First Love Story

Since I mostly play console otome games, usually with a deep and tragic plot, I thought it could be a nice change of pace if I’d play a cute mobage just to ease and lift up my mood.

I’d never thought I would enjoy a mobage so much, but miracle happens!

First Love Story has an original approach that made me curious from the start: I’m not forced to play as a girl and go for a straight route with a good looking classmate, I can choose to date my girl friend, or even play as a boy.

Since I’ve never tried a BL game despite being kinda interested in this genre (console BL games are usually R18 and violent, which puts me off), I started with Sou/Asahi’s route.

In this case, I play as Sou, a good looking guy who always acts gentle and cool with his classmates, because he wants to be popular, even if it means hiding his true feelings and personality.

I appreciated how this character felt “real”, since his inner thoughts about wanting to be liked by his classmates, even if it meant pulling out an act, are sadly common in high school.

I also loved how he wasn’t the typical innocent character who has never dated before, his past girlfriends and general attitude towards girls made him a nice character to play without feeling awkward.

Asahi is stubborn and quiet, but I could feel a gentle vibe coming from him: he wasn’t good at showing his emotions, but his words and actions still made him easy to understand and adorable.

Their bond grew deeper naturally, there was nothing forced of rushed in their relationship, it was cute and fulfilling to play; I really wish there were more CG, I needed to see more sweet moments!

The happy ending was unexpectedly sexy…………

Since I was still in the mood for something different, I went for the yuri route next.

I get to play as Chitose, a sweet and cute girl who cares about others and she’s a bit shy towards boys; her girlfriend was Akira, who looked completely opposite from her: mature, confident and apparently unapproachable.

I admit this route felt more a friendship one than romantic, mostly because Akira was in love with the teacher from the start, so she seemed to consider Chitose just a close friend or “a pet”, since she was cute (and clingy) like a dog.

Talking about it, I would love a route for the teacher, he’s really good looking and he seems nice and interesting, I’d like to know him better.

After I was done with those “unconventional” routes, I went for the straight couples.

I was very surprised to realize how the story between Akira and Sou is not shown from the girl’s point of view, as it usually happens in otome games, but from the boy’s perspective.

I wasn’t expecting this to be so funny, but Sou’s teasing and mischievous personality was amazing to act, being the cool player was a nice change I’ve never experienced!

Sadly, as every route that starts with “fake dating”, it became really predictable soon.

I even felt sorry for Sou, since he tried to support her while she clearly loved the teacher Minami all along. The love ending wasn’t enough to convince me otherwise…. poor boy.

My last route was Chitose/Asahi, who are both really nice and innocent.

As expected when the heroine is so pure and childish, she fell in love really early (like, she started feeling embarrassed around him literally on chapter 1) for no apparent reasons, but I guess she just was desperate for a gentle boyfriend to rely on.

Asahi is really blunt and despite his popularity with girls he doesn’t understand at all her feelings, so he just kept making everything worse.

Anyway, they were a cute couple and I think they suited each other a lot.

First Love Story was funnier than I expected and it was perfect for me when I needed a break from other games with difficult kanji or complicated plots: I could peacefully play it without thinking too much, just to have some fun.

It’s not voiced, but the characters and the beautiful art still made it enjoyable.

My favourite route was Sou/Asahi, since their relationship was the cutest and I’m not used to yaoi games, so it was completely new and refreshing for me.

If you want to try it, check it out here: First Love Story

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