If you have read my boyfriend’s previous reviews, you already know how it goes: this is made for fun, it’s not a serious review.

If you enjoy some trolling and don’t get easily offended, here’s his opinion about the anime Code Realize!


“Come on, you have a lot of free time! Keep writing your troll reviews, they are funny!” she said.

“That’s a lie! I’m a teacher, I’m busy…”, I reply, trying to act cool.

“You’re just a nerd, you’ll waste your time watching Naruto!”

“But I don’t watch Naru— ok, it’s useless, let’s just watch another reverse anime.”

Code Realize. Victorian London, steampunk style, a sexy heroine…. I can do it!

Everything is fine, until Lupin appears. Well, I have a Lupin action figure, from the anime…. right next to the tv. And he keeps watching me. He even talks to me: “Don’t trust him! He’s not me!!”.

Ok, I can take it, but it will be hard.

With the gentleman thief, there’s Barbicane with his improbable hair and a even-too-nice Frankenstein: they explain to the girl how important is that thing she has on her tits (I’m a man, I can’t ignore how big they are for an otome game heroine) and she seems clueless as a child, despite looking twenty years old.

She doesn’t know anything about herself and the world, but she still runs away in the middle of the night to follow that dog with a mechanical leg (which reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist).

Then Lupin comes to the rescue, acts cool, and the first episode ends.

First impression? The steampunk style is really cool and Cardia destroys the stereotype of the typical plain looking otome game heroine (poor Chizuru, if you compare them, it’s even embarrassing).

Saint Germain is way different from my expectations (in the manga Drifters, he looked like he came straight from a gay pride); I liked Van Helsing’s characterization and also Dracula (he looks identical to the character in the card game Force of Will).

Finis is a sadistic loli trap, no matter what my girlfriend says to deny it.

Sherlock Holmes was useful as an hot drink in summer.

And Nemo…………… no, I can’t accept it. I refuse it.

He’s supposed to be an old man with a beard, smoking his pipe. NOT THAT THING.

I liked Frankenstein backstory.

There was also a useless episode with an airship race, when the only interesting part was Van Helsing who menaged to knock down all the enemies alone, with the power of his big dick, while flying. Ooook. Too much.

Then the revelation: she’s an homunculus.

Random, but ok.

I really like the plot, but… many events seem forced.

A few examples? That soldier who seemed healthy and died after a few minutes for no reason, or Lupin wearing useless bandages over his clothes. They are just little details, but they can make the difference.

Then a lot of things happen in a few minutes (but why is it always like this, in otome adaptations?? dafuck should I understand in that chaos?!) but at least Cardia does something to help from time to time and her love story with Lupin is really beautiful.

Then, the grand finale: Isaac’s plan is so complicated that not even L, Light Yagami and Near together could ever think of something like that.

Isaac’s project was poorly explained and Finis’ role wasn’t that clear….anyway, when everything seems over, Lupin saves the day and it ends with a marriage.

Is it too short as a resume?

Well, this is what I got from this anime, too many things were poorly explained just to rush to the final happy ending: it’s made to be watched and appreciated only by people who already played the game, for everyone else it just seems poorly developed.

It’s still good, I didn’t suffer, but not good enough to be enjoyed by someone who doesn’t care about good looking boys.

Will this be my last reverse harem?

Well…….. I know I’m not free from this hell. See you soon!