Hello everyone, time for Kanato’s chapter of Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga!

As usual, if you haven’t read the prologue, I suggest you to start with that first, since it shows the first appearance of Mukami.

This chapter starts with child Kanato, singing his favorite song.

He stops for a moment, with a sad expression in his eyes; but Cordelia asks him to continue, because she loves his voice.

Back to present.

Kanato is still singing that song and Yui listens, admiring him. He truly has a wonderful voice.

But he suddenly stops: being stared at is not pleasant at all, it’s ruining his mood.

He gets so angry, he even tells her: “just watching your face makes me irritated. If it wasn’t for your blood, I’d kill you immediately”; and he starts sucking her blood.

That night, Yui can’t sleep. She thinks about Kanato’s reaction and wonders why he was so angry.

While she’s in the kitchen, she meets him.

Kanato asks her why she is still awake at such a late hour; was she in someone’s room?

Yui tries to deny it, but he starts shouting.

Didn’t she choose him? Why is she betraying him? He won’t forgive her.

Then he suddenly starts laughing hysterically.

Why didn’t he realize it sooner? There’s a simple thing he can do.


If he kills his brothers and Mukami, Yui can’t meet them anymore.

But he needs her blood to become stronger; and she’s going to help him, obviously.

She has to keep in mind an important thing: if she gives her blood to someone else, she’s dead.

Then, Kanato leads Yui to his room.

He gives her a special Teddy she must always bring everywhere: it has some magic power, so it will watch over her, when he’s not present.

Yui obeys and brings Teddy even at school.

Azusa approaches her, calling her Eve, while she tries to keep her distance.

He reassures her, saying that she deserves better than being treated like a prey or an object: he can make her free, it’s a promise.

Kanato rushes to her classroom: Teddy told him everything and she needs to be punished.

While he sucks her blood, Yui thinks about Azusa’s words: maybe, she can be free again, one day.