Hello everyone! How are you?

It’s been more than a month since I announced my long hiatus and about 2 months since my last review, but here I am, still trying to keep my blog alive.

Sadly, I’m not here to say that I’ve decided to come back, but I wanted at least to wish you all an happy Easter, and update you a bit about my decisions.

When I announced I was quitting, I received a huge amount of sweet messages, which made me realize that those 5 years of efforts were still worth it after all: some of you even wrote that they started studying Japanese after discovering my blog, which honestly made me feel emotional and grateful. I was teary eyed and I wondered if quitting was a huge mistake.

But I knew I needed a break, to relax and to think carefully, mostly about my life but also about my blog and the direction I wanted it to take; I think I have an answer now, so I’m taking this chance, while I have some free time, to share my feelings with you.

First and most importantly: I won’t quit. When I wrote my goodbye post I had this intention and I really meant it, but I also knew how dear is this place to me and how much I love sharing my opinions with you, which made basically impossible to let it go completely.

Even if I tried to forget about it, my mind kept reminding me from time to time that I still have a lot to share and maybe some of you would be happy to read it.

But at the same time, I realized I’m not ready to fully come back yet: my situation at work is still a mess, even if the moving is basically over, which means at least I can relax when I’m home now.

I don’t want to announce that everything is back to normal, if there’s a chance I’ll need another hiatus like 2 months later because I’m too tired to keep up; to avoid this (or at least try, no one knows for sure where the future is leading us) I came up with some kind of goals I want to reach before coming back, just to be sure that the environment and the situation will allow me to be a decent blogger.

Most of these goals are personal (having decent work hours is one of them and maybe the most important), while a few others are related to social media and otome games; I’m slowly trying to reach them and I’ll tell you when I feel ready.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying Easter with people you love, relaxing and having fun, maybe also playing otome games if you want.

See you in my next update, even if I honestly have no idea when it will be; but I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last post!