As you probably know, if you’re not new to my blog, in the past 2 years I’ve been very cautious about new otome games releases: the prices keep getting higher, so I can’t just be blinded by the beautiful art and throw my money in the void, as I did in the past.

But I still kept buying the releases that got my interest, I wanted to play those games as soon as possible and I didn’t want to wait for sales.

At least until today.

I usually buy from Yes Asia, since there are no shipping fees and no taxes for Italy; of course, I had to wait about a month before the game arrived, but at least it was affordable for my wallet.

What a nice surprise I got today, while I was going to preorder Shuuen no Virche!

The price is now 71 euro.

It may not be a huge amount, I can still pay my bills and eat, but investing all this money on games I don’t even know if I’ll enjoy makes me feel worried and guilty: I could do it, but I don’t want to.

Probably part of this feeling comes from the fact that I’ve just bought my new house, I’m having a lot of expenses, so it’s not the moment to waste money without thinking; but even in normal situations, I consider 71 euro too much for a single game.

For this amount, I could buy 3 psvita games and entertain myself for like 4 months, why should I just focus on one?

Today I made a huge decision: it’s the first time since I started playing otome games that I officially stop buying new releases at full price; from now on, I’ll just wait for sales or I’ll buy used copies.

There’s also another path, which I’ve never considered so far: wait until a game is localised.

With the huge wave of localisations this year, there’s a chance Virche will be localised too; I’ve looked at the average price and it’s way more affordable, even with expensive shipping.

So here we are: after almost 8 years of gaming, I’m forced to call it quits to save my money and my soul from the sense of guilt.

From now, I’ll keep cleaning my backlog, I’ll buy psvita games, I’ll replay old stuff I’ve never reviewed… while waiting for Virche and Hametsu Flag to be localised.

Stay tuned!