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Guest review: My boyfriend watches Dance with Devils

My girlfriend probably thought: “How can I persuade him to watch Dance with Devils? Tricking him? Threatening him? With a cake?”, but all she had to do was to guarantee some quality trash and a cute heroine. I’m a simple man.

Let’s talk about the main characters: an exorcist/dhampir/brother/cousin with red hair, a blond monoexpression (is this even a word?!) demon with icy eyes, a fallen angel who just wants to be sexually punished by his friends, another muscled demon who can’t even wear his jacket properly and another one who loves butterflies. An interesting party, really.

And then there’s the heroine, very cute, but with an annoying tendency of moving around when people tell her to stay still and safe. Even when she’s locked in her house with magical arts and chains, she breaks everything just to face the danger alone. Smart.

The plot got me interested: demons against vampires, looking for a mysterious grimoire which can give them an absolute power; an heroine always involved in weird situations, who doesn’t understand anything; allies who reveal themselves as enemies, enemies who become allies…… and then they start to sing? Is this a musical?


A musical.

Who needs Grease, we have singing demons.

I admit it: I laughed a lot, but I also thought it was a good idea, it could fit that setting.

It’s obviously trash, but good one, even the Pomeranian Choir!

But please, Cerberus has 3 heads, he’s supposed to be huge and cruel. Not a Pomeranian or a boy with blue hair and an elegant style of talking. (I feel tired of living when I see him)

For 6/7 episodes all the characters want to get close to the heroine, while they are trying to figure out where is the grimoire. Then, the big revelation: SHE IS the precious grimoire!

The person who obtains her, has THE POWEEEERRR!!!

I swear I was laughing like crazy, thinking about the stupidest and dirtiest things possible (if someone has read Yuria Type 100 understands what I’m saying).

From that moment, it becomes a true war to get her: horny demons, a fallen angel, a vampire (kind of, what the hell is a dhampir?), even Cerberus and the King of vampires want that poor girl.

The main storyline focuses on Ritsuka and Rem’s relationship for no apparent reason, but there’s even a school dance and they magically become king and queen. Of course.

He also becomes weirdly obsessed with that little crown he found in the glass, thinking about that human girl all the time, even if he’s supposed to be some kind of heartless demon…. come on, this is not the Lord of the Rings, get a hold of yourself!

But what about the other guys?

That one who can’t wear a jacket? The butterflies lover? Don’t even get me talk about that obviously bisexual angel. They are almost ignored, always behind Rem, even if they all look way more interesting…. I guess you girls prefer the prince charming.

There are serious moments and also comical ones, but the trashy parts are the best: in the final battle, when the song started and everyone confessed his love for Ritsuka, I was laughing and crying at the same time for their embarrassing clothes. Can we talk about that fallen angel dressed like a porn star or about Lindo’s ridiculous gloves?!

Talking about “love” feels stupid for some characters who barely talked with her, like Cerberus (I can’t remember their names, he’s forever a dog for me), but that’s how it goes in this kind of anime…

The vampire’s King wants to drink every drop of her blood (is this some kind of Rejet’s subliminal message? Buy every Diabolik Lovers, every kind of official merch, vampires are cool, having your blood sucked is nice and sexy), but in the end, he dies really quickly. Too quickly.

Even if the other vampires suck, I admit Nesta was an interesting villain: he’s violent, sadistic, selfish… even his appearance is ok! (I was almost sure he would end up looking like a sexy young boy with make up on his eyes, like his servant with too much eyeshadow)

In the end Ritsuka shows some kind of mystic power, but it’s not that surprising, things must happen really fast at this point: she has to choose one of the guys, but she can’t have a true ending with Rem…. in this kind of anime, the others still deserve a chance, it’s not over! (and my girlfriend shamelessly roots for the red hair boy).

Did I enjoy this? Hell yes, I did. For real, it’s not a joke!

It’s trash in a good way, the musical parts are catchy, there are funny moments and the art is nice.

If you really feel the need to share with your boyfriend your love for reverse harem, I think Dance with Devils is a good choice!

(I wish Rejet would pay me for this, at least with a free game, so I can give it to my girlfriend and act cool… I deserve it, I’ve been through a lot while watching this!!!)

Ok, I’m done.

See you next time! (I’m scared to know what’s next)


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  1. Mahlenneth

    “(I wish Rejet would pay me for this, at least with a free game, so I can give it to my girlfriend and act cool… I deserve it, I’ve been through a lot while watching this!!!)” lmaaaaaaao!!!!
    OMG!! I’m laughing so much here xDDD
    “(I’m scared to know what’s next)” -> get him, friend!!!
    I liked the songs, the art and the boys, in this anime. I haven’t played the game yet. I will… onde day xD

    • otomeland

      The game was actually better than the anime, I wouldn’t go as far as recommend it, but I still enjoyed it! at least they got rid of the awkward singing! XD I’m glad you enjoyed this review, every time I post his trolling masterpieces I’m slightly worried that someone may be offended… better be careful with fandoms! XD
      I’ll give him a break for now, but this summer I’ll make him watch Norn9 or Utapri!

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