Since I’ve enjoyed the first game, even if it had some flaws, I was excited to play the sequel; the rating was Cero D, a first in Broccoli’s history, and this obviously made me even more curious.

Well…. it turned out to be disappointing.

I had to play the new guys first, so I picked Melissa: he’s the doll who helps the heroine and I’ve been used to think of him as a funny and supportive side character, not a sexy ikemen; his voice didn’t fit his new body, it was awkward and I couldn’t even consider him as a real love interest.

The CGs were amazing as expected from Kazuki Yone, but I thought sometimes the timing was wrong; it’s a problem I’ve noticed in most of Broccoli games, so it’s no surprise.

I thought I should play Anubi next, to get rid of him immediately: I disliked his route in the first game, it even creeped me out; he acted like a dog, not a human, and it wasn’t cute at all.

It improved a bit here, at least he started immediately talking as a human, but still shotas are not appealing to me, when they act too childish. I’d just slap them in the face!

Thoth’s route was sexy, but in the wrong way.

I mean, after he randomly insulted Yui in the classroom, he basically started harassing her in the library, asking if she knew about love, and if she wanted him to teach her!

I admit it, sometimes I’m weak to this kind of scenario, but here everything escalated way too quickly and randomly, it was a bit disturbing.

I couldn’t feel the love between them at all… just Thoth being pushy and even abusing to his student, while she fell in love with him for no other reason than being forcefully kissed.

When I thought things couldn’t get worse, Amaterasu’s route came in (like a wrecking ball).

It may be a matter of tastes, but there was nothing about him I liked: he looked and acted like an irritating woman, his voice unnerved me and his behavior was hateful.

I swear, he looked like a villain in his own route and I have no idea of how Yui can love a person like him!

Thor’s route was nice, nothing memorable, but still pleasant to play.

I was worried his personality could be boring, but he was a good boy; at least I could play his route without facepalming or suffering.

My favourite yandere, Balder, was way better than anyone else.

Well, I love yandere in general and he’s not an exception; even if his route was too short, his sudden confession didn’t feel awkward at all, because he was hitting on Yui from the first moment he saw her.

Being so straightforward with his feelings made everything fast but smooth, so his rated CG fitted his character without being out of place.

None of the other characters got a CG which deserved such rating and I can’t understand this choice: if you want to make a Cero D game just to gain attention, at least make it worth the rating, don’t do halfassed things, Broccoli!

Loki’s route was good, at least he wasn’t a victim of bad writing: even if he’s not my type, I preferred his route in the sequel than the original game’s one.

I enjoyed Tsukito’s more too, he was a bit more active and interesting; I remember myself almost falling asleep while playing him for the first time, but I had no problems here.

Maybe it’s also because it was really short, I had really no time enough to get bored.

Takeru’s one of my favorite character and it’s always a pleasure to meet him; he’s such a nice boy!

I’ve played the Greek gods last, because Dionysus was the new character who interested me the most, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

I think this was the best route of the game, probably also because the decent length allowed some kind of deeper plot and character development: it was good to see him grow and change, and his relationship with Yui grew in a natural pace.

I’ll be honest, he was all I expected from Loki in the first game: a problematic bad boy, a playboy who actually hides a soft side; I guess it’s better late than never, even if I needed a different character to play this kind of setting!

I liked Apollon’s route a lot, too: without Cassandra’s angst, I could fully enjoy his bright personality. Maybe I was happy because I didn’t have time enough to get bored? He’s nice for sure, but genki boys make me a bit annoyed after a while. (I know, I’m too picky.)

Hades finally got a proper happy ending and amazing CGs: he deserved everything, poor boy!

There was a moment I really loved, when Yui heard voices from hell, which were creepy af but still amazingly done: I wasn’t expecting it at all, I almost had an heart attack. I just wanted to play more…. well, it was the main problem of this game in general.

Kamiaso Infinite had a lot of ups and downs, it’s difficult to write an overall opinion: some route were good, others were extremely bad and honestly just felt like a waste of time.

I get it, since it’s a sequel people already know the main plot, and there’s no need to go further into character’s development, but it doesn’t justify the bad writing: some routes made no sense, too much stuff was taken for granted and things happened way too quickly.

The main problem, is the length: I think Broccoli should have just focused on new routes, instead of forcefully make short routes for the “old” characters again: most of them were so superficial, they didn’t add anything to the character and almost ruined them for me.

Don’t let the rating fool you, it’s Cero D only for Balder’s last CG.

All the other endings were basically copy-pasta, Broccoli put such a low effort it was almost embarrassing; or rage inducing, the choice is up to you.

If you are a great fan of this series, play the sequel without expecting too much; but if the first game wasn’t that great for you already, just skip this,you’re not missing much!