Here we go again with my otome related manga, and this time it’s about Diabolik Lovers!

This is a prequel to More Blood and it’s dedicated only to the Sakamaki brothers: each one will get his own chapter, illustrated by a different artist, which resumes his route in the game.

I’ll make a separate post for each one on of them.

Yui wakes up after a bad dream and finds Laito, Ayato and Kanato sleeping on her bed, even if she locked the door.

She wants to wake up and drink some water, but Ayato stops her: he’s thirsty too!

Laito and Kanato wake up and want some blood too: Yui belongs to everyone, why can’t they have fun together?

On the way to school, Reiji reprimands them about being so noisy in the morning and it turns out into the usual fight: Kanato complains about Reiji, Laito asks him if he just wanted to join them and Subaru calls him hentai. Shuu, as usual, just wants to listen to music.

Suddenly, the car stops.

Four boys appear in front of Yui and the Sakamaki brothers, staring at them.

One of them (we’ll get to know later he’s Ruki) looks at Yui, calling her “Eve” and asking her to choose an Adam.

Then they disappear, while the Sakamaki wonder who they are: for sure, they are vampire, but not pure like them. Also, their goal is Yui, because of her precious blood.

It seems like a declaration of war, but obviously they’re not letting go of her so easily.

Subaru asks Yui what she wants to do.

The answer for Ayato is obvious: she’s going to choose them, doesn’t she?

Yui stutters and asks herself who does she want to be next to………

From here, each one of the Sakamaki is going to have his own chapter.

Subaru will be the first!