Hello my dear readers, I’m already back as promised!

Writing 2 posts in 2 days makes me feel like I’m a real blogger again, I hope I can keep up with a nice pace next year too.

I don’t know how many people will be interested, but I still want to share my 2022 KPOP awards to everyone who enjoys listening to kpop from time to time, or may be into trying out new music and wants to give these songs a chance. Before I start, a quick reminder: as I stated in yesterdays post (please take a look if you didn’t check it out!) I only listen to boy groups, if you wonder why there are no girl groups in this list, so don’t be offended if your favorite are nowhere to be seen.

Let’s start!

BEST MUSIC VIDEO TXT: Good boy gone bad

I love dark vibes, my favorite comebacks are usually angsty.


This is so powerful, I was amazed every time they performed at music shows; Jongho’s voice is crazy!


This is so great, I can’t wait for their first comeback to find out if they have the potential to be the next big thing; my hopes are high!

SONG OF THE YEAR NCT17: 2baddies

This song got stuck in my head since it’s release, the chorus is too catchy!


Every song is a masterpiece, Stray kids are really talented!


I was actually going to cheat and choose NCT in general, because it took me like 2 months to learn their names, and I feel like they are the main characters of my 2022; I absolutely love them all and I don’t regret any of the hours I spent watching their shows or listening to their songs, they brought a ray of light into this hard year for me, I’m really thankful.

If I need to choose a sub unit, I go with Dream, since I loved Glitch Mode and Beatbox, but most of all Candy was a nice surprise I really appreciated, it put a smile on my face while I was really tired for work. I’m really greateful Chenle came up with this idea!

This is all I can share with you for today, I could go on for hours talking about every group and song released this year, but the lack of free time sadly doesn’t allow me to write more; I’ll try to write about my favorite comebacks as soon as they are released next year, so my kpop awards will make more sense at the end.

Actually, it feels weird for me to not deliver my usual otome game awards, as I did since 2016; I recently noticed I forgot about my blog anniversary too, which is enough to explain how busy I was; well, happy 6th birthday to my blog and thank you to my readers, who decided to come with me in this new journey, even if it’s so different from what I used to write about so far.

This is probably my last post of 2022, but I still want to write something about these past months before I’m ready to say goodbye and welcome 2023; see you very soon.

Happy new year!