Koroshiya to Strawberry has a bad reputation, I guess it’s widely known as kusoge; but I can’t resist good deals and I was curious to find out if it’s that terrible or not… so here we are!

Our heroine, Ichigo, is a poor girl who was trapped and tested upon in some awful laboratory, which caused her such a huge trauma, that she can’t even speak anymore.

She ended up being saved by a mysterious guy and brought to Cafe Tsukikage inside a case, but she doesn’t even remember how she got there.

That cafè is run by ikemen, but beyond its appearence, it’s a dangerous place where people from the underworld come for their business; even the staff working there is made of killers, who accepted the job of protecting her.

The owner is Tsukimi, a sweet guy who is always very polite to Ichigo: he bought her fancy clothes, he always pays attention to her feelings and health, he acts like some kind of guardian or butler.

I went for his route first, it seemed the most natural choice somehow.

Their relationship is cute so far, Tsukimi even warned Ichigo that he’s starting developing feelings for her; he was like: “this is your last chance to run away, before it’s too late” which made her panic! She’s very shy and unexperienced with romance.

So far I’ve played about 5 hours, so I still don’t know exactly what makes Koroshiya to Strawberry a kusoge; I guess it’s the fact that it seems mostly a cafè themed game, instead of something bloody with a deep plot? Well, I admit it’s disappointing in that aspect, it feels like I’m getting something completely different from what I expected to buy.

But as long as I’m enjoying what I’m playing, I won’t complain too much.

I feel like this game is very short, I’m probably reaching my first good ending soon; I hope I won’t be disappointed at the end, if too many questions remain unsolved.

Better keep my expectations low.

See you soon!