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Klap!! Kind love and punish


I’ve played Klap!! as soon as it was released, I couldn’t wait even one day more!

No kidding, I was waiting for it like crazy, because it looked so original and different from every other otoge: where else can you whip do-m ayakashi? Also, the heroine was a teacher, and that was interesting too: I’m used to play the role of the student, sometimes with do-s teachers (Bad Medicine, anyone?), so this kind of reverse roles excited me very much! One more strong point, is the art: I loved Kawahito Yasutake’s style since Storm lover, and I was so glad to play another otoge illustrated by this great artist.

The game turned out to be quite different from my expectations, but it wasn’t a bad thing. Maybe it would have be funnier if the heroine was a do-s (I may look like a crazy person, but I admit I’d enjoy a plot like that, with a psycho heroine ready to beat up anyone), but she’s just “forced” to punish them, as a weird way to teach them how to control their powers: they basically need to learn how to prevent going berserk,so they can live among humans.

There are many items you can use to punish the boys, from conventional ones like whips to creepy candles and also my personal favorite, money! Their reactions are crazy, I had to put headphones on, because from the audio it seemed like a r18: I was still living at my parent’s house at that time, so if my mother would hear that……….. it was a big NO!

I’ve played Sousuke first, for a simple reason: he made me angry in the common, and I immediately felt a desperate need to punish him! Later on he grew on me, his story was surprisingly quite sad, and I ended up really liking him. I was not completely satisfied with the ending, and I felt like there was already a plan for a FD. I was right, luckily!

I had the best surprise while playing Camil, my aristocratic vampire who hates blood. I hadn’t great expectations, but his route was very funny and he ended up being my favorite character. When he said he could live without sleeping, but not without games, I laughed so hard! I just wished I could see more of his family and life outside the school.

Toma’s route was not as great for me, I liked him as a character but the plot itself was a bit boring… I felt like I could have enjoyed him more, if the plot was more centered around him instead of the new Tengu king and their past problems with humans.

Kanade’s route was the saddest, I wasn’t expecting to cry with this kind of game… but I did! In fact, I thought Klap would be just a happy game, with funny scenes and without a great plot, but it surprised me to realize that there’s much more behind that: when I bought it, I’d never imagined that I would end up crying and feeling so sad.

Akito’s rout was very good, I’ve played it really fast because I liked him and the plot too, even if it was quite predictable: he’s rich and he’s family doesn’t approve of him dating a commoner; nothing original, but still well written. I really appreciated his reaction, he really got my heart too! Also, some scenes with Toma being all embarrassed for everything Akito said were really memorable.

I’ve played Shion sensei last, and I didn’t enjoyed it that much tbh, he was too serious for me; but at least I discovered why the heroine was chosen to teach in that school, apparently she had the power to see supernatural creatures since her childhood! Anyway, the ending surprised me, and the CGs were beautiful.

I enjoyed this game a lot, even if my expectations were quite different: I thought it would be a plotless game, just for the sake of being for once a badass heroine beating do-m ayakashi (instead of just taking random abuses), but in fact it was quite serious sometimes! I even cried in Kanade’s route, and also Sousuke and Toma had difficult pasts. No worries tho, because the FD will be released next year, and it’s probably going to be just a fun party! I can’t wait, I’m going to play it immediately! I usually don’t like mini games, but this one was really original and I enjoyed it a lot; in fact, it happened often to me that I just randomly entered the punishment section just to use different items to test their reactions!

I recommend this game to everyone: it’s the perfect mix of serious plot and enjoyment; also, the art is amazing. I really like the opening song too and I still listen to it. It would have been even better if they had character songs, but we can hope the FD will bring those too!


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  1. Annesthesya

    Aww KLAP is a really good game, I enjoyed whipping the guys (´∀`*) Kanade was my fav. Since the beginning I was already with eyes set on him but didn’t expect his route to be like that. Yea I loved his route and him ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
    I also really liked Sousuke and Camil!

    • otomeland

      It was one of the best 2015 games for me, it deserved a FD so much! I was losing hopes, because I didn’t see it ranking very high, among the most loved games last year… but at least, it got some recognition in the end!

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