Here’s my little drama cd collection!

I’m not a great drama cd fan, that’s why most of them come from otome games preorders or limited editions; Bad Medicine is an exception, since I bought it in Japan.

I reviewed a few already and I’ll work on the others soon…. let me know if something makes you curious!

Let’s look at them closely!

This came with the preorder of Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade

 This came with the preorder of Code Realize Shukufuku no Mirai

This is came from the preorder of Nihil Admirari

This came with the preorder of Collar Malice…. I already reviewed it!

This came with the preorder of Oumagatoki….. the game was so terrible, I’ve never listened to it….

This is from Shiro to Kuro Alice and I’ve already reviewed it!

Shinobi Koi Utsutsu! it was a great game, this drama cd came with the FD!

This came with the FD of Klap, I’ll play the game soon!

This is the drama cd of Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden, my review will come when I’m done with the game!

This came with Rear Pheles! this game has been sitting in my backlog literally for 2 years…………

I bought this in Japan, with the Limited Edition of Reviced

This is from the Limited Edition of 7’scarlet, one of the best games I’ve ever played!

I haven’t reviewed the drama cd of Haitaka Psychedelica because there were too many spoilers….. maybe I will, when the game is released in english!

This is the Bad Medicine drama cd, but it didn’t come with the game, I bought it in Japan because I loved the sadistic english teacher!

I’m done, I hope you liked them!

Next will be my otome games collection and it’s going to be way longer!