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My TOP10 husbando

We all have our dear “husbando”, a 2D man who makes our hearts flutter more than anyone else. Most of us probably have a whole harem and ranking them is not easy!

But I tried, even if it was an hard task…These are my best boys!

10- ChouUn- Jyuuzaengi

A true prince charming. Strong, respectful and handsome.

9- Nesso- Black wolves saga

The best oniichan ever.

No one can compare to Nesso, his dedication to Fiona is legendary (and maybe creepy, but also admirable and even funny).

8- Kagiha- Kokuchou no Psychedelica

His tragic story broke my heart; all the pain he went through, his sacrifice, couldn’t be invain…. he deserve true happiness. He deserves the whole world. He deserves love. He deserves everything and more.

7- Harada- Hakuouki

Among those wars and pain, Harada was like a ray of sun.

His playboy attitude was only the surface, he was a dedicated lover and an amazing person.

Perfect husbando material!

6- Saint Germain- Code realize

He looks gentle and soft, but he’s actually strong and determined.

He’s ready to fight against the world to defend his true love!

5- Yang- Piofiore no banshou

I know, he’s just a sadistic psycho who ejoys playing with people’s life.

But his creepy voice and bossy attitude somehow make him so attractive, I couldn’t help but fall in love with his twisted personality and cruel smile.

Will he ever be able to feel true love? who knows.

4- Shinnosuke – Glass heart princess

Sweet, caring… he’s not just a butler, he’s a knight! And we all would love to be his princess.

3- Tsubaki- Brothers conflict

He was the first character I fell in love with: if it wasn’t for him, I’d probably never knew about otome games. That’s why, he will always have a special place in my heart!

2- Ikki- Amnesia

Behind his playboy attitude, he’s a sweet, caring guy.

He’s a true prince, and his route in Amnesia Later was probably one of the best routes I’ve ever played in my life: he made me live in a perfect dream, even if it was just for a few hours.

1- Shuu- Diabolik Lovers

I can’t help it: blond hair, beautiful blue eyes…. and Toriumi’s voice. I’m sold!

I love Shuu, he makes me giggle like a little girl and never fails to make me fangirl like crazy.

No matter how many years pass, how many Diabolik Lovers games are released… I can’t get tired of him, I’d gladly spend my life in his arms!

I know my taste in men is weird…… what’s your top10?

TOP10 Otome games Opening Songs

We all have our favorite songs, that we love for various reasons: sometimes they bring back good memories and sometimes they help us to feel better in difficult moments.

These are the otome game opening songs I prefer!

10- Yunohana Spring: READY GO!!

Happy and cheerful, just like the game!

KENN’s voice suits perfectly this kind of melody and theme, I’d gladly be his princess!

9- Storm Lover Kai: selfish toxic

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of a perfect high school life and romance? Sadly, reality was way different for most of us… but we can still dream, right? This song makes me want to start my life all over and try to be an outgoing high school student who enjoys her teen days!

8- Oz Mafia!!: I love you more

An english song for a otome game? At first it seems weird, but it fits the atmosphere so well, and it’s so catchy and bright, I can’t help but love it and listen to it every time I feel a bit down.

7- Moshikami: Hourglass

Even if this was one of the creepiest otoge ever, this song never fails to give me hope: Midorikawa’s and Toriumi’s voices blend perfectly to sum up the mood of the game, and they transmit a sense of relieve and sadness at the same time.

I wish this game was less bloody and more soothing, as its opening song.

6- Brothers conflict Passion Pink: Affections

Iit was my first otome game and I used this song to learn my first kanji, back in the days when I even struggled to read hiragana. I remember listening to it for the first time, without even understanding a single world, so it makes me excited and nostalgic every time I listen to it now.

5- 7’scarlet: World End Syndrome

I loved this game so much, I can even consider it one of my favorite otoge ever.

Listening to this song brings back all the emotions I felt wile playing and never fails to make me emotional; an amazing song for a great game.

4- Dynamic chord Reve Parfait: Judgement

Despite my problems with this series, I admit I enjoy most of the band’s songs.

