Cupid Parasite

Cupid Parasite has been loved immediately after its release, so I had to play it as soon as I could! Honestly, I expected it to be a great candidate as my favorite game of the year, even before receiving my own copy. Were my expectations fulfilled?

Absolutely yes!

The heroine, whose name is Lynette, works as a bridal adviser, but she hides a huge secret: she’s actually the famous god Cupid!

After many failures, while trying to make people fall in love and have an happy marriage, she decided to descend among humans and try a different method.

To obtain a promotion at work, she’s assigned to 5 guys who are literally hopeless: if she can help those people finding a wife, it will be a huge step forward for her career.

But why are those ikemen still single? Why are they called “parasite”?

Let’s talk about Heartbreak Parasite, Gill.

He’s madly in love with a girl, who never realized his feelings; whenever he meets other women, and they ask for his ideal type, Gill starts talking immediately about “her”.

Obviously, no one would ever date someone who keeps talking about another girl, it’s irritating!

Who is that mysterious person? Well, you can imagine.

Gill is really sweet and devoted, he’s perfect husbando material; a bit creepy sometimes, almost obsessed, but still cute. I loved him, but I think the good ending of his route was “too much”, since his problems all solved too easily, it seemed a bit forced.

Then, let me introduce to you Status Parasite.

He’s the President of Cupid Corporation, but since everyone thinks he’s married already (but it’s a misunderstanding!), he keeps his identity secret.

At first I thought he could be boring, he’s too serious, but I realized immediately how wrong I was: actually, he’s so awkward and cute, I had so much fun watching his reactions!

He gets embarrassed easily, he’s not used to deal with women, since he spent most of his life working hard. It was nice, to see him gradually fall in love with Lynette: at first, he was some kind of robot who lived just for his job, but I’m sure he’ll become a good husband.

The weirdest one of the group, is probably Appearance Parasite.

Whenever he meets a girl, he describes her with a color: she needs to meet his beauty standards, or he won’t even be able to talk to her, let alone get married or date.

Apparently Lynette looks decent enough to be his bridal adviser, so they started hanging out.

Even if I liked the route overall, I admit I have mixed feelings towards him: I guess it’s because I’m not a person who cares about fashion or make up, so I felt personally attacked or even insulted sometimes. Whenever he was rude to ugly or average looking people (for his standards), I felt like he was talking directly to me; it’s not a good feeling, at all.

I’m not a person who self inserts in otome games, I’m glad Lynette was that beautiful, but watching them fall in love made me feel distant and even lonely: I couldn’t help but think that he wouldn’t even talk to me, in real life. Which is stupid, since he doesn’t even exist, but maybe you get what I’m trying to say. He was really cute when he admitted his feelings, I think I could have enjoyed his route a lot more, if he wasn’t so unnecessarily rude to random girls.

Hobby Parasite, Raul, is next.

He’s so obsessed with his weird hobby of collecting gods’ stuff, that he keeps talking about them without control, creeping out every woman who is attracted by his beautiful eyes. He’s an actor who has many fans, but he can’t truly fall in love.

I was ready for a comical route, but reality was way different from my expectations; even if the last part was nonsensical as I expected, for the most part his relationship with Lynette was filled with “mature” situations which happened out of the blue!

He’s used to sleep around with other actresses, so sex isn’t serious for him.

Anyway, even if the building of their relationship was kinda weird, I still ended up enjoying a lot his route and also Raul as a person. I know how it feels, when you’re passionate about your hobby and people look at you as if you’re crazy!

Last but not least is Stolen Parasite, Allan.

He only likes girls who already have a boyfriend and he loses any interest when they fall for him; he loves stealing someone elses’ girlfriend, basically.

Before I started his route, everyone told me he’s the best boy of the game and I was really curious to know what’s so great about him; it took me just a few minutes to understand why, but what surprised me the most, is that his route kept becoming better and better, the more I played and the more I fell for him! I don’t want to spoil, but he’s really… special. It feels like it’s the best ending of the game, I suggest you to have self control and play him last, or you won’t be able to fall for other boys, trust me. I’ll just stop here, I don’t want to ruin other players’ experience, but you can really look forward to it. It almost made me cry.

There’s also a secret route which unlocks last, but I don’t want to spoil, so I’ll leave the mystery for you to unveil; I guess it’s pretty obvious anyway.

So, did I enjoy Cupid Parasite?

Yes, but I also have mixed feelings.

I had a lot of fun, but somehow I wasn’t blown away as I expected, it was great but not a masterpiece; or so I thought, until I played Allan’s route, that’s another story and it’s really a rollercoaster of emotions. I’d recommend Cupid Parasite to everyone, because overall it was enjoyable and I can’t find anything wrong with it, this game has a good writing and many comedy gold moments. I feel like some characters were a bit lacking, but maybe it’s just me. Allan is worth it all, so if you’re still wondering what to do, buy it for him, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

This is my last game of 2020, so my next post will be my Otome Games Awards!

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  1. 😄Hi Kyuu it’s been a while! How have you been ?

    That nice than Cupid Parasite is your jam, i hope than Allan is also charming than everybody say because his cuck tendancies doesn’t appeal to me at all. I have trauma with this kind of character (Hello Laito!) so i just see his route being a constent effort to push Lynette into another love interest arm just for Allan pleasure.

    No spoiler though, but does this game really deserve his Cero D ? 👀It is also spicy than Lyla ?

    1. Hello, it’s nice to see you again! I’m fine thanks, I hope you’re doing great too!
      I think this game deserves CeroD rating, even if some route are more spicy than others; I’ve only played 2 routes of Lyla and it was way sexier.
      Cupid Parasite is basically a comedy game, but at some point there are sexy scenes, while Lyla felt more oriented towards sexy moments!

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