his cold and blunt attitude, which can be difficult to handle sometimes, he’s a respected doctor who is great at taking care of others.

5- Tenma- Glass Heart Princess

He’s the infirmary doctor of the school, always gentle and positive.

But he actually hides a huge secret!

4- Otoya- Uta no prince sama

Bright and positive, he’s the boyfriend who never lets you down.

3- Akazukin- Taisho Alice

Awkward, embarrassing and absolutely adorable.

2- Snow- Shiro to kuro no Alice

You know how butlers make me weak, he’s a really sweet and devoted guy.

1- Subaru- Diabolik Lovers

The one and only tsundere of the Diabolik Lovers series.

He gets angry easily, but he’s also sweet and romantic.

Or at least, he’s probably the best boyfriend a vampire could be!

TOP10 Cero B otome games

If you prefer your otome games to be pure, without sexy scenes or disturbing themes, this Top10 is for you! Cero B rating is safe for everyone, you don’t need to worry about blood, violence or too suggestive situations.

Here we go!

10- Snow bound land

A fantasy game, based of the fairytale “The snow Queen”.

The heroine Gerda and her friends are cursed after breaking a magic mirror, so they start traveling to find back all the missing pieces. A cute story for those who love adventure and romantic love.

9- Bad Apple wars

A game about death, life and friendship. You may end up crying at some point, you’re warned!

8- Trigger kiss

Join the “Superpower Club” and fight against other schools! This game is mostly about comedy and friendship.

7- Yunohana Spring

A cute slice of life game, where you run a bath-house with your ikemen employees.

You have to deal with customers’ requests, helping them to have nice memories of their trip.

6- Toki no kizuna 

If you’re looking for historical games without too much violence or blood, this series is for you!

But it’s plot heavy, so be warned, you may end up getting bored at some point.

5- Starry Sky

The most famous school game ever, a classic every otome game player should try.

4- Yuukyuu no Tierblade

If you are an Evangelion fan, or just love Gundams, you’ll love this game!

3- Charade Maniacs

A lot of mysteries to solve, it feels more like an adventure game than otome.

Even if I didn’t fell in love with those characters, they were all charming and I loved to unveil their secrets. Absolutely recommended!

2- Glass Heart Princess

Do your best to train your weak heart by dating nice boys, until you’ll be able to experience love without…. well, literally breaking your heart. It’s an old classic everyone should play!

1- Variable Barricade

A great (voiced!) heroine, a lot of comedy gold scenes and beautiful bachelors who are trying to marry you. What else can you ask from an otome game?

My TOP10 Blue Eyes ikemen

I’m really weak to characters with blue eyes, I admit it: making this list was probably the most difficult challenge for me, since my husbando top10. (I bet you’ll notice SOMEONE is missing, but I tried to make this TOP10 a little different, instead of placing HIM everywhere!)

So, let’s take a look at my favorite ikemen!

10- Alice- Taisho Alice

Always complaining, always shouting and most of all, with a very sharp tongue! His true identity is a mystery, but the truth is shocking!

9- Tsumugi- Dynamic chord- Reve parfait

He’s a popular bassist, who acts like a playboy, but he’s actually sweet and romantic.

8- Aramis- Musketeer

Every girl wants him (and his beautiful hair), since he looks like a charming prince, straight from a fairytale; but behind his playboy attitude, there’s a lot more.

7- Lindo- Dance with Devils

He’s ready to give up his life to protect you, even if he may take his affection too far.

6- Yukine- Re:Viced

Always smiling, his carefree attitude makes me feel at ease with him.

But he’s mysterious about himself and his past, so you’d better be careful!

5- Kou- Diabolik Lovers

Get ready for happy moments, but also pain: the rule of this world is just “give and take”, after all.

4- Shinnosuke- Glass heart princess

My favorite butler and great husbando material!

3- Dante- Piofiore no banshou

He became a mafia boss despite his young age, since he’s very mature and smart.

He’s really serious about family’s traditions and trust.

2- Nobunaga- Hana Oboro

Strong, possessive, powerful: well, he’s the famous Nobunaga after all.

Being his sister Ichi is a blessing and a curse.

1- Ikki- Amnesia

A popular playboy, who keeps attracting women…. even when he doesn’t want to.

Behind his beautiful blue eyes, he’s hiding loneliness and sadness.

Who’s your favorite?

TOP10 otome games plots

Let’s face it: we are mostly playing otome games to satisfy our thirst for ikemen, that’s a fact.

But if the plot is well written and we feel involved and moved, it’s even better.

So here’s a list of the most interesting plots of otome games I’ve played so far!

10- Taisho Alice

This game seems just funny at first, nothing special, but as you play you realize how deep the plot is, until the truth hits you hard. A great psychological game!

9- Nil Admirari no tenbin

As a person who loves reading, cursed books which contain the writer’s feelings are very intriguing to me; even if they are dangerous, I wish I was able to convey my emotions in writing too. But only positive of course, I don’t want to kill anyone!

8- Piofiore no Banshou

Somehow, Italian mafia is always fascinating in fiction, even if it comes with blood and violence.

7- Nightshade

Do you think historical games are predictable, because you know how it’s going to end without playing? Nightshade will make you change your mind!

6- 7’scarlet

At first I thought it was a mystery game, and I love that genre. Then he became some kind of horror… but when I knew the truth about a character, it was an epic moment! This game is actually deeper than it seems.

5- Haitaka no Psychedelica

The heroine disguises herself as a boy, to hide her secret which could get her killed.

Among suffering, she discovers the truth about her past.

4- Steam Prison

If this was an anime or a book, I’d probably watch/read it in just one day, to know the truth about the heroine’s parents. Who killed them? Who tried to blame the heroine and why?

