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Moving to a new home, with my otome games collection!

Hello everyone!

Here I am, after a couple months, with another personal post about my life and otome games.

If you are not new here, you probably know that I was planning to move to a new house; after months of struggle and stress, I finally made it! I hope I’ll be able to live here for a long time, I’m tired of changing city, home and job.

While I was packing all my stuff, I had the chance to stop for a moment and take a look at my otome collection, reminiscing the old times; I wanted to share these feelings with someone, so if you’re interested, welcome to this random journey in my memories!

It took me 8 long years of dedication and passion, to create this collection: for someone it will be huge, while for others not that much; for other people I’ll just be a crazy person who throws her money away in useless stuff, but if you’re here, I hope you won’t judge me too hard.

The first psvita otome I bought, was Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: I still lived with my parents back then, I had no money to buy a psvita, so that game remained unplayed for a couple months, gently placed on my keyboards. When I first turned on the console, I was so amazed of the high quality resolution, compared to the PSP!

A few months later, I was living with my boyfriend, in another city, as soon as I started a new job there; back in those days, I was really sure I found my path in life. I was so wrong!

One of my first memory there, was me playing Code Realize in my bedroom; then me crying with Kokuchou no Psychedelica and getting scared with 7’scarlet.

I wanted to share my opinions and feelings, so I opened this blog, trying to reach people with my same passion for otome; secretly, I hoped it could become my job, one day. Code Realize was my first review: I was so shy and worried, that people would laugh at my bad english or judge me, I kept checking if there were bad or nice comments.

After that, I gathered my courage and started writing about all the games I’ve played until that day.

I remember that I kept writing everyday, as soon as I went home from work, to update at least 3 or 4 times a week; I didn’t have much free time, but I wanted to create a nice blog so badly, I invested every moment I had in this project.

A few months later I was able to travel to Japan and I was so surprised to see many second hand otome games, sold at such a low price! It was paradise, I probably came home with something like 10 games, paid like 1500 yen each. Those were great times.

The price was low because of the bad ratings, but I ended up enjoying some of them, like Rear Pheles and Vamwolf Cross.

When I came back from my 2nd trip, suddenly my life changed: I was feeling depressed and stressed from work, but I wasn’t strong enough to admit I couldn’t bear it anymore and just give up; but when I had a huge fight with my boss, I realized my mental health was more important than money. I took a long break after that.

I traveled around for a whole month, enjoying peace and silence in a small town at the mountain; I needed to stay away from the city and reset my mind.

I listened to music, I enjoyed long walks and I started feeling myself again. I even took a break from otome and blogging, which somehow were making my burnout even worse.

When I was ready to come back, I realized that I wanted to live next to my family again, instead of meeting them just once in a while; so I moved back to my birthplace, hoping for a fresh start.

Finding a new home was very difficult, so we adapted to live in a place that I’ve honestly disliked since the first moment; but I didn’t want to settle down, I still didn’t know if moving there was the best choice, so I went for something temporary just to find out if that city was really the place for me. I started a new job, ready to test myself in a different workplace, a retail job I’ve never tried before. Then, me and my boyfriend decided to get married.

I felt like I was finally finding the right path in life, after months of struggle; but when all I could think about was my wedding dress and my honeymoon trip, the unexpected happened: Covid19 came crushing the world and ruined all our plans.

Italy was the first country in Europe to be completely crushed by covid, when people still didn’t understand what was going on. Those 3 months locked inside our home were crazy, I’ll never forget the feelings of fear and sadness, when people I knew died so easily.

To distract myself I played, read and wrote a lot.

While the whole world was in lockdown playing Animal Crossing, my quarantine games were Charade Maniacs and Bustafellows; all I did was gaming, reading and pretending everything was fine around me, while it wasn’t. Otome games and blogging came to my rescue.

When I started working again, adjusting to the new world wasn’t easy, I was literally scared of customers and I was nearly panicking. But I survived, so I was able to find a new normality with my mask on, all day long.

Watching my otome games collection helps me remember all these years, made of happiness, pain, fear, hopes; people I met, friends I’ve lost, places I’ve been…each of them holds a memory.

For some people, it probably happens with music: I can’t deny it happens to me too, there are bands and songs that make me think about the old days, when I was a teen; but it gets even deeper with games for me, probably because it took me hours to complete each one, so every otome covers like a month of my life.

We’ve been through a long journey.

And now, here I am, in my new home, bringing all my games with me once again, ready to see what’s going to happen next.

I hope I won’t need to move again, but I’m pretty sure my little collection will keep growing with time, following me wherever life will lead me, in good and bad times.

Sorry for this random post, but sometimes my blog is like a diary for me and I wanted to make sure that these feelings won’t be forgotten.


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  1. Mahlenneth

    2020/2021 were crazy years.
    I’m glad 🙂 you seem happy at your new place.
    I’ve never moved before but I’m sure it’d be extremely stressful.
    Your collection, amazing as always.

  2. otomeland

    I’m really happy at my new home, it’s beautiful!! there’s everything I’ve ever wanted, maybe I’ll show my library/gaming room when it’s completed! but the amount of stress I’m still going through, you have no idea… the place where I lived must be empty, painted and cleaned by the end of the month, so there’s still a lot to do everyday. In my new home, most of the stuff still needs to be unpacked. In the meanwhile, I have to work almost everyday. I’m doing my best to have at least a couple hours for myself at night, or I’d probably go crazy.
    I hope March will bring me some peacefullness!

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