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Guest review: My boyfriend reviews Hakuouki anime! (2nd season)

Hello and welcome back to “My boyfriend loves otome”!

If you survived his first review and decided to come back at your own risk, you already know how it works: this is made for fun, not seriously, so don’t be offended.

This time, I’ll bring you my boyfriend’s review of the second season of Hakuouki: after all the suffering of the first season, he couldn’t just drop the anime without reaching the best part.

If you missed the previous post, I highly suggest you to read that first: you’re still in time to run away.

But if you really enjoy this and want to stay………. see you soon with Code realize!



“Come on, watch the second season of Hakuouki, you loved the first one!” she said.

“Loved is a strong word… I only love you, baby” I reply, trying to act cool and change the subject of this conversation.

But she’s smart, she doesn’t fall for it so easily and I find myself sitting on the sofa, once again, to see where Hijikata will lead us.

It starts focusing on rasetsu’s condition: Hijikata fights it, Heisuke accepts it and Sannan embraces it while saying weird stuff Diabolik Lovers’ style.

And then, booom! Fanservice time: look at them, they are so cool wearing western clothes!

And how comfortable it must be, fighting with those tight uniforms! Yeah, of course.

But there’s not even enough time for my girlfriend to drool about them, and they are sent to the first battle, since Kondo decided that becoming a daimyo is his new goal.

And everything goes wrong.

Then there’s a confused part, when Chizuru’s (yes, I learned her name) brother dies in a typical road in the middle of nowhere (where everything happens and anyone could randomly appear, in this anime), but his role was never properly explained, so I won’t miss him.

Okita’s health starts getting worse and two main characters leave the Shinsengumi.

When an anime comes at this point, I usually enjoy going deeper into the villain’s personality, and understand his goals and point of view; but here everything seem to happen without a real reason.

This is the weakest point of this anime: it lacks a real villain, even if the dark atmosphere is present, that’s sure.

Using rasetsu’s powers shortens you life, we could expect it, but this revelation only adds drama to the story and it works perfectly.

The main characters start dying, one after the other, and I can’t be indifferent; Okita’s death touched me the most.

Anyway, dying in the battlefield is the best for a true warrior: if it happens while you’re protecting someone, as Okita, or paying back your debt, as Harada, it’s even better.

Their death was worth it. At least it’s what I think, when I look at my girlfriend that bathes my dog with tears, surrounded by tissues.

Well, that’s fair.

When I saw Okita’s sword stuck in the ground, my heart clenched too.

Kondo sacrificed himself to save Hijikata and the Shinsengumi, but what’s left now? A man whose body and soul are destroyed.

I don’t even know how he finds the strength to wake up in the morning… wait, I know, he doesn’t sleep. And he drinks blood, as the beast he doesn’t accept to be.

The end is getting closer, and three more characters die.

Among them, I felt sorry for Heisuke the most: he was the youngest, easygoing but also tormented, and he was probably my favorite character.

But Hijikata doesn’t break.

He keeps fighting, but this time he decides to leave Chizuru behind; he can’t accept to lose someone important once more. He goes on, because he’s a warrior, but he needs her and even people around him knows that.

So, after one thousand days spent wearing that sad, pink kimono (day and night, she wore that to buy groceries and to party at jpop’s disco as well), she finally changed her clothes; Hijikata is so surprised that he loses it, and confesses to love her.

The ending, as predictable, is beautiful and tragic.

The old government falls apart, but they keep fighting till the end, even if they are 1 versus 1000, proudly waving the flag of Loyalty.

My heart breaks.

Hijikata is injured and drinks Chizuru’s blood once more: maybe the couple could run away somewhere else, and still live happily far from the world.

Well, it would be too good to be true.

Kazama is still offended since their last fight and wants revenge: wounds don’t matter anymore, it’s time to fight again and put an end to their rivalry.

Hijikata is not just a human anymore, not even a rasetsu, because his love for Chizuru and his desperation made him stronger than a demon; he won’t leave her to anyone else.

He’s Hakuouki now.

It couldn’t end in any other way.

The world loved Romeo and Juliet, I loved Hijikata and Chizuru.


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  1. Mahlenneth

    Yeah, Okita’s death was so sad ;;
    And I love Hijikata the most.
    I don’t think I’ll read Code Realize’s review bc I didn’t watch the anime yet x’D

    • otomeland

      His review will be troll anyway! XD why haven’t you watched the anime yet? it was quite good!

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