Kyohso usually fits my taste the most, but Reve Parfait’s Judgement is my favorite songs overall: it’s catchy and dramatic at the same time, I could listen to it forever.

3- Nightshade: Gekka no uta wa kage yori mo kuroku

This song fits perfectly the theme of the game, it makes me want to extract my sword and fight against a cruel fate with the main characters.

2- Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal: Mayonaka no kyouen (MIDNIGHT PLEASURE)

Let’s face it, even people who hate this series should admit that there are some great and memorable songs. I’ve endlessly replayed this opening for years and I can’t get tired of it, because it always brings me back to the mood of playing again these games.

1- Black wolves saga Bloody Nightmare: Dear Despair

The sad violin in this song makes you feel immersed in the atmosphere of this dark and cruel game: I can feel Fiona’s heart breaking, while she’s desperately searching for happiness. And I can suddenly feel a tear in my eyes.

What’s your favorite otome game opening song?

PSP games which deserve a port

Most of the successful PSP otome games released years ago had been blessed with a PsVita port: this means an improved screen resolution, but in some cases also the addition of new content (additional scenario, different endings, or even new characters).

Sadly, there were also amazing games which have been ignored for no apparent reason, and maybe the most recent players will never have the chance to play them.

These are some PSP games I really loved, which would deserve a new chance to shine!


Funny, colorful, original.

The plot itself it’s hilarious and the characters are all amazing; the maid, Satsuki, is the best supporting character ever.

Don’t let the stat raising system let you down: it may be annoying at times (Shinnosuke’s route is true hell), but it’s totally worth it.


I still wonder why this amazing game and its fandisk didn’t got twin pack psvita port. They truly deserve it! Those beautiful CGs drawn by Miko would look even better with a higher resolution, and I’m sure many players would be pleased to replay this great series.

They preferred to make a mobage version instead, but maybe we can still hope for a PS4 port. (it won’t happen, I know).


Old but gold. This game was so entertaining, I wish I could play it again and maybe also get a fandisk with fluffy moments: most of the endings were sad or bittersweet and I’d love to see them being happy, in the end. Maybe it’s impossible, given this kind of plot… but at least, I can dream.


Let’s face it, the plot of this game is really similar to Ouran Host Club.

Kiss kiss fall in love? Well, it’s old Rejet here, it’s more like Kiss Kiss fall in hell.

I’ve played this games years ago, back in the old times where I barely could understand japanese, and those creepy endings stuck in my head til now…. Wabisuke will always bee a great oniichan in my heart.

This was my last post for 2017, see you again next year!

I hope you will have fun tomorrow and start 2018 in the best way possible: being it with friends, family, loved one or simply playing games, let’s welcome this new year with hope, waiting for amazing things to come.

Stay healthy and be happy, dear friends!

Blue hair ikemen Top 10

This top 10 was somehow harder to make, because blue has many different shades… anyway, these are my favorite blue hair ikemen, enjoy!

10- Takeru (kamiaso)


He’s the Japanese God of the sea, with great swordplay skills.
At first he can act quite cold and rude, but he’s surprisingly sensitive and caring with the people he loves.

9- Masato (utapri)


Serious and cool, he’s the elder son of a rich family.
He looks always calm and stoic, because he recieved a very strict education, but he can show his soft side too.

8- Homare (Starry sky)


He’s the captain of the archery club, and he represents the sign of Taurus.
He’s always gentle and mature, that’s why he’s a great mediator when there are arguments between club members.

7- Akito (Norn9)


He may act rude most of the time, but he’s just a tsundere who enjoys cooking and he’s terribly afraid of birds.

6- Garaiya (Shinobi koi utsutsu)

Lonesome and quite weird, he keeps talking to himself about things nobody understands. When he’s under the effect of the jutsu, he surprisingly becomes a yandere!

5-Yukito (Glass heart princess)

His cold appearance is just a mask: he’s actually sweet tsundere who loves animals.

4- Sousuke (Klap)

He has a bad attitude at first, but he starts to melt soon. He’s an half, being son of a human and a yukionna, so he can make it snow out of nowhere!

