Here we are again, after a few months break, with a brand new review about a reverse harem!

Did you miss me?

You know what I’m looking for: the good kind of trash, obviously; the one you can’t help but watch, instead of packing up your stuff and run away, far away.

Let’s talk about Kamigami no asobi, an anime capable of blessing me with WTF moments of the 4rd level, if I was a sayan, since the first moment I saw a naked Apollon.

But let’s progress with order.

I usually hate when writers use an already existent character, with certain features, and they change it all making him completely different. When it happens in a movie or manga, I go crazy.

But this is an adaptation from an otome game and I watched it mostly to please my girlfriend, so instead of being angry I’m just amused. Wow, there was so much nonsense going on!

Let’s do it like this, I’ll talk about every character separately, trying to explain why they were all absurd.

One obvious thing first: these gods are supposed to be really ancient, but they act like high school boys all the time and I couldn’t bring myself to accept it.

All I could do was turning to my girlfriend and say: “but he’s a god!! he’s thousands and thousands years old! But! Why are they doing this and no one complains?! Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird?” I guess I am.

Ok, let’s start!

TOTH: Egyptian god of knowledge. Usually shown as a man with the face of a bird. Have you seen a bird here? No ladies, it’s not a bad joke. I was kinda looking for the bird.

But he always made me laugh, he always kept shoving the heroine on the wall with his body every single episode: he’s the true hero of this anime.

ANUBIS: What the hell I’m watching? He’s supposed to be a cruel god, who threw corrupted souls at his favorite crocodile… but here… my heart hurts.

JAPANESE GOD OF THE MOON (he was so useless I forgot the name): do girls really like types like him? With empty eyes, who talk and act as if they knew nothing about the world? when nothing and anyone can change that soulless and creepy stare in their face?

JAPANESE GOD OF THE SEA (I forgot his name too): one of the best characters, he was a good guy after all. I can’t insult him. Let’s be friends.

THOR: I’m getting angry here, he’s supposed to be a cool god and I can’t imagine him being so useless… there’s obviously a writer who enjoys smoking weird stuff, I bet he’s the same who worked on Loki’s outfit. But that’s another story.

BALDER: awful. I can’t take this kind of character, I don’t think they can exist and they shouldn’t exist for sure. I’m nice— no wait, I’m bad— no wait, I love you so much– no wait, something’s wrong with me. I don’t get it.


LOKI: funny, and most of all not too out of character, even in the myth Loki loves playing pranks.

He makes the anime entertaining with his jokes and attitude.

But his relationship with Balder…. do you remember that old meme with the seal screaming “gaaaayyyy!”?

Dyonisus: I like him, but he seems weird since he’s the only one who doesn’t act like an high school kid. It’s a weird choice from the writers, since his love for wine could give us a lot of comic scenes, while we barely got one. Kind of.

HADES: please, I need to meet the person who turned the fucking god of the underworld in a depressed emo who brings misfortune. I want to meet that writer and kick him in the balls so he can go back to school and learn something, before he destroys once again a great character. Awful.

APOLLON: I left him last on purpose, because talking about him hurts my soul.

They made him a positive and bright character, an example for everyone, always jumping happily and calling every other student with annoying nicknames that would be embarrassing even for a primary school kid.

But then they gave him a tragic back story.

He cried for a while and he went back to his annoying childish self.

Everything is wrong with this character, I suffered watching him. Every single time.

Well, I’m done, I’ve taken the burden out of my chest.

Don’t take me too seriously: even my girlfriend knows I’m an idiot, but yet she asks me to write reviews. Well, this is not the last, I secretly enjoy this pain.

I guess Diabolik Lovers More Blood will be next and I’m sure there will be a lot to say.

See you next time!