My 2021 otome game schedule!

Since 2020 is going to end really soon and I’m done with my otome games awards too, it’s time to take a look at my future game schedule and decide which titles I’m probably going to play next year! Are you curious? I think you should be, since those are the reviews you’ll read in the next months, if you decide to come here from time to time!

I revealed my backlog recently, but there’s no way I can play it all in 2021, considering there will be new releases for sure; I won’t buy everything immediately, you know I have no money, but I’m too weak to resist when I’m too excited for a game!

Expect a lot of older stuff too, PsVita games keep getting cheaper and there are at least 10 which I haven’t bought yet and I’d like to try. But we’ll see what happens.

Well, this is my plan, let’s see how much I can stick to it!

  • Jyuuzaengi 2

I know, I planned to play it in January this year, but at some point I got bored with historical games and I lost my motivation; but the moment has come! I started it today and I really love it!

  • Urakata Hakuouki

Same as Jyuuzaengi 2, I need to be in the mood for historical stuff.

  • Kannagi no mori

Beautiful art, interesting plot, I can’t miss it.

  • Code Realize Shirogane no kiseki

I’ve already completed half of this great game, it seems kinda short, so it will be my first review of 2021. I’m sure it’s coming soon!

  • Toraware no Palm

I loved playing Refrain this year, there’s no way I could miss the original game! I’m really excited for this!

  • Jakou no Lyla

I’ve only played Episode 1 on PC so far, but I saw my friends enjoying it a lot and I got curious; I decided to get the full game on Switch, let’s see if my opinion changes!

  • Dairoku Ayakashimori

It looks interesting, ayakashi are always fascinating for me.

  • Hanayaka nari, waga ichizoku

A very famous old series, I’ve never tried it, despite the good reviews and recommendations I always get. I want to give it a chance!

  • Utapri After Secret

It’s the only game of the series I’m still missing, when I’m in the mood for music and funny stuff, it’s perfect.

  • The House in Fata Morgana

Everyone loved it, I’ve been recommended to play it multiple times, I can’t keep delaying it!

  • Possession Magenta

I bought it because it was very cheap, I have no expectations, but I hope I’ll be surprised.

  • Believer!

Same as Possession Magenta.

Well, that’s it! There aren’t many new games planned for 2021, but I’m sure I’ll get Apocalypse and Lover Pretend when they are released; depending on my mood, maybe I’ll play them immediately, who knows! I hope you’ll look forward to my reviews next year too, keep in mind that this list may vary a lot, so… if you want to know what you can expect next, follow me on twitter, where I always livetweet!

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