This is Shuu’s chapter of Diabolik Lovers More Blood manga; if you haven’t read the Prologue, I suggest you to start from that, since it shows Mukami’s first appearance!

Child Shuu is running away from home, at night.

He meets a young boy around his age, whose name is Edgar; he’s surprised to see a noble in that place, since it’s very dangerous: vampires live beyond that forest, hasn’t he heard of them?

Edgar doesn’t like spoiled nobles usually, but he enjoys being with Shuu and he gives him one of his apples.

Back to present days.

Yui is surprised to see how much Shuu loves apples; every time he eats them, he seems to be thinking about something important.

Yui is worried: she chose Shuu to protect her from Mukami, but all he does is sleeping all day.

At school, Shuu is playing the violin.

Yui admires him: she would like to play something too, but she never got the chance to learn properly.

Shuu decides to teach her a bit, but she’s really nervous and ends up hurting him; she needs to be punished, so he bites her finger.

Later, Yui meets Yuuma: he’s been trying to approach her for a while, but “that neet” was always around her. He wants to suck her blood, since it’s so special: after all, her blood is the reason why she’s with Sakamaki, there’s nothing else important in her.

Shuu stops him: he won’t give her away so easily, she’s a precious prey.

While he’s talking, he suddenly stops, staring at Yuuma.

It can’t be true……… it’s impossible. Yet….

At night, Shuu is alone on the balcony, thinking.

Yui approaches him, but she soon realizes something is different; since it’s full moon, his desire to drink blood became stronger and more violent.

The next day, Yui is at school, feeling weak.

She meets Yuuma, who helps her and asks her to listen: he has something really important to confess.

He used to be a human, when he was a child, but he lost his memory and doesn’t remember anything about that period. Still, when he looks at Shuu, he feels like they have already met somewhere.

Shuu is secretly listening to their conversation and he’s shocked.

It wasn’t just a coincidence after all… is he Edgar? Did he survive as a vampire?