3- Sapphire/Aoshi (Jewelic Nightmare)

He has a double personality, depending on the world: he can be a quiet boy who loves taking photos, or a dangerous do-s shota. I’ll be honest: I loved both sides equally!

2- Yamato (Kokuchou no Psychedelica)

He acts strong and cool, but he actually hides his pain and weaknesses. He carries a lot of pain in his heart, and the feeling of guilt which haunts him.

1- Ikki (Amnesia)

He’s one of my favorite character ever: I love his personality, he seems so cool and confident, but actually he’s just fragile and lonely; he needs desperately to feel real love, and he’s looking for someone who can truly appreciate him as he is, without looking only at his appearance.
When he falls in love, he’s so caring that I was fangilring like crazy (his route in amnesia later is one of my all time favorites).


Next week, I’m going for black hair! \(^o^)/

My top 10 red hair ikemen!

I love red hair (I’m a redhead myself!), and I love them even more on 2D ikemen.

Here’s my TOP10, enjoy!

10 Loki (Kamiaso)


Laid back, unpredictable and mischievous, you better not trust him completely: he may be trying to prank you!

9 Laito (Diabolik lovers)


Perverted and creepy, but his do-m side made him one of the most interesting vampire to me.

8 Impey (code realize)


Funny and awkward, he made me laugh so many times while playing Code realize! Many people think he’s annoying, but I like his extrovert and bright personality.

7 Otoya (utapri)


Nice and caring, you can always trust him, he will make you feel special!

6 Yuusuke (brothers conflict)


Can you resist this tsundere when he’s blushing?

5 Ghislain (Reine des fleurs)


He’s very strict and difficult to approach at first, but if he approves you he becomes a loyal knight you can rely on.

4 Gawain (Princess Arthur)


He’s strong when it comes to fight, but very shy when he’s around girls. When he’s embarrassed, he becomes very cute!

3 Mori Ougai (Meiji Tokyo renka)


His weird and interesting personality made me laugh, but also fall in love with him.

2- Lindo (Dance with devils)

He’s a gentle oniichan who cooks for you while wearing an embarrassing apron, but also a sexy vampire; I loved both sides of him!

1 Nesso (Black wolves saga)


You can’t escape from oniichan’s love! His deep affection for his sister Fiona made him very reliable and caring; he’s really honest with his feelings and he’s willing to do everything for her.

Top 10 blond ikemen

All my friends probably know about my undying love for blond boys, that’s why I’ve decided to share it with my top 10! it was difficult, since I’m too weak and I usually end up loving all of them easily… these are my current favourites:

10 Kai (Snow bound land)


Delicate and gentle, his caring personality reflects on his love for flowers.

9 Kairi (Re:birthday song)


Despite his tragic past, he’s always cheerful and encouraging…. he wants you to love yourself as he does!

8 Noa (Rear Pheles)

He tries to act cool, but he shows his sweet side while secretly feeding cats; he also loves his sister a lot and he’s ready to sacrifice himself for her.

7 Alice (Taisho Alice)


He has a really malicious tongue, and he keeps complaining about everything. But if you know him better, a new whole world will open to you.

6 Kou (Diabolik lovers)


He acts like a jerk sometimes, and it’s hard to gain his trust. But when you obtain it, he can be really nice and caring.

5 Kaname (Brothers conflict)


He is supposed to be a Buddhist monk, but he always acts like an host.

4 Shu (Diabolik Lovers)


You can usually find him sleeping on the floor, or listening to music. Or r18 drama cds.

3 Toma (Amnesia)


Your reliable childhood friend, who is ready to do everything to protect you. Just keep attention: don’t drink everything he gives you.

2 Camil (Klap!)


Your nerd vampire boyfriend, who is more interested in playing games all night than sucking your blood.

1 Takato (Clock zero)


The only person willing to sacrifice everything and even destroy the world to be with you. Don’t be afraid: no matter what happens, he will save you from a tragic destiny!

Here it is, I hope you enjoyed my favorite blond men! Next time, I think I’ll probably choose another random hair color and go with that! \(^o^)/

TOP10 Otome games: my recommended games!

