This is my first time writing a drama cd review: I’m usually not very interested in them, but I really want to write something more about my beloved collar malice!

It lasts about 35 minutes, so I think it’s kind of short?

It starts in the office, while the boys are working. As usual, Kei suddenly comes in.

He proposes to organize a birthday party for Ichika there, and everyone agrees; then, they decide how to divide the tasks: buying the cake, cooking the food, preparing the surprise and choosing a present.

Takeru obviously wants to take care of the cake, while Yanagi is more suited to cook.

Mineo offers to be the one in charge of buying the present, but nobody trusts him: immediately, it becomes a fierce battle to decide which is the better present.

I laughed so much when the poor Mineo explained how a good luck charm could be perfect, but Takeru refused immediately: “Are you going to put a curse on her, to make her fall in love with you?!” This was so funny, because obviously Mineo started to panic and stutter immediately!

In the end, Yanagi’s idea of buying a bracelet gets accepted.

Takeru goes out to buy the cake, very seriously: he knows that Ichika works hard, and she loves being complimented; so, she deserves the best birthday cake in the world!

I loved how Takeru’s sweet side got exposed here: he barely shows his feelings when he talks, and being able to know what’s actually in his mind was very nice.

In the meanwhile, Mineo starts looking for various recipe, because he ended up in charge of cooking.

Shiraishi looks up on internet to research about parties, and he’s looking forward to Ichika’s surprised expression.

Kei thinks about giving her good memories: he would like to celebrate with her, the two of them alone, but he knows it’s impossible now; so he hopes that it may happen next year.

Yanagi goes to a jewelry shop and buys the bracelet, but he’s so embarrassed and worried that it takes a lot of time; he wonders what her reaction will be, knowing that he was the one who chose it.

In the end, the party is ready!

Everyone did a good job, and Takeru even compliments Mineo for his cooking. Again, Mineo’s reaction was so funny! (sorry, I love him too much)

The cd ends when Ichika arrives at the office, and the party finally starts.

It was so much fun, I wished it would last longer!

I will miss a lot those characters, their interactions are priceless… I just can hope for a FD soon.