Happy Valentine’s! My TOP10 boyfriend material ikemen!

Happy Valentine’s day!!

A couple years ago, to celebrate this event, I tried to imagine different type of dates with some of my favorite ikemen; but as you probably know, if you talked to me at least a bit, my tastes in men are really bad: some of my husbando tend to be problematic, but I can’t help feeling attracted to creepy guys in otome games.

That’s why most of the characters I love, wouldn’t be good boyfriends at all in real life; to be fair, I’d probably need to call the police on them.

For this reason, I decided to write a new list, with my favorite “boyfriend/husbando” material of otome games, ranking only guys who truly deserve to be loved.

Let’s start!

10- Hino, 7’scarlet.

He’s the sweet, protective childhood friend who secretly loves you and he’s ready to risk it all just to help you; having him as a boyfriend is comforting.

9- Limbo, Bustafellows

I appreciate his attitude towards life and struggles: he takes it easy, he’s optimistic and confident.

8- Yuto, Storm Lover

Smart, handsome and rich, what else could you ask for? His perfection is almost irritating, but I guess having a prince from fairytales always next to you is a dream coming true for every girl.

7- Mineo, Collar Malice

His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, he’s the kind of boyfriend who can help you smile and feel better even when you’re in a bad mood.

6- Azusa, Starry Sky

I loved his confidence and flirty attitude, he’s determined and free minded.

5- Kai, Snow Bound Land

He looks so handsome I could cry. He’s the sweet and caring chidhood friend we all need in our lives, he basically comes out from a fairytale.

4- Chihiro, Tlicolity Eyes

A young actor, who takes his job very seriously; he would help and support his girlfriend, so they can both grow together.

3- Kintarou, Yunohana Spring

He’s an energetic and positive boyfriend, he will support your life choices and wait for you.

2- ChouUn, Jyuuzaengi

A true prince charming: strong, respectful, caring… I think every girl would fall for a guy like him.

1- Shinnosuke, Glass heart princess

He stole my heart. There’s nothing more I can say about him, he’s simply perfect in my eyes! Devoted, madly in love, always protective and respectful… a prince charming.

So, who is your ideal boyfriend?

Do you end up falling in love with crazy characters who would be dangerous in real life, or you prefer prince types, who actually would be perfect boyfriends?

2 Risposte a “Happy Valentine’s! My TOP10 boyfriend material ikemen!”

  1. I think I’m gonna do a top 10 too but when it’s Valentine’s here in my country xD
    So hard to choose, but my top 3: Cecil, Luca and Okazaki

    1. You have a great taste as usual, I love these boys!
      but is Valentine’s day on different dates, in other country? I assumed it was on February 14th for all the world! when is it?

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