After the shock I suffered while playing Liar-s, it took me months to finally gather the courage to play Kyohso too.
I’ve started with Yorito first, because he looked like the main character.
He’s the typical playboy we’re used to see in the Dynamic Chord series, but he didn’t force the heroine, he was just flirty with her; and that’s a good start.
Also, I really appreciated to see him showing his fragile side and asking for help, it made me really develop feelings for him.
Some scenes were really romantic, and I was surprised to see how nothing “too sexy” didn’t happen soon, but it was just for the endings… is this honeybee black? Really?
I have only a complain, but it’s very important: the encore.
Why writing such a boring scenario, with the heroine being jealous and that misunderstanding going on for so much time? At first I was bored, then I got angry.
It was such a waste of time and good character! any romantic, funny or sexy scenario would be ok, but not this please! Also, that other girl looked exactly like him, the situation was so obvious from the start! (Even if I thought she was his sister, while she was actually his mother, who looked like she was 30!).
Anyway, he was a nice character and I also enjoyed his route.
I love Morikubo in this kind of roles and I’m glad he has been chosen as the vocalist of Kyohso, this makes me love their songs even more.
Yuu’s route was a bit different from my expectations, and it was quite shocking for many reasons: I expected some kind of family issue, because it was obvious that he was related to Crow (they really look alike), but… wow. That was really too much.
I won’t talk about his past, it would be a huge spoiler; but what was the heroine thinking, when she accepted to “help him”?? I mean, she was basically a slave… I really don’t know how that could happen, it made me angry and sad at the same time.
I liked him tho, he’s just a nice guy with a terrible childhood; he really needed some kind of help and I’m glad he learned to love himself and the others more, in the end.
Tokiharu’s route was…… irritating.
I don’t know how to explain it, I didn’t hate him in the end, but… there was a shocking event right in the beginning, which changed my opinion about him drastically and I couldn’t trust him the whole time.
As usual, the heroine’s reaction was absurd, she forgave him immediately like it wasn’t a big deal!
I know I should be used to this by now, but I still can’t watch something like that happening, with no consequences for the offender.
Even if you are good looking and famous, no means NO.
Anyway, I’m glad he got better later… but it was too late for me.
Overall, I really got angry at the heroine!
Isn’t she 23? How can she be so innocent and naive? Girl, you can’t go to a man’s house alone, if you don’t know him very well; you shouldn’t also drink there; and you can’t trust people so easily.
Really, where did she grow up? Her parents didn’t teach her these basic things when she was little? Doesn’t she have some common sense? I guess not.
Anyway, this was probably the sexiest route: they had sex so many times, I even got bored in the end! I love Tachibana’s voice, but… I was tired to see so many similar scenes all over.
Shinomune’s route was really interesting, because he had a girlfriend and I honestly friendzoned him from the start, while playing the others.
So I was wondering: will he cheat on her? that would make me feel bad, because she seemed a really nice girl and I didn’t want to betray her trust.
I liked the writer’s decision, it didn’t make me feel guilty and it didn’t change my opinion about the character as well, it was the best choice.
This route honestly felt like an oasis in the desert, because at least for once I didn’t have to worry about the heroine being raped or offended in any way.
I grew to like Shinomune a lot, he’s so mature and reliable… I’ve never imagined I would like him so much in the end, I’m glad I played the Append disk for him!

Would I recommend this game?
It’s obviously better than Liar-s, but still quite irritating sometimes.
I’m starting to get tired of stupid heroines who forgive every kind of abuse…. I hope the Apple polisher game will be better, I really wish I could enjoy it like I did with Reve parfait.