3- Kokuchou no psychedelica

If you think the “I’ve lost my memory” theme is clichè and you can’t empathize with amnesiac characters anymore, try to play this without crying, as the truth unveils!

2- Collar Malice

Being a fan of crime series and mystery in general, I fell in love immediately with Collar Malice: who is the mastermind behind “X- Day incidents”? Why are they targeting the heroine, putting a collar on her neck?

1- Black Wolves Saga

This story is great, good enough to become a book: I’d read through it and cry out of despair, even if I wouldn’t able to see Mejojo’s beautiful face on a screen.

The plot, the characters, the setting… it feels like a tragedy, instead of an otome game.

What’s the most interesting otome game you’ve ever played?

Which kind of plot do you find fascinating?

TOP10 Typical situations in otome games

If you’ve been playing otome games for a while, you’ve probably realized that some situations and events tend to happen frequently in most of the games. Also, at some point the heroine MUST say typical otome lines.

Let’s take a look at my personal favorites!

10- When the heroine is alone, no matter the place, guys will try to hit on her and the ikemen comes to rescue

I don’t know if it happens that frequently in Japan, or maybe otome game heroines are too attractive, but it seems like they can’t even walk on the streets without getting unrequited attention.

But there’s always an ikemen who magically appears to save them.

9- If there’s a summer festival, the heroine will wear a yukata and geta, so her feet will hurt.

Looking good is important for the heroine, those guys need a reason to love her after all!

If at some point she can’t walk anymore, a nice ikemen will help her. It’s also a good chance to be alone for some time!

8- “Give me your hand, so you won’t get lost”

Connected to the previous point, the heroine’s fate is to get lost like a children, if there’s a crowd.

But don’t worry! And ikemen will offer his hand, just to make sure she’s safe.

7- If there’s a childhood friend, he’s in love with the heroine since forever. And he’s probably a yandere.

Otome games taught me to be aware of childhood friends, since they apparently are hiding a dangerous dark side; I wonder why none of them can simply confess before turning into a yandere, but ok.

6- If the heroine is sick, she’ll probably faint and a random ikemen will take care of her

Having a fever apparently means automatically fainting, in Japan.

It never happened to me, but probably because I’m not an otome game heroine, after all!

5- “You belong to me, don’t talk/look/get close/whatever to anyone else”

Even if it should be the typical line of a yandere, surprisingly many other tropes love to consider the heroine as their property. If it could be obvious for an ore-sama, maybe it shouldn’t be for your onii chan, childhood friend or kuudere classmate. But it’s a game, so it’s allowed.

4- “It’s not like I did it for you, or something like that!!”

At least a tsundere in every game is a must, and having him blush like crazy, while screaming that sentence feels like a necessity for writers, they absolutely can’t avoid it.

3- “His face is too close!!”

Men in otome games love getting closer to the heroine, what a surprise!

Sometimes an ikemen just tries to seduce her, while other times she’s just overreacting when a guy gets too comfortable around her. I wish I had the same problem.

2- “His hands are so big….. he’s a man after all”

Even if they are just stating the obvious, apparently many heroines need a lot of time to realize that men around them are taller, stronger and… well, manly.

1- “What is this feeling?”

Raise your hand if you’ve never heard (or read/seen… well, you get the point) the heroine wondering why she’s been thinking about a certain person all the time.

My heart pounds so fast…….. what is this feeling?”

Unless you are 12 years old or something, I think it should be obvious, but apparently it isn’t!

These situations are so typical, I’m sure you all came across most of these, probably even every single one. Is there something important I forgot?

My TOP10 Green Eyes ikemen

It’s been a while since my last TOP10 based on hair color, so… why not making a TOP10 series based on eye colors too? Let’s start with beautiful green eyes!

10- Reine des Fleurs- Louis

I’ll be completely honest with you: I disliked him as a character, but he’s the most beautiful person (or I should say drawing? whatever!) I’ve ever seen in my life. Even if I hated his personality, I literally spent hours staring at his face. I know, I have a problem, but in my eyes he’s aesthetically the essence of perfection.

9- Tlicolity Eyes- Chihiro

He’s a charismatic actor, who lives for his job and takes it very seriously! But you’ll soon realize that behind his cool appearance, he’s just a tsundere.

8- Diabolik Lovers- Laito

His green eyes always hypnotize me. Even if I just want to slap him most of the times, I have to admit that guys with green eyes and red hair are very attractive to me.

7- Yuukyuu no Tierblade- Sud

Always determinate and optimistic, he’s the typical “main guy”of any otome game: he’s the trustworthy boy you can rely to, who is destined to defeat enemies and become your hero.

6- Kamigami no asobi- Apollon

He looks bright and positive, but he’s actually hiding his deep sadness inside.

Getting closer to him and know his real personality and feelings, could be way more difficult than it seems.

5- Amnesia- Ukyo

A mysterious guy, who can become scary and psycho… if you don’t know the reason behind his actions.

4- Usotsuki Shangri La- Jorm

When you meet him, he looks like a my-pace and easygoing boy, who gets along pretty well with everyone and has no fears of being himself, without caring about others.

But he’s hiding a great sadness and feeling of guilt inside, healing won’t be easy.

3- Uta no prince sama- Cecil

His sweet and straightforward attitude got my heart immediately, I love guys who are honest with their feelings. And he’s a prince, come on!

2- Utsusemi no meguri- Yasuomi

The butler/guardian trope makes me weak, I’m in love with characters who devote their life to protect the heroine since childhood; obviously, while being secretly in love, despite the different social level which makes their relationship impossible.

Yasuomi is a sweet and caring guy, but he can become very dangerous when he’s angry.

1- Taishou Alice- Gretel

He’s a psycho little brother, obsessed with his sister and ready to kill everyone who tried to hurt her. Yes, you got it, everything is great in yandere land.

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