As promised, after the prologue, I’m starting with Subaru’s chapter.

If you missed the first part, I suggest you to read that before this!

Subaru’s chapter starts with a flashback: Christa is screaming like crazy, looking for her son.

Child-Subaru enters the room with a sad look on his face, apologizing for his absence while he was in the garden.

Christa calls him liar and yells at him; then she panics again, saying she hates being alone.

Subaru tries to calm her, but he knows there’s nothing he can do to save her.

Deep down, he thinks that his mother would feel better without him, because she could forget what happened; he looks too much like “that person”, and she hurts every time she sees her son.

But how could he leave her alone? Yet, he wants to be free…

Back to the present.

After the car incident, apparently nothing has changed.

Yui is at school and she admires a new transfer student, who is already popular: his name is Kou.

Many girls always surround him, but instead of playing with them, he seems to be more interested in Yui. And he even calls her M-neko chan!

When they are alone on the roof, Kou thanks her: she gave him a good excuse to escape from his fans! Even if they are at school, being a popular idol is not easy.

Yui is surprised: she didn’t even know he was famous, since she has no interest in idols.

At first Kou is surprised, but it’s not that weird after all: she’s Eve, not just a normal girl.

When Yui hears that name, she’s scared: Mukami may be dangerous, since they are probably aiming at her for unknown reasons; she tries to go back to the classroom, but Kou stops her.

Kou assures her that he’s not going to attack her at school, but Yui thinks about Subaru’s reaction: if he finds out, he’s probably going to be worried or angry.

Kou seems a really nice guy and she can talk easily with him… is he truly a vampire?

When she asks him, he simply answers that vampires are like humans: some of them are good, some are bad. Then he gets closer to her…

Subaru stops him suddenly, grabbing his hand and shouting “don’t touch her!”

Kou tries to justify himself: he only wanted to touch her hair, because there was an insect.

This is the first time they meet and Kou wants to shake hands with Subaru.

But Subaru refuses, grabs Yui’s hand and takes her away.

Kou is surprised: they seem to get along pretty well, but he’s not going to let him take away Eve so easily.

Yui apologizes to Subaru, since she didn’t run away immediately from Kou.

Subaru is really furious: why did she chose him to protect her, if she isn’t running away from them? He told her a lot of times, how delicious she is! This is irritating. She can’t do as she wants, she must look only at him!

Later, Yui goes to the school library to read a book.

She’s still thinking about Subaru’s reaction: of course, she knows she should have refused Kou, but he doesn’t look like a bad person.

Suddenly, Kou appears from behind and asks her why she’s sighing.

Yui is worried: if Subaru sees her, he will be even angrier; she pretends she has to go back to the classroom.

But Kou understands immediately what’s going on and asks her if she hates him.

Yui blurts out that she’s only afraid: he’s a vampire after all, and maybe he’s aiming at Sakamaki.

Kou sits down in front of her and talks about the book she’s reading: he loves Shakespeare’s tragedies and there are also many similarities between Subaru and Othello.

Isn’t he jealous of her, after all? He’s her boyfriend!

Yui denies, but she’s also a bit happy. What is their relationship, in the end?

Kou giggles: he still has a chance, after all?

Subaru enters the room, and he obviously isn’t pleased.

He asks Yui is she was having fun with Kou and gets really angry when she apologizes; then, he starts shouting and accusing her of wanting to be sucked by him.

All the women are liars anyway!

He leaves the room angry, while the poor Yui looks at him sadly… but he immediately regrets what he said.