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My bank account is crying, aka the merch I bought in Japan

As promised, here I am showing you the merch I’ve bought while I was in Japan!

When I was there, everything happened so fast, I didn’t even realize what I was buying and how much I was actually spending: at night, I just went to the hotel to drop things and sleep, without having time to look at them properly.

Most of the stuff was just packed immediately to make space in the room, so I ended up forgetting about it immediately; when I came home, opening the packages was almost a surprise!

This is what I saw, when I unpacked my luggage…. and wow, did I buy all of this?

Let’s look at it closely, so I can explain the prices and why I’m not as crazy as I seem to be.

I mean, if I’d imported all this merch, my poor bank account should be bleeding by now… but I was in Japan, and I love smart shopping, so it’s not bad as it seems.

Let’s start with the games.

Why did I buy an old PS2 Hakuouki? The answer is simple: I got it for 250 yen.

How could I leave it there? I had no physical copies of Hakuouki, since I downloaded it from the PSstore and played it on my PS3, so I thought it would be nice, having something I could show too.

I got Project Diva because it was cheap, too: only 900 yen.

I’ve never played this game, and if I can still use my old PS3, why not!

Now, let’s take a look at otome games.

I bought Shinobi koi utsutsu FD on the release day in a Trader, and I spent about 5300 yen.

On the same day, I also bought Utsusemi, even if I’m probably going to regret it: 4630 yen is still too much, I know it’s not worth it…. but it’s still less expensive than importing.

I’ve bought Yunohana Spring and its FD, because they were 2nd hand and quite cheap (as you can see, less than 2800 yen each): I’m sure I’m going to have fun, it seems a bright game and I miss hearing KENN’s voice.

Vamwolf cross was a mistake, I know: but where else can I buy an otoge for 1280 yen?! Even if it’s a kusoge, I’m not going bankrupt for that price, so let’s try!

I don’t remember clearly how much I spent for Hana Oboro, if I remember correctly it was about 3500 yen… but I wanted it, it looks interesting, so it seemed a good deal.

I’ve been looking for Norn9 Last Era since last year, but I couldn’t find a cheap copy: I’m not a great fan of this series, so I wasn’t going to pay full price for it; 2880 yen it’s ok!

Lastly, Bad Apple wars. I remember seeing a 3000 yen copy last year, and thinking: “nah, it’s not worth it!”. But I saw a 1780 copy in a Trader this time, and since it’s going to be localized soon, I guess I’ll give it a try.

When will I play all these? Who knows.

Now, let’s talk about other merch.

Isn’t this cute? I’ve spent about 1000 yen, but I love it! Sakuya is my favorite Norn9 character, he deserves all the happiness in this world!

I also got a Norn9 bag, which I decorated with my badges.

This is the first bag I make, it’s not perfect but I did my best, be kind please!

Thinking about it… why I got so much Norn9 stuff? I guess it’s because the hype in Japan is dying, and they are selling the remaining merch at low prices; I’ve spent 1000 yen for the bag and that giant Sakuya badge was about 50 yen.

I haven’t much to say about the magazines, I just wanted to buy the new DGS while I was there; same goes for Voice stars, I saw Aoi Shota on the cover and KENN, it was enough.

If you want me to show you what’s inside, just ask!

I don’t know if some of you is an Arashi fan as me, but I bought a few old albums in a Mandarake and their newest single. (I spent 750 yen for the album, 100 for the single, 200 for the book).

I’m not a drama cd fan, so I only got this Bad Medicine one, because it was just 100 yen; for the same low price I got God’s star single, which I actually really wanted, because it’s the theme song of my trip: me and my friend wanted to sing it at karaoke like crazy, since the first time we heard it!

Let’s talk about tapestries and posters then.

In Ikebukuro there were many stores who sold similar merch, but with terribly high prices; usually, the cheapest are around 3000 yen.

But since I’m a poor person, I looked in everyone of them, until I found a store with reasonable prices: here I bought these, for 1000 yen each:

Let me take a second to appreciate the ikemen shop assistant, if I remember correctly he worked in the Otome road kbooks: he looked like an idol, so I randomly went there to ask him about merch (using my terrible Japanese of course)! Sorry, I’m a shallow person.

One last thing I’m really proud of, because finding BWS merch is not easy:

That’s all, no action figures this year.

Before leaving, I told myself: “don’t buy too many otoge! Go for rare items you can’t purchase from Italy!” but I ended up buying too many as usual.

I can’t help it, I’m not a person who buys high priced merch without feeling guilty, I’m more the type of person who buys lots of stuff because I can’t resist sales and cheap prices.

I honestly don’t care if something is 2nd hand, (as long as it’s in good conditions, of course), so all those Stellaworth sets and limited gadget didn’t interest me… why should I spend 10000 yen for a game, if I can have 5 instead? What matters to me it’s the game itself, not the cover.

Of course, I’d like signed stuff too, but spending lots of money for something I can’t even use it’s not for me; most of the badges I’ve put on my bag costs 100 yen, with a few exceptions, while I’ve seen ultra rare ones sold for almost 30000 yen. (I swear, I’m not writing wrongly).

Just look at this:

I get it, it’s signed, but….

Anyway, this is how all the shops looked; this pic come from a Trader in Akihabara, my favorite one.

Look at the otome section, it was amazing!

If you want me to show something more, or if you have questions, feel free to ask everything!


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  1. Mahlenneth

    Omg, so many things you bought there *O* amazing!!!
    Seeing your post makes me want to go to Japan soon xD
    ” I’m not a person who buys high priced merch without feeling guilty, I’m more the type of person who buys lots of stuff because I can’t resist sales and cheap prices.” -> SAME lol
    I don’t mind 2nd hand stuff either. I used to buy on Yahoo Auction a lot some years ago xD
    The games were so cheap 😮
    You bought Yunohana Spring too. I’ve always wanted to try this game.
    I’d buy Hakuouki game for this price too xD though I’m not such a fan of the game
    Loved your merch <3
    And I'm sure that I'll spend this much in Japan too xDDDD

    • otomeland

      At first I wasn’t sure about Yunohana spring, it seems way too innocent for me! but I miss KENN’s voice too much, I don’t see him in the new games Otomate announced either, so… I bought these, the price was not bad. I hope I won’t regret it! I don’t know when I’m going to play them tho, my backlog is so terrible, I should write a post just to talk about it! XD

      I miss Japan so much, already…. but I can’t go back next year, it’s too tiring! it’s not only a financial problem, a 12 hours flight is something I can’t take every year tbh (I’m saying this, while my friend keeps talking to me about Osaka)

      • Mahlenneth

        Make a review once you finish Yunohana 🙂

        12 hours from your country and from mine is 24h loool
        I know I’m going to die when I get there haha

        • otomeland

          I’ll make a review for sure! Since I’m back in otoge mood, I’ll try to play a little faster from now on!

          Why does it take you so long? do you need to change flight many times?

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