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Goodbye, my dear readers! I’m quitting (or going on a long hiatus, who knows)

This is the moment I knew had to come, but it still hurts. I feel sad and empty, but also a bit relieved. It’s weird, like the end of a relationship which just doesn’t work anymore.

As you read from the title: I’m quitting. Or going on hiatus. I don’t really know.

There are many reasons behind my decision and I want to be completely honest, as I’ve always been for more than 5 years of blogging and sharing my feelings.

First of all: my free time is very limited lately, I’m working a lot, plus the moving and other personal situations made me busy and worried everyday for a month, but it’s not over yet; when I come home, I want to spend time with my husband and my dog, if possible with my family, I have no will or energy to play games.

I won’t lie: I could still somehow find some time to update, but I don’t feel motivated anymore.

Blogs are outdated now, I think they are probably dying, since people prefer to watch streams nowadays; lately, when I sit in front of my computer, trying to plan a schedule for reviews or other content, I end up asking myself often: “do I really want to put efforts in a post that nobody is going to read? When I could spend some time with people who actually care about me, instead?”.

I’ve never written here to make money or to feel popular in the community, I just wanted to share my opinions in a place which could make me proud of myself, built up with passion and love for otome games. This blog helped me to gain confidence, it was like a diary for my sad days, it grew up with me; that’s why it’s almost impossible to let it go.

But at the same time, there were months in the past when it felt like a chore, so I considered to just quit and close it all; I’ve taken short breaks, of a few weeks, then I came back.

Maybe it’s the same now, maybe I’ll come back in summer, excited, ready for new posts… but I don’t really think so; I feel it in my heart, this could probably be my last post forever.

I’m a moody person, everything can happen: maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up in writing mood and I’ll delete this post, pretending it never existed. Maybe I’ll change my mind for random reasons.

I don’t want to disappear completely from the otome community: I’ll keep using twitter, since there are still friends I want to keep in touch with, even if most of them almost disappeared; many people left, or so it seems to me.

I rarely follow back, since I want to keep my TL clean to read my friends’ tweets instead of random strangers (even if I always answer Dms from anyone, I’m not a bad person, I swear), but it feels empty lately, I’m not enjoying myself as the old days.

Maybe I’m too old, or I’ve been into this fandom for too long, but I can’t keep up with the energy of streamers and enthusiastic people, I’m way beyond that phase.

Everything changes, it’s normal.

People care about something or someone at some point, while a few months later they shift their attention somewhere else, and it’s fine.

It took me like 2 weeks to write this post, I didn’t know if I should actually talk about it or just slowly and silently disappear without anyone noticing; but I feel like I need to be honest with all the kind people who supported me through the years, who always had a sweet word of appreciation for me. Thank you and sorry. If I’ll ever come back to blogging, I hope you’ll still be here.

If you want to be friends with me, even if I somehow became a boring old lady, send me Dms on twitter and I’ll gladly reply.

Well, I don’t think there’s more to say, even if it breaks my heart.

I want to call this “hiatus”, even if I’m not actually sure I’ll resume posting one day, but admitting I’m closing this blog hursts too much; who knows, what life has in store for us?

Until that moment, be healthy and happy!


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Happy Easter!!


  1. Marina

    Even if this is not the end, I want to thank you! Thanks to the blog, I discovered otome and I don’t regret it. Reading your reviews, I noticed that sometimes my opinion coincided with yours. It was amazing and enjoyable. I am really grateful to you for opening the world of otome for me. Stay healthy and always be happy! ❤️

  2. otomeland

    Thank you for your sweet words, it makes me happy to know that I didn’t waste 5 years after all! ^^ I hope you’ll still be here, if I ever decide to come back!

  3. Sylph

    This is one of my favourite otome blogs (sorry I read mostly from the shadows) so this is sad, but you are right, when we get older we usually change priorities and going with what you feel is best is the right decision. Give your dog a pet from me!
    Anyway, I’ll keep checking here from time to time so in case you ever decide to come back even if it’s just for a random post a year there’ll be someone here to read it.
    Good luck with everything!

    P.S.: I hope you won’t delete the blog even if you don’t post again. I really want to check out the reviews of many games I haven’t played yet once I can play them. It’s really sad when a blog gets deleted forever…

  4. otomeland

    Hello and thank you for caring! ^^
    I won’t delete my blog, absolutely! if my reviews can still be helpful and enjoyable for someone, there’s no need for me to erase them; I’ll keep checking from time to time if there are comments or requests, so maybe in a few months I’ll change my mind and start writing again. I’m a moody person and my life is changing a lot lately, I can’t predict what will happen and I still want (and need) this safe place, to come back if I feel the motivation.
    See you again, if/when that moment comes! ^^

  5. Emma

    Hi, I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling so lonely while things changed and everyone slowly disappeared. Please know that you have become my inspiration to learn Japanese to discover more hidden gems in the otome world. I’ve bookmarked many posts of you. Not only were the contents very interesting to read but also your writing felt a lot like heart-to-heart conversations with the readers. I felt your earnest desires to be heard and to connect with others. I wish i discovered your blog sooner. I don’t use Twitter but maybe I will check it out sometime. For now, i hope for your happiness and a satisfying life with your beloved.
    From Emma with Love ♥️

  6. otomeland

    Hello and thank you for your nice words! ^^
    Everything changes, I needed to step back for a while to accept it and adapt to this new environment; my life was going through a lot of changes too, it still is, at some point it felt frustrating and overwhelming so I realized I needed some distance from everything. It’s been less than a month since I’ve written this post, but I feel better already.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog so far, I hope you’ll still be here in a few months, when I feel it’s time for me to come back….maybe around July! day after day, as I get hold of my life again, it’s a step closer to be a better person who can also contribute somehow to the otome game community.
    Stay healthy! ^^

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