No matter which Quinrose game I choose to try, I really can’t take them seriously; even when they’re not that bad, I can’t erase completely a feeling of “wtf am I playing?!”.

I admit it, sometimes I just take a look and decide to play one of them because it seems trashy and I want to laugh about it, so I can’t complain that much.

If you’re reading this review, you probably know that already, so… let’s talk about the plot first.

This was supposed to be an otoge version of the Mermaid fairy tale, or something like that: in fact, the plot kind of reminds of the original, even if there are new characters and many differences.

The heroine is the mermaid princess, who lives trapped in a cage, because she made a huge mistake: she saved a young boy from drowning, by giving him blood.

Apparently, if humans drink mermaid’s blood become immortal and don’t even age anymore, but it was a huge secret that shouldn’t have been revealed.

Since that day, the sea became black and everyone started to blame the mermaid princess: everyone thinks that humans are just trying to capture all the mermaids to drink their blood; the only hope left to survive, is killing the prince.

The King offered to the princess a chance to redeem herself: she has to be the one who goes to the human’s world and save them all, so she can be free again and also be forgiven.

She obviously accepts, and she goes alone out of the sea, looking like a human, to kill the prince.

I know, this has nothing to to with the original plot, but believe me, it gets even weirder later.

For example, we get to know that people close to death can see a normal blue sea, which seems completely random, but ok.

The heroine was badass and funny: that’s something I’m always glad about in Quinrose games, I usually enjoy the heroine and Lydia was no exception.

Her sister was… creepy? I mean, she seemed to be really in love with her, like a yandere or something like that…. I don’t even know if it was funny or just weird.

My favorite route was Loki’s.

He’s supposed to have the role of Ursula in the fairytale, but here he’s a boy with pink hair instead. He helped her to become human, but she refused to give away her voice and they made a different deal: she couldn’t say any romantic words.

Basically, she couldn’t confess to anyone.

It wasn’t a great problem anyway; if the boy confessed, she just kissed him and everything was settled immediately!

I’ll be honest, he’s so crazy that I was just expecting a funny route, but it was actually quite sad and there was an interesting plot: I think it was the only one really worth playing, because even the writing was good.

There’s no need to talk about other individual routes this time, there were even too many playable characters without a real plot… I’ll just talk about the prince, because he was obviously the main character and the route with the real ending.

He’s the boy she saved from drowning, giving him blood and making him immortal; but he had nothing to do with the black sea, he was just looking for her because he wanted to go back being a normal human again.

That’s something which really bothered me: every time there was the big revelation, when Lydia admitted to be the mermaid who saved him, he wasn’t surprised at all… he was really calm, like it was nothing! He didn’t even want proofs, he just answered: “I’m glad I can meet you again, I’ve been looking for you!” and it seemed so awkward!

I guess I’m just expecting too much from a troll game like this, everything seemed just made to entertain and not to be taken seriously.

Do I recommend this?

I guess “play it for the LOLs”?

It’s not a serious game, but it’s enjoyable if you are just looking for entertainment.

The characters are crazy, the plot is absurd, the heroine is funny and the CGs are so many; even if the quality is not great, I don’t think it’s bad either.

Some of the dialogues are so weird that I was laughing and facepalming the whole time, at least I was never bored.

Sometimes I’m sad that QuinRose has closed, those trashy moments are sadly over now.