I’ve been playing otoge for a few years now, and obviously I went through many different kind of games: amazing ones, mediocre ones and also really bad ones (or kusoge, if you prefer).

Some of them left a great impression to me: they made cry, they made me smile… anyway, they made me feel emotions, and it’s the reason why I still keep enjoying this hobby.

I hope this TOP10 will make you curious about games you’ve never played yet or even heard about!

10- Gekka ryouran romance

Creepy and twisted, as you can expect from Rejet. Some routes were really dark, the endings were shocking, but it’s worth playing because it’s quite different from the usual otoge’s themes. It may seem prectictable at first, but the more you know about the characters and the more you will feel attracted to their madness.

9- Glass heart princess

Bright and funny, with amazing art and great characters. Shinnosuke is the butler of my dreams and I wish Satsuki was my best friend. The stat raising system may be annoying, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

8- Nightshade/Hyakka Hyakurou

The plot is amazing and well written in every route, I literally couldn’t stop playing: I needed to know the truth, and it was even more shocking. It was so tragic, it pierced my heart. Teita’s beautiful art makes it even better, and suits perfectly the historical setting.

7- Amnesia

This was one of the first games I’ve played, and I really loved every character. Shin’s route was very interesting, because I had to solve a mystery and the truth was quite shocking; Toma’s cage is one of the creepiest situation I’ve ever faced in an otoge; Kent blushing in the end made my life complete; Ikki has a special place in my heart, this man deserves more love; and Ukyo was a really devoted lover…I mean, what he did for the heroine was really amazing!

6- Steam Prison

This game is perfect if you enjoy mysteries and you are looking for a strong heroine who knows how to fight!

The plot is deep and well written, the mysteries are unveiled in different routes and I was always curious to discover the whole truth; as I played, I’ve learned that nothing is as it seems and even nice characters can hide something dark and terrible behind a smile.

Cyrus is a great heroine, who always fights to defend her beliefs, even if she’s completely alone; she never stays quiet, waiting for a prince charming to rescue her, but she’s the one deciding her fate. Well, I guess a frail, typical eyeless heroine wouldn’t survive a day in that awful place.

Steam Prison is dark, violent and sad, but still there’s no lack of romance at all, so it can be enjoyed by eyeryone. Unless you’re looking for a funny, cute love story, obviously.

5- 7’scarlet

If you enjoy mystery and horror, this game is perfect for you: the scary plot, the interesting characters, the creepy BGM and the amazing animations made it perfect to me. There was enough romance too, despite it being mostly shocking and tragic. This is recommended to everyone who loves dark settings!

4- Collar Malice

The plot was really interesting and I loved all the characters; the heroine was strong and smart, I liked her attitude: even when the situation was difficult, she never gave up. The ending was amazing, I couldn’t predict the culprit at all and I was shocked! Also, the art is beautiful and the BGM too. The final phrase “everyone has an invisible collar attached” got me thinking, it was deep.

3- Black wolves saga

This is pure despair. In the end, you will feel empty and shocked. The creepy endings will haunt your dreams. The plot is painful, tragic, and wonderful at the same time.

2- Piofiore no banshou

I loved everything about this game: the Italian setting, the plot, the art… but most of all, every single character had his own charm, they were unique and amazing. The writing was so good, I never felt bored and I was deeply involved in every route, even if the boy’s personalities were completely different. I even grew attached to subcharacters and it’s really rare for me.

There’s a lot of violence, so it’s not meant for everyone, but for me it was a masterpiece.

1- Kokuchou no Psychedelica

This game was absolutely amazing. I’ve cried so much while playing, I was so shocked to discover the truth… it really broke my heart for various reason. All this guilt, regret, pain… I could feel it in every route, in different ways; it was really sad, but great. I just wished it was longer, but it’s better short and intense, instead of filled with useless scenes.

As you can see, I prefer darker themes and suffering, then brighter games; this doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy funny games like Storm Lover, but for obvious reason they didn’t left me a strong impression like the ones I listed, with a deeper plot.

I reviewed most of these great games, hoping I can make more people interested in them… you won’t regret it, I swear!

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