Another year has come to an end, so it’s time to talk about all the games I’ve played in 2016!

Since writing a top10 would be boring, I’ve decided to try something different: I’ll give each one an award, based on the first phrase that comes to my mind when I think about them.

Keep in mind that I’ve also played a lot of old games, because I’m still trying to clear my never ending backlog… yes, PSP games too. I still can’t get rid of my dear PSP, and I won’t until I still have some decent stuff unplayed.

Then, let’s start!

Black wolves saga: I knew it was creepy, but this is even better Award

This wonderful game has been sitting in my backlog for years, and I finally got to play it; I loved every single route, the characters were all interesting, the plot made me suffer from the beginning to the end. Masterpiece!

Otoko Yuukaku: Manwhores Award

It’s only about fanservice, they haven’t even tried to attempt a plot; or maybe they did, but just failed miserably.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Twilight Kiss: Cheapest backgrounds Award

This made me disappointed, because the characters were enjoyable, and it could have been really funny; but the backgrounds and most of the CGs looked really bad, it was terrible to see.

Blackish House: Sasuga honeybee black Award

At first it seemed a nice game, but then it turned mostly into something twisted and creepy; honeybee black has chosen this dark theme, and I don’t dislike it.

Colorful step bunka bu: I’m too old for this Award

School themed otoge can be funny, but also boring and predictable; I couldn’t even complete it.

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Let’s pretend More Blood never existed Award

I was surprised to see how much they changed from the previous game; and I’m glad, or I swear I would have dropped this series for good.

Koezaru wa Akai Hana: So, it wasn’t just plotless porn! Award

Since there was a +18 version of this game, I thought that it would be just plain and plotless; I was wrong! It was a nice game and I loved the heroine.

Kamigami no Asobi infinite: Troll of the year Award

I was so excited for this game, but most of the routes suffered a really bad writing; the rating also trolled me, I was waiting for CeroD stuff and I only got one CG, the rest was just plain Cero C or even B.

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: At least give a sprite to the villain Award

I know it’s just a FD, but they didn’t even try to make it interesting; I can’t believe the main villain didn’t get a sprite or a CG, this makes it seem so low budget!

Dynamic Chord Liar-s: I want to punch him Award

Those who have played the game know who I’m talking about, I’m still angry.

Code realize: I want more badass heroines Award

Cardia was an amazing heroine, it was so nice to see her fighting and protecting the boys, instead of just waiting to be saved!

Taisho Alice: This must have been written by a psychiatrist Award

The shocking truth in the end was so complicated, I actually had to read every line a few times before I understood what was going on.

Utapri Debut: Is Broccoli releasing BL games now? Award

Seriously, this was so bad, it’s not even funny. It made me want to throw my PSP out of the window.

Re:birthday song: Copypasta Award

All the routes were basically the same, it became really predictable after completing the first character.

Moshikami: It can’t get any worse than this Award

The amount of violence was too much even for Rejet, it left me speechless and shocked. I didn’t hate it tho.

Kokuchou no Psychedelica: Cry a river Award

Such a wonderful and tragic story, it made me so emotional…. I loved it, one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Nihil Admirari: Not all the plot twists are a good idea Award

This game was full of shocking revelations; unfortunately, some of them just ruined everything, like in Shizuru’s route.

Collar Malice: Game of the year Award

I’ve nothing more to say about this amazing game, I simply loved it!

These are the most interesting otoge I’ve played this year; there are a few others, but they were so plain I couldn’t even come up with an award, so I just want to forget about them.

Overall, it was a positive gaming year: something was really good, others were bad or just mediocre, but I still enjoyed many games.

I’m looking forward to 2017: there are a few titles that look good and I hope they won’t end up being just a huge disappointment.

Which was your best game of 2016?