It’s the 4th anniversary!!

Another (terrible) year has passed again, but here I am once more, celebrating my blog’s anniversary! It’s been 4 long years since that day, 2nd November 2016.

It was a long road, many ups and downs, and I would lie if I’d tell you, smiling, that I’ve never thought about going on hiatus or even giving up; but I enjoy too much writing, I’m grateful to all my lovely friends and lurking readers, so I can’t imagine neglecting this place.

Somehow, my blog’s existence is soothing, it makes me feel comfortable; it feels like it can gather people who share my same interests and passion, so I can’t feel lonely.

It would be really nice, if people who come here could consider this place soothing too.

Anyway, let’s take a look at these past months.

Since my last anniversary I’ve written a total of 46 posts, in detail:

  • I’ve written 18 reviews

My most popular review this year was Charade Maniacs, which is not surprising since the game itself was popular in Japan. My favorite was probably Gekka Ryouran Romance, I’ve been wanting to write my opinion about it since I first played it 7 years ago, back in the old times when I didn’t even think about opening a blog; I hope more people will try it!

  • I’ve written 14 TOP10

I know I’ve written so many TOP10 already, but somehow I still have many ideas, I have a long list! Sorry if they will become really weird one day, but at least I can say they are original, it’s not something you could read anywhere else! I hope so. My personal favorite of this year was TOP10 Typical situations in otome games, I had a lot of fun!

  • I’ve written 14 random posts about my life, my opinions about games, my gaming schedule and much more

Many random posts were about quarantine or life problems, sadly, while others were game related, since I’ve decided to reveal a few unpopular opinions I’ve always hidden.

If you’re interested in otome games limited drama cd, you can check my post since I’m still selling a few; if you want to support my blog, here’s my ko-fi page.

Quarantine gave me too much free time, I think this is a personal record, I’ve never been able to write this much! But this happened also because I received so many kind messages, which gave motivation to keep going, even at hard times.

A special thanks, obviously, to my sweet friends who even supported me on ko-fi, I don’t deserve it, but I’ll keep working!! I still have many plans, I hope you’ll enjoy it all!

I’ve been promising magazine translations and drama cd reviews for 2 years, but I always fail miserably; well, selling that stuff obviously doesn’t help, but there’s always a chance that I could change my mind. You must know, that I’m really a lunatic person: I can go for 2 weeks without writing a single post, then I spend one full day writing 5 of them. It’s the same for games, sometimes I’m hyped or maybe for a week I have no will to turn on my Switch.

But there’s something I guarantee you: next year, on the same date, we’ll see each other again!

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  1. Congrats 😀
    I love your blog and I’ve been reading on Ko-fi too.
    This year was bad for a lot of friends, family, people in general. But I learned a lot too.

    1. Thanks! I think we all are learning a lot from the struggles of this year, we didn’t realize how lucky we were to have freedom! When this mess will be over, I hope we will be wiser and treasure more our lives and people around us.

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