When I first went to Japan in 2016, Utapri was crazily popular: Akihabara’s Animate had a different character on every floor and you could find any kind of merch everywhere.

That’s why my boyfriend accepted to watch the first season of the anime, and he tried to understand what makes it so popular.

Did he enjoy it? Here’s the answer!



Act. 1

Me. My girlfriend. The sofa.

“Ehi girl!”

“Mh? What’s up?”

“Did you find…?”

“Find what?”

“My balls. They fell when I saw that gnee gnee fuc**ng emo again” (Hayato/ Tokiya/pussy man)

Now you can hate me, but really, until episode 10 Hayato broke my ba… spirit every time. But…rewind. Uta no Prince? Great, a very funny anime. The headmaster? My guru, with his cool Japanglish.

I had a nice time watching Uta Pri, I loved every character, because they all played an important role in the story and their interactions worked really well to make the episodes entertaining. (yes, Hayato too, but only at very last part!).

The best funny duo, for me, was Dr.Jackill/Mr Hyde (Natsuki) and the fashion blonde dwarf (Sho). I know, I should call them by their names, but hey, I have no skill when it comes to remembering names (sorry Axel from Kingdom Hearts, I couldn’t get it memorized, shame on me).

They look perfect together: one is very tall and the other short, one loves cute things and the other looks fashionable and kawaii; they look very close and friendly, they made me laugh many times. Approved.

The redhead smiley bro is ok, but I have no opinion about him.

I mean, he’s kind and nice, but without any depth. I need him to show more his personality before I decide if I like him or not.

Ren and Masato, for me are just “rich and sexy 1” and “rich and sexy 2”: their relationship makes sense, it’s believable, but it’s also a cliche. Meh.

And for Hayato… like I said, boooring.

But he’s also the main character, because the story builds up depending on his choices: he desperately wants to sing, ok. But 10 episodes with the same annoying face? PFF.

Miss Nanami, the heroine…boooring too. And she had ghost eyes for no reason. She’s always like: “Oba chan….” “Hayato sama….” “Ehm, ehm…” “Sumimasen…” COME ON girl, wake up!!

Just live, drink something alcoholic with the guys and have fun (you have six men to choose from, or go for everyone at the same time)!! No? No.

Wait, I forgot about the dark prince of the magic lamp, straight from Arabian Nights.

Just one word: raaaandom. Seriously?? it makes no sense!! Zero!! (But still, he’s my girlfriend’s favorite)

I asked her: “Why?! After J-pop and K-pop, do you like Arabian-pop now?”

Ok, ok, I know I’m stupid. But only with this spirit I can watch a reverse harem and this one, in my opinion, is the best so far: it was funny, very very funny.

I can sing forever, with my horrible style in broken Japanese, scaring the neighbors:

Doki Doki De Kowaree Sooo Sen x SEEn LooOve!!

Time to watch season 2.