This is Reiji’s chapter of Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga; if you haven’t read the Prologue, I suggest you to start from that, since it shows Mukami’s first appearance!

Child Reiji is focused on his studies, while his mother Beatrix interrupts him: she compliments his son for being so diligent and she’s grateful because he will become a great support for Shuu, in the future.

Shuu is the oldest son, which means he will be Karlheintz successor; but Reiji doesn’t accept to be considered inferior, just because of his age. Just thinking about it, makes him sick.

Back to present.

In the classroom, Reiji warns Yui: Mukami are attending their same school now, she must be careful; her blood is important for their family, because of her heart.

She deserves a punishment for being so naive.

While he’s trying to suck her blood, someone comes from upstairs.

He’s Yuuma.

Reiji is very direct and asks him immediately what’s their goal: are they trying to destroy Sakamaki’s family using Yui?

But Yuuma doesn’t answer, he just tells him to take care of her, since her blood is precious.

On the way home, Reiji reflects about Mukami’s actions and possible next moves, with Yui.

She’s surprised: why is he including her in his thoughts? Is he interested in her opinion? It never happended before.

Reiji smiles: she’s really stupid, if she doesn’t understand something so simple.

If they are aiming at her, obviously she needs to know what’s going on.

She can’t even protect herself. If it wasn’t for her blood, she would be useless. Is it wrong?

Yui decides to help with house chores and clean the windows.

She reflected on Reiji’s words and realized she wants to be helpful, somehow.

Reiji is glad of her decision and teaches her how to do it properly; then, he smiles and compliments her work. He even proposes to go out on a date.

But the truth is, they go to Mukami’s mansion: Reiji wants to collaborate with Ruki.

He wants to destroy Sakamaki’s family, but Karlheintz is too strong and he needs their help.

Yui is shocked…. what is he saying? Yet, his expression is serious.

At night, while Reiji is sleeping, Yui is awake.

She looks at his beautiful face, so innocent while he’s peacefully sleeping; but then, he suddenly wakes up.

He doesn’t like to be stared at, so she needs to be punished.

He tells Yui that she needs to be prepared, because he’s ready to give her away to Mukami or anyone alse, to fullfil his plan.

Then, he soflty smiles: it’s a joke, he won’t get rid of her so easily.

Yui hopes that one day, he’ll stop desiring only her blood and start wanting her